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i like you too.
who's kidding who, i love and respect you too, and so do thousands of others.

I think someone who comes into your space and assaults you with unsolicited commentary, deserves nothing better than to be exposed, email address posted and all.

People are entitled to their opinions, but what happened to the ethics of reciprocity? Apparently she's forgotten the Golden Rule way up there on her high horse....

Kisses to the lovely babies, please.

ps - I *heart* you too.

I second that emotion!

I hope to carry myself with as much aplomb and grace through tragedy and trauma as you have. Just got to remember gorgeous and divine, right?

May all of you have a very merry Un-Birthday today (Disney's Alice in Wonderland)!

I considered sending that person a note of unappreciation as to their thoughtlessness, but I thought that the rest of the universe probably had already done it, and from my calculations... that was the problem with the "slow wire waves" yesterday.
Embrace each moment as it unfolds, weary or not. This is when time really goes by too quickly, even though it's an eternity while you live it. So glad to hear that the babes are good...stay the course.

We were like the calvary we were.

And you know what? IT WAS FUN!

If I have to be on pelvic rest, I need SOME kind of release!!

Don't feel bad for a second about posting her email address. She could have sent that message to you anonymously if she'd wanted to avoid responses. More importantly, if I'm thinking something ugly and vicious about someone (as so often happens), I NEVER have the incredibly poor taste to try to hurt that person by telling them the ugly thing I'm thinking. When an egomaniac meddler like that skank bellasmommie voices her hurtful opinion, she deserves to be treated likewise. Maybe eventually she'll learn the lesson that it's best to keep your mouth shut when you have nothing nice to say.

The Brenda is a lunatic but worse, she's boring. Bah. [I KNEW it'd amuse you, ha!]Shut up abt her already and post more photos of my proto-nephews!!! THAT's what we come here for, since you're not posting porn anymore. *smooches all around*

And by the way, I don't think for a minute that bellasmommie is pregnant with triplets. I think when she told a commenter of yours "I'm pregnant with triplets...mine get to LIVE!" she was just trying to say something incredibly hurtful in reference to so many IVFers who have temporarily been pregnant with twins and triplets only to lose one or all of the babies. What an awful person.

I'm glad that you posted her e-mail address. People need to know how wrong it is to post crap like that, and that there will be consequences for such thoughtless, hateful actions ... even in this life!
Obviously, she's hurting about something. Poor woman.

And Tertia ... I like you too. =)

My exchange with Brenda had an interesting conclusion - I wrote to her, very civilly, asking for her to explain her views. She did, I replied that I could respect her pro-life stance but could not agree with how she chose to express it, and she replied "sweet Sara, I never asked you to did I!"
The woman has a point there - she offered her unsolicited opinion of you, and so I offered my unsolicited opinion of her. Neither one was welcome. Of course, I think she also just proved that she herself was wrong to e-mail you in the first place, but... yeah.

I don't understand....Did you have to reduce some embryos or something? I mean, is it really responsible to stuff eight eggs in a uterus and stir? Is that what her hatefulness was about? Could someone please explain as I am in the dark.

Thanks for posting her address. I had a ball telling her exactly what I think of her and people like her. We lurve you Tertia!

I like you, too.

Your attitude about it only proves yet again how gorgeous and divine you really are!

And I second the request for more baby pictures!!

My god! I nearly had a heart attack. I have a newly home adopted baby Bella and I thought during one of my moments of finally being alone and being very tired, I wrote something nasty to you although I like you! Anyways, after reading down and getting caught up I can breathe again. I so appreciate your honesty, and good for you! I had a few if those days myself in the beginning so I do understand. While they are the best things you could ever imagine, it doesn't mean things are perfect or easy. It does get easier though! (Um, easier for me to say without twins, I know, but it will!) Hang in there! Most beautiful pictures of beautiful babies, by the way!

Can I be you when I grow up?

Why is Bella's Mommie reading your blog if she can't be nice to you. She sounds like a real cow and she should go find another forum for her claptrap. You are doing a fantastic jobs with those tiny people, Adam and Kate - and you're managing to keep us "up to date" - I think you deserved 10 cherries from Dr whoever he was!

She's clearly just a nutty pro-lifer stuck out in the boondocks in some god-forsaken hellhole. I agree that the mentally unstable (such as bella'smommie) need our sympathy. Glad you posted the email addy too - just shows that she goes around trolling people.


No Tertia did not reduce. Nor did she transfer 8 embryos.

Bella is up in the night.

I don't know of many doc's (RE's) who would transfer 8 embryos. At least not 8 good quality ones.

She just sounds so hateful and full of nastiness. Poor Bella to have a mommie like that

What? What? What did I miss? Did I miss something good? Please fill me in.

Tertia, hang in there girlfriend. You WILL get some sleep someday again, I promise.

Gosh, I was asking a question. Besides, didn't somebody just have seven babies recently? And let's not get down on pro-lifers, please. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but not to be nasty for sure. Obviously this woman is off her rocker.


You're fabulous -- baby barf and all :)

Sometimes, someone is just too crazy to deal with -- that is certainly the case with the nut case you've got. You just go back to your gorgeous children. :)


OMG I just followed some of the links that the others provided for bellasmommie and it's clear that this sad sad waste of chromosomes has a psychological disorder.

Someone needs to contact CPS before she feels the need to 'cleans Bella of evil spirits' by setting her on fire or something.

I feel so sorry for that little girl. :( Remember that psycho in (was it Texas?) who just killed her DD?

So scary and sad.

Tertia you rule, don't let the psychos get you down.

Katie, I wasn't being obnoxious. I was just answering your questions.

Most high order multiples (HOM's) come from IUI's with injectible meds. At least from the stories I've read on them.

HOM's are not common. But they do make the news when they happen.

I used to believe that selective reductions were horrid and those who did them were wrong.

Then I started talking to a few people who had actually had to make the choice. I realized they did so to save their babies not to harm them. The reduced in order to make it possible for a few to survive rather than all to die.

One special woman had her first baby at 28 weeks. He was stillborn. Her next pregnancy was also extremely early but lived. The next came early as well and also survived. Then she conceived quads. This woman was barely able to get one baby to term let alone four.

She made the heartwrenching choice to reduce the pregnancy to twins. Her twins were born at 32 weeks, spent a few weeks in the NICU, but they lived. Had she not reduced, spent the entire pg on bed rest, the last half in the hospital on a bed that tilted her head down, had a cerclage, and gone to the wall to preserve those babies, she would have not had her precious boys now. She would have lost all four. (none of her pregnancies were the result of IVF)

It is a choice of compassion, not of selfishness. She grieves the two babies she let go, but rejoices in the two that lived.

I wish people would try to be more understanding and compassionate. (generic people not finger pointing) The world has enough asshats in it...

I was agreeing that selective reduction is sometimes the best choice. I am also prolife. I don't think those two things are in contradiction, I was just curious as to why bellamommie's prolife status had anything to do with her nasty comments. That's all.

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