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Just amazingly, beautiful gorgeous babies!

I'm so glad you're okay! I'm so glad babies are okay!!!

Thank you for the pictures!

Thank you so much for that story. Scary and wonderful all at once. And beautiful babies!

Your kids were adorable even immediately after birth. Damn, that's a huge deal! I don't know that I've ever seen a baby who was cute just after delivery. :-)

If your babies look cute even immediately after they pop out, then you know you have some gorgeous kids.

I'm sorry you had such a difficult birth. You sure as hell deserved a break. Maybe once they get their days and nights straightened out (and one gets his cute little bum home), you'll find that they're the sweetest most content babies around. Maybe that will be the break you deserved. Maybe not, but hey, we can all cling to our dreams, no matter how wild they may be. :-)

So glad all is well, my friend. Congrats to you and Marko.

Thank you so much for sharing these details (and for explaining about the "lung tear" deal - I was stumped on that one!).

I'm so sorry that this birth experience wasn't a bit less traumatic. {{{hug}}} On the bright side, the outcome this time is VASTLY different and better than last time.

I hope that, in a few months' time (when you get a decent routine established at home), you can look back on all this as a closed chapter in your life. May your future be filled with nothing but HAPPINESS!


Thanks for the sharing the story of your little miracles with us. A little scary at times, but breathtaking nonetheless.

The after-birth pictures are adorable as well!

Congrats again to your miracles!

Well, Sandi P. put it perfectly for me....beautiful story!!! Sorry it had its scary moments, but the outcome is a miracle - two of them.

Those pics are great, what beauties!! I can't wait till you have BOTH home!!!

Thanks for taking the time to put the experience into words!

Have a good weekend!

What an epic. Sorry it wasn't sweet, sticky, and fragrant.

Those babes of yours look like teenagers already! Good lord, conversion or no conversion, it's clear that they are HUGE. And fabulous, just like mum.


Sorry it wasn't the birth experience you wanted it to be. I was so hoping you would get that! The end result is the same though...and that, my dear, is 2 very adorable babies...who could care less how they came into the world. They are just happy to be here. With their mom & dad.

So glad you had a safe and healthy birth/c-section! And it is normal to feel touch sensation but no pain during c-section. Cannot wait to hear Adam has come home and that all four of you are together again!!

Thanks for the story! Your babies are gorgeous, and I can't wait for more news and Adam's homecoming.

I remember my first contractions coming at sparrow's fart, and still having sensation as they were about to perform my C.

Susy: "Wait!!! Don't cut! I can still feel contractions!"

Anesthesiologist: "He just made the first incision."

Susy: "Oh. Well carry on then."

What a scary thing for Marko! Poor guy. I'm so glad his "mini me" is on the rebound.

I'm sorry you didn't have the birth experience you wanted. I hope you get to draw the line soon.

Your babies are beautiful. And you're on the other side of labor and delivery. And your babies are just that much closer to the 12 week mark, when everything miraculously gets easier.

I did the weight conversions for you, on the day they were born, just because I was so very curious and, like most Americans, completely clueless about metric. So for my fellow Americans, Adam was 6lbs 7oz, Kate was 5lbs 12oz.

Thank you for sharing your story, Tertia. Adam and Kate are lucky to have such a cool (and gorgeous, and divine) mother.

Tertia I'm sorry you didn't get to enjoy the birth more. My biggest regret to this day is I didn't get to enjoy the delivery and birth of my twins.

But your babies are beautiful and hoping Adam is home soon.

Thanks so much for sharing this story. My kids have loved to hear their birth story for a year now, and I've found that sharing it with them (and editing out some of the crappy parts) has helped me feel better about an experience that wasn't at all what I wanted at the time. I wish that experience for you: sharing a version of this story with Kate & Adam, and having them ask sleepily, with the nursery lights dim and the street sounds fading, that you tell the story again.

And wow, what great photos! Fantastic to have those in your albums....

Hope the water is feeling better soon.

What big, healthy-looking babies! I'm very happy for you and Marko, Tertia. What a touching birth story, too. I don't think any birth story carries with it the soft-focus-lens dreaminess some of the books and media promise us.

Wow, my standards for birth experiences are pretty low. Yours sounds a lot better than mine! Except for the endless stitching-up portion of surgery--I was so out of it, I don't remember that at all. I just asked my husband right now, and he said it took about 15 minutes. And that he heard blood and saline splashing to the floor--eek! The narcosis induced by the magnesium sulfate worked wonders in keeping me from noticing all those horrors.

I'm glad you got yourself to the hospital quickly and had your C-section. I just wish you could have skipped the contractions, because who really wants both labor pains and a C-section? Feh.

Thanks for posting more pictures!

What an ordeal. I'm sorry everything was so grueling, but I'm glad it's behind you. I'm pulling for little Adam -- hope he's home soon!

OMG! Poor, poor Marko! I cant imagine his terror at having to see Adam like that and not being told what was going on! I'm sorry that it wasnt the picture perfect birth that you all deserved, but am so glad that you have two little bundle of joys out of the deal. Hope Adam gets to come home soon and I hope both he and Kate continue to thrive.

I have to say based on conversations I've had with many Moms - the "beautuful birth experience" must be more the exception rather than the rule!

Also -- whenever I read CPAP - I see CRAP --

So happy for you.

Poor Marko! How scary for both of you. So sorry you didn't get to enjoy this experience a little more but so relieved that the ultimate result is two beautiful babies. They are so perfect!

Wow! You sure have a way with words. I could totally hear you clearly in my head as if you were in the room telling the story. Your babies really are beautiful (as I'm sure you already know, since they came from you) and you and your family continue to be in my prayers. I hope Adam comes home soon!

the good news is that your labour and delivery lasted what, all of eight hours, and you're a mother for all of your life.

xo tess

OMG, HUGE lovely babies! They have the same nose and mouth? And does Adam have Marko's chin? Adam is so so big! Poor thing, hope he comes home soon, for all your sakes. Poor Marko, must have been so scary. For you as well but he surely was devastated and less equipped to deal w that. Adam Albertyn will be home soon though, and then Phase 1 starts - and abt time as well!

"(note: anal! At work at 6:45!!)" - :DDDDD

Ahhh, the joys of tertiaisms...

Thanks Tertia for sharing your story. It was good to hear that someone just like me didn't get the white lights crying out of joy moment when their child/ren were born. When I had my son I went thru 41 hours of labor. Even with an epidural at the end I was a wreck. I remember thinking right after he was born how unfair it was that I was still in so much pain and how come it wasn't like everyone said that after he was born I would be so happy to see him that I wouldn't notice the pain. Unfortunately they still had like 45 minutes of stiching to do on me and I was feeling very uncomfortable and exhausted that I didn't cry a single tear when the put him in my arms which made me feel incredibly guilty. What kind of mother was I that I didn't cry when I saw my own son. Now, 2 months later I realize how foolish I was to doubt my love for him over what I thought was the right proper feelings!

Thanks for giving us the birth story, Tertia. It's a shame that it was somewhat harrowing and chaotic, but how perfectly wonderful that Kate and Adam are at the end of that story. I hope Adam is able to come home soon friend.

Thanks for sharing your story, T. All I can say is, you got your wish, and the wish we all had for you...


Bless you, Marko and your little ones.

What a breathtaking rollercoaster of a birth story. I'm sorry that it wasn't the easy, uncomplicated experience you were so longing for. (Can nothing be easy?!)

Looking forward to tomorrow'w installment.

All the best,

beautiful story .... but umm I have a question .. is it only in SA that they have the infamous farting sparrows....?

Is it my imagination or do they have the same glorious long legs their mother has!?

Wow...I started off rolling with laughter about the farting birdies and ended up just shaking my head in wonder. CONGRATS to you and Marko and {{{Hugs}}} v naff, I know to Marko for dealing with it all.

Wow! Thank you for posting that picture. I've never seen a brand new baby before. What a miracle

Beautiful babies. Sorry the birth experience wasn't as great as the babies are. Sorry Marco had such a tough morning.
Here's hoping Adam is home soon, and the whole hospital chapter is over.
Hm... is Marco always at work at 6:45? I sometimes am. But I can't really imagine beign there that early all the time...

Tertia, I loved your description of your birth story, and your children are going to treasure it some day. (Be prepared to tell it over and over and over and over again--they never tire of it.)

When I had my son, I was only 23 (um, that was back before my eggs were crapola) and I read Spiritual Midwifery (barf) and I had a midwife, yada yada yada, and wouldn't you know I had a complicated, scary delivery in which he almost died. For a while afterward, I yearned for the chance to do another birth "the right way," a way that fulfilled my earlier dreams. And so I can certainly understand why you hoped to have a better birth experience this time around.

As for me, I've come a long way, baby. I couldn't give a rat's tail about anything anymore except a live, healthy, squalling 6 lbs of baby. I was once under the influence of childbirth fascists who try to convince the world that giving birth is The New Orgasm (probably a secret faction of La Leche League). For those who had a great experience--I'm happy for you. For those who want one--I hope you get it. For those who are still suffering from the disappointment--I'm sorry and wish you relief soon. For me--don't care! (so long as it is not scary.) :-)

I don't know what a 'good birth experience' is. My definition would be one that ended in (a) live baby(ies). That is a good birth experience.

As for your contractions, I say thank god for good drugs. Contractions HURT!! All of those idiots that say "you forget about the pain..." are freakin' LYING!

Thanks for the honesty.
It's time women start telling the truth about it... It makes it less scary for me to just know!

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