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Did you decide to stop breastfeeding after all then?

Try the fenugreek capsules, it really does work. :)

Take heart - in the US there was something called Carnation that was an instant (powedered) milk, as well as an evaporated milk. Perhaps you only SOMETIMES got the evaporated milk.


PS - I still think you are pretty fab despite what you could have turned out like....

My SIL was fed goat milk and bananas. Blech.

I was bottlefed and I'm ok I think. My daughter was soley bottlefed and she's the best thing that ever stepped into my life....bar none (except for her father).

I think everything will be fine.

So THAT explains it! *insert evil laugh*

Honestly, Tertia, I would bet most of us posting here were fed crazy, crazy crap, and very few of us were breastfed at all, and just look at how fab we all are! For one thing, we love you, don't we?!

You give your best with lots of love. K and A will be more than fine.

My MIL just gave me her 1965 edition of Dr. Spock's book. It recommended "formula" made of evaporated milk, water and karo syrup (corn syrup)....um...yeah.

No wonder my BIL is so weird. ha!

roflmao Don't you wish our parents would keep some things to themselves?

LOL, I wasn't able to breastfeed. My milk never really did come in. I pumped for two days straight and had a total of 2 ounces. Don't beat yourself up over it. My daughter is fine and your two peanuts will be too!

What do you mean "imagine how fantastic I could have been then"? You're perfect!!!

If breastfeeding is over and you are okay with that, then great. Onward and upward! However, if you do wish you could breastfeed, you've still got time to make that work. Even if you have to supplement or if your milk never comes in, just the act of breastfeeding can be good bonding for mom and baby, even though it can take awhile to get it all going in the right direction.

Best wishes to you and your sweet babies!

My aunt was young and foolish and fed my cousin egg nog for a week because it was on special. He is 40 now and fine.

I was a preemie - born at 6 1/2 months so my mother did not breast feed.

And I am severely lactose intolerant - it's bad. So I was fed goat's milk. It's the only thing I could keep down.

My son is also lactose intolerant but not as severe as me, so when I had to stop breast feeding (my gallbladder burst - stupid thing), I had to put him on Isomil which is formula for lactose intolerant babies.

And he turned out just fine. Strapping young man who is being a really rotten teenager right now.

Oh, right. This is your blog. It's all about you.

I, after the token two week of BF'ing, was also fed the formula of the day, same as Mandy's BIL : evaporated milk, water and corn syrup. Bleck!

I have a 10-day old baby and am breastfeeding every time before I give her a bottle, stimulating my nipples at other times, etc. But I STILL am not engorged or producing more than a trickle of milk. Such a myth that as soon as the baby is born he/she will latch on and you'll be spouting milk like a fountain. I am disappointed so far, but know that I am doing it for the bonding more than anything else.

Well, Miss Pink came in weighing 11lb and my boobs were just not up to the challenge! She's been on formula since day one and her doctor has told us at every appointment that she's ahead of the developmental curve. Adam and Kate will be wonderful, happy, healthy babies, breast or no breast. And just think, this way Marko can do the feeding as well.

Yeah, I'd read that recipe for "formula" a while back.

If Julie decides to make her own, I know what her "secret ingredient" will be:


(Tertia: Drano is stuff you pour down the sink when it gets clogged)

And no matter what they are fed, I'm sure all the babies will be fine. It's amazing how we all survived before BFing became so... essential.

i think kate and adam would rather a calm mum and a warm bottle then a stressed out one. trying to find time to pump, visit the NICU and take care of a newborn is nearly impossible. good decision, good mum.

I was a goat's milk baby. Only thing though, my mom is a farmer and quite unique to say the least - so when we joke that she actually used the goat to feed me she just slightly smiles ... I'm not kidding (I made a pun - ha I'm a freakin' comedian) she probably tied us up right along side the nanny. Problem here, I wouldn't say I'm fine, maybe ok but fine might be an exaggeration.
When my daughter (IVF miracle #1) refused to wean to milk at a year I tried the canned goats milk (my mom's suggestion.) She actually hurled the bottled at me - so I decided to taste the stuff. Holy shit - I had a major flashback to my infancy, it tasted so bad. I didn't quite remember nursing the goat but the photos of baby goats frolking with me (@ 7 month old) on the kitchen floor still give me chills.
Believe everyone here - formula is great - shit it's an excellent substitution.

P.S. this is the same mother that had my crib by an electrical outlet & I stuck a bobby pin in to see what happened. Obviously I survived (with merely a flesh wound) and so will Adan & Kate.

enjoy your little ones!

correction - "Adam" (sorry I can't type)

At least you didn't get fed Diet Coke or something like that!

T- don't know that I have properly congratulated you and Marko!! so happy for you. Andrew wasn't ever able to latch on, so we are skipping the b/feed too. So very happy with this decision - now everyone can help!!!

It is the middle of the night here, so I wanted to give you my 2 cents worth of advice!

1. Are they supposed to sleep so much?
Yes, she will eventually wake up. It will probably take a few weeks.

2. Does the heat make them more lethargic? Does it also make them want to drink less?

3. Should I wake her up for a feed or let her sleep? She falls asleep while drinking her bottle.
During the day, I would wake her every 3 hours. At night (the real night, not what she thinks is night) I would let her go and not wake her.

4. If she doesn’t drink her full bottle, should I be worried, or do they just sometimes not finish the full feed?
Let her take what she wants - I do this unless he starts eating one ounce every hour, then I give a pacifier, take him for a walk, or do something to get him to go longer, so he is hungrier, and then will take a full feed. Unless she is really pissed, then I would feed. I am not into crying kids.

5. Also, when do I change her diaper? If I change it after a feed she gets so upset she spits up some milk and gets hiccups. However, she poops while feeding. But changing her before hand is good in that it wakes her up for the feed. But I don’t want her to lie for the next three hours with a poopy nappy / diaper.
You have to figure this one out on your own! You know your own baby best and will come up with a fab. solution!

My only advide on the days and nights thing is this. In the am, when she gets up for her first feed, try to get her to stay awake after the feed. I would wipe her face with a cool cloth and put clothes on her. Wake her every 2 1/2 to 3 hours during the day for feedings. At night, we give a bath, put on pajamas (sleep sack), swaddle, bath - another bottle then bed. Or, come up with some routine that works for your family. You need to give the babies clues about what they are to do - i.e. - daytime clues - clothes, lights, talking, singing, activity, etc. nighttime clues - dim lights, soft talking, bath, pajamas, etc. It really will help her straighten things out.

Remember, woman, you are the MAMA, and YOU are in control!

Adam will ocme home on a fabulous schedule, you lucky dog!

PS - did I mention I am sooooo happy for you???

...and, as MY mother would say:

I didn't have all those books and TV shows on how to raise your infant. ...can't imagine HOW you possibly SURVIVED!

I am quite sure she had a cigarette on the table next to her whilst feeding me my bottle.

I've been carrying around the dreaded "will breastfeeding be successful?" lump in my throat since...well basically since I found out I was preggers. We are so inundated with messages that Breast is Best (and it is, we know this) that I think we put unnecessary guilt on ourselves when we opt out for any reason (however justified). I've attempted breastfeeding with two out of my three, and failed both times. Have no idea why. Yet, I'll try again, or maybe exclusively pump if I can get a milk supply established. I still remember the guilt of "giving up" on breastfeeding both times. But you know what? I don't think I'm going to let that happen this time around. Life's too short and too full to give in to Mommy guilt at a time when you need all your Mommy-Super-Powers fully charged.

Doubly so for you.

Much love and hoping to hear Adam is home soon!

An old room mate of mine fed her daughter Carnation Evaporated Milk~~thick and used in deserts (I think it's important to add that she was a Captain in the Army, AND had a Master's Degree in Social Work).

Tess said:

i think kate and adam would rather a calm mum and a warm bottle then a stressed out one. trying to find time to pump, visit the NICU and take care of a newborn is nearly impossible. good decision, good mum.

Tess is smart. Good advice, good Tess.

Tertia, I tortured myself and kept pumping and attempting breastfeeding (with a silicone nipple shield) for 2 1/2 months--the longest 2 1/2 months of my life. Crappy milk output. Lots of crying (on my part). Despite not spending the night with my baby for 5 1/2 weeks (preemie) and despite having only about two successful mouth-on-skin BF experiences, Ben and I bonded perfectly--I held him as much as I could (and he's a very confident, independent kid). BF is not essential for bonding or nutrition. It's ideal if it works, yes, but promise that you won't ever beat yourself up for "giving it up." And don't let anyone else give you shit about it--because they will try. Strangers who don't know what you've been through will ask if you're breastfeeding. Practice your withering stare, and concoct some retorts concerning what the strangers are choosing to do with their own bodily fluids. Or tell them you give the babies beer because it helps them sleep...

My Mother said that she had to make the formula. It is the same thing that Mandy's MIL did. Evap. milk and Karo syrup. Geeze no wonder I love sweets!

I am sorry about BF. But try not to worry about it. Your babies will be fine. I only made it 3 weeks.

I think the most important thing about being a good parent is knowing what works for your family and then doing exactly that. I know you would prefer to breastfeed, but in the alternative, two healthy bottlefed babies seems like a damn good outcome, especially seeing as your boobs can't be in two places at once.

Don't let anything ruin the joy that you are feeling right now. My adopted kids couldn't be breastfed, and they are both bright, healthy and just thriving.

Ah, that's nothing. My mom basically breastfed me Jack Daniels. It was kind of like getting in on tap.

I was fed evaporated milk with Karo syrup! Of course I weigh over 200 lbs now. No connection there, no, nope, not a bit.

Bottle feed my two and they are gorgeous! I too was feed carnation milk!

Better than my mother, who took me to a doctor because I was so advanced and reading and crap when I was really, really young (I probably was hyper, too), and he decided to prescribe VALIUM!! I think she even gave it to me once or twice, but decided that medicating a two year old or whatever I was was probably not a good thing. Phew.

She tells a story about how her breastmilk dried up overnight when breastfeeding my then 2 month old brother, so she "borrowed" someone's formula...for a 6 month old. Short story: brother was sick as a dog and had to live on water drained from boiled rice for a month.

AND, talking about the crazy stuff our parents do - when I was 13, and used to sunbake myself in the Australian heat with baby oil over my body, my mother used to tell me to GO BACK INTO THE SUN if I looked too pale! Go figure! (And you should see how well I've turned out!!!!)

I agree, breastfeeding is wonderful if it's possible and if it works. My two "you want me to latch onto WHAT?!?" kids were fed expressed milk as long as I could manage it (not long) and formula after that. I think basically the worst brand of formula you could buy today is worlds better than the stuff most of us were given as babies.

I'm sure I got some variant of the evap. milk and Karo syrup formula. And then when I was two months old my mother asked her old family doc what to do (I'd been very skinny at birth, the last time I had that problem) and he said to feed me mashed ripe bananas. At least that's the story I was told. A. and K. will be fine, and you will adore them and they you.

Breast milk is only best if you actually produce it. If you don't produce, then breast ain't best, and I speak from experience.

I guess if babies who weren't breastfed just fell apart at the seams... those of us who were adopted would have been up a creek, huh? I say, do what you can. In your situation... I don't think anyone could or should fault you for using a bottle.

Does anyone have that recipe for the Carnation Evaporated milk and Karo syrup?
Is so, may I please have it.

does any one have the formula using pet milk karo and water? d.t.

LOVE these discussion

what is the dr.spock recipe for baby formula

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