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Good. He'll bear more of a resemblence to his biblical namesake that way.

"bigger than Charlie's though"

Does penis size already matter at that age?

Congrats! A wise decision! :)

Good for you Tertia.

I wish I would have left my little guy "intact" but it was important to my husband. In retrospect I wish I would have stood up a bit more on the topic. Of course, it is all fine now, but after seeing him in all his glory, I wish I would have let it all be. Still makes me a bit sad.

So hurray for Adam! :-)

Charlie asked me to tell you it ain't the size of the boat, Tertia, it's the motion of the ocean.

Nice one!

I'm so glad to hear that Adam gets to keep all his bits.

Even more glad that both babies are home!!!

Good decision Tertia. My husband ended up having it done when he was older and says it was easy and painless.

Tertia, I'm glad you came to a decision that you both are happy with. That's the most important thing. Not what every one else is concerned with, or what they think, but what *you* decided to do for your little boy.

Even tho my DH isn't circ'd, my little boy is. I don't think either way is right or wrong.

So glad to hear that your family is now "in tact" and together, and that even tho the water is still chilly, with all those bodies in it, it will warm up soon!

Hugs to the babies and the parents!


I'm really surprised that Charlie hasn't written Adam directly or vice versa.

I mean as advanced as these two are, they certainly don't need go betweens, do they?

Sometimes you don't know what it best until you are in the moment. Good for you for knowing what was best for your family at this point in time, and reserving the right to change your mind.

Boulder: I'm sure Charlie and Adam will not write each other directly about their penis sizes, not now or ever. It will be a knowledge between them that Adam's is bigger than Charlie's but as I know men, they won't voice it. It's us woman who write each other about the size of this Tom or that Harry. It's just surprising to me that it happens with mom's and their babes already at this age...:)

Glad to hear you've come to a comfortable decision about the snippage. And SOOOO glad to hear about both babies at home.

That made me laugh.

And from a mom-having-to-take-care-of-it point of view, you definitely made the right decision. Enjoy not having to deal with it (IME, when he gets to be a toddler and washes himself in the bath, you'll be saying, "OK, wash your testicles and penis, wash your arms, wash your neck, wash your legs..." and he'll still be washing his penis.)

Isn't it funny how we *think* we know what we will or will not do under certain circumstances, but then all that goes out the window in the moment? I think there are valid arguments on both sides of the circ issue, and am so glad that you came to a comfortable decision - the right one for YOUR FAMILY - when facing the choice. :-)

Good for you, Tertia, for being so brilliant and flexible! And gorgeous and devine. ;-)


It must be like having the biggest playgroup ever tell you what they think. I hope we don't turn into something that feels like an army of mother in law's. I'm happy if you're happy Tertia. Glad the baby is doing well.

It must be like having the biggest playgroup ever tell you what they think. I hope we don't turn into something that feels like an army of mother in law's. I'm happy if you're happy Tertia. Glad the baby is doing well.

Oh! What a nice surprise! I try very hard not to get attached to other people's decisions, but it's hard sometimes -- esp. when they are so cool like you :).

pp mentioned directing the washing up of a toddler -- we (in our uncouth household) say, "Don't forget to wash your butt and balls!"

I'm glad you came to a decision that made you happy :-) That is the impoortant thing.

Hmm, put a bunch of girls on the web and talk turns to penises- who knew?!? ;-)

Re: Charlie & Adam and penis size comparisons...

My son was about 2 1/2 and at the neighbor's house, also a 2 1/2 year old boy. They were playing with Toy Story dolls. Riley looked at Jack's toy, and then his own.

"We both have Woodys. We both have BIG Woodys!!" he exclaimed.

Yeah. It's coming, LOL.

I'm so glad your family is home and intact. I know you're going to be a great, great mom. I'm so happy for you, especially after all you've been through. And yeah, the first few weeks -- nobody feels like they hit their stride immediately.

Thank you for keeping this journal online.

Of course whatever decision you made would have been the right one. But I'm glad you happened to make that "right decision."

Years from now, you're going to look back on this post and remember it as one of the few times when it was ok discuss Adam's boy bits and use terms like "small" and phrases like "tiny little thing."

Have you had any luck with getting him to burp? The best assvice I can offer is to keep at it and eventually you'll get it. As far as your concern about him not getting enough food, I'd talk to the Ped. Also, monitor his nappy "output" vs. Kate's since she's doing well. Honestly, I think you're doing great, and that, like all new mothers, you're on a learning curve. But you'll figure it out and all will work out.

Finally, you are an EXCELLENT mother. Your fears are natural, both as a consequence of feeling overwhelmed and of being sleep deprived. But I know, you're doing a fantastic job.

Right on. And perfectly understandable.

woo hoo! go go intact penii!

Oh the sick irony of the number of comments concerning Adam's penis. I guess the truth is we are just all about a perverts. congrats & good choice :-)


It must be so great having both of them at home together - apart from the sleepless nights and the burping that it. It won't be long though - in my experience, it just gets better and better as time goes on.

I am so glad your sweet boy is home and with all his original parts :)

Congrats on having both of your babies at home. It only gets better from here. It may seem hard right now but in a month or two you will be a pro, and that water will be nice and hot. As for Adam circumsized or not can you imagine the look on his face when he is thirteen and realizes his mom referred to his penis as a "tiny little thing". Hopefully you'll be able to post a picture of that face,lol!!!

I found two really good ways to burp my babies as the over the shoulder beat the hell out of them method did nothing.

One way was to sit them in my lap, holding their chin cupped in my hand, and pat their backs.

The other was to lay them face down across my lap and pat their backs.

I'm so thrilled you have both your babes home!

How totally wonderful!

Much love! xoxo

I'm so glad you guys came to a decision you're happy with.

My parenting motto goes something like this, "Get all the information then follow your heart."

You've really gotta be informed before you can know what's best, no matter what the topic. Sometimes we can mistake following the crowd with following our heart. And oh boy oh boy do kids come with choices. No instructions, but tons of choices. The status of the boy bits, the car seats, the doctors, the toys, the videos, the schools, the vehicles, the weapons, the piercings, the music. It never ends.

i'm so happy. i read that post when my baby boy was in the hospital for an incorrectly done circ. that whole ordeal was awful! my baby had to go under general anasthetic and have the skin sewn to the tip of his penis again. i didn't comment because the issue was so close to my heart at the time. i am completely against circ. now-my baby was in so much pain for nothing!

Am I nuts or are you and Julie having a conversation about the comparative sizes of your babies' penises? Have you actually been measuring them or something? Or was this "contest" initiated by comments and not by the mothers? I need to get a grip. . . .

Not that it's any of my business but, phew! I'm really glad Adam got to keep his bits.

For some strange reason I was wondering about this today - what you had decided on the penis issue.

That makes me sound quite perverse. I'm not really. I promise.

Brilliant choice.

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