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Someone actually sent you the email as pasted on the bottom of your post? What an asshat.

You rock. You are one rockin' mama. The babies are in good hands, sound mind and sleepy body. The trolls, the trolls. We know the truth...

A cherry, huh? Well, I guess I won't go there (I'll leave it to Julie or Lioness or someone). But Way To Go on the weight gain! Isn't that the best thing you could ever hear (other than, "Mom, we're ready to make your dinner and give you a massage whenever you've got a minute.")?

Congratulations, T.


I'm sorry, Tertia, but that asinine e-mail tickles my funny bone. Apparently, "Bella" is already older than 3 Months, and biological amnesia has set in in her mommy's head. Can we send hate-mail, purdy please????????

WTG Tertia and babies!

I have some nasty words for that woman, but I'll spare you.

I am so thrilled that they are both growing so well. What a wonderful sign that you are doing just what you need to be doing.


Tertia, this is AWESOME, they are growing wonderfully well, all that hard work is paying off!! What marvelous news, the best imaginable. Brava, Mom!!!

Congrats on how well the babies are doing. They are getting big. I am glad you are feeling better about being a mom. I have one of my twins up right now (10:46pm) if you would like to come try to get him to sleep. LOL!!!
Great e mail. Maybe this person just does not understand how hard it is to be a first time mom or have twins for the first time. Oh well, she needs some sleep or drink or something.
Congrats again.

You are doing an amazing job. Good growing, babies! You also have managed to articulate everything that i felt in the beginning with both my babes. I can't tell you how many times my poor husband sat there with the baby crying lustily and myself crying hysterically. I thought he deserved a medal. He said he wanted to kill himself (kidding, of course).

Don't worry about the troll-y asshats. Keep up the great work and post whatever you feel at the time. There are more of us who understand that things are not always roses than those who don't.

Always blows my mind when people feel they are the best qualified to judge who "deserves" children and who doesn't. How rude!

Keep it up Tertia, don't let 'em grind you down!

hi -- i've been reading your blog for a few months now and i just wanted to finally tell you how great it is and how many bells it rings for me. i had twins 7 years ago -- after a terrifying drug- and hospital-filled pregnancy. i had them at 36 weeks, a miracle after 5 months of bedrest. anyway, just wanted to tell you that i know how you feel. i remember every minute of my pregnancy -- mostly the fear that i'd have them too early -- and very little of the first few months with my little guys. i remember mostly being thoroughly exhausted, feeling a little desperate about their feeding schedules and mostly feeling really alone. thank goodness for my mother (i begged her to stay for 2 months after they were born and she did) or i'm not sure how i would have done it. they're wonderful now, my boys, best friends and terrific playmates. so it does get much, much better. hang in there -- you are clearly a thoughtful and loving mother. and your kids are so blessed to have you.

Jen said it all.. In the years to come you are going to really appreciate having twins. Watching them interact together and being each others best friend is such a wonderful experience. It is just the beginning that is rough, honest!

A big thank you for sharing Bella's mommie's rude email. She knew it was nasty and that is why she emailed it to you instead of posting it. Plus, she didn't want to get hate email like the one she sent you. Tertia fans will unite and flood her inbox. I would also say that I hope you are not losing sleep over her email, but that would be silly of me.

Have you been able to incorporate some bullet points into the anal chart yet? Seriously, it is v. good to hear how well Adam & Kate are doing and growing. I have been thinking about how you have been thrust from "The Cave" and into "The Water" with the birth of your beautiful children. It is nice to read this new post and see that you are learning how to tread the water of new motherhood and of parenting twins. Big congrats on the cherry award! I would have asked for two though.

Whaaat? Are you KIDDING me?! I am SO sorry you're getting e-mails like that. I hope that, despite being very tired, you're not taking this seriously. Of course you're not! Smart thing you ... posting her e-mail address so that we can all send her an e-mail and rip her a new one. Watch out, lady!

And T ... you are an awesome and loving mother. =) Kate and Adam are two of the luckiest babies in the whole world.

What an idiot! What a jealous idiot. She's just pissed because you're:

1. Gorgeous and divine.
2. A wonderful, loving mother.
3. An unbelievably talented writer.

And she's just a sad little wench who gets off on sending hate mail to nice people. I feel so sorry for little Bella.

Bella'smom's just jealous, 'cause you're gorgeous and divine. And she's a stupid bint.

What great weight gains! Not only HBIJ but VHBIJ!! I can still recall falling asleep in the rocking chair, feeding one of my twins (can't recall who) and woke up to see the poor babe, neck craned, mouth askew, trying to reach the continous drip from the bottle, which was nowhere near where it should have been. We also tried co-sleeping until the day my DH woke up with a jolt and started patting around the comforter covers and looking under the pillows. I ran to the nursery and counted heads...both were there and that was the last we slept with them.

And Bellasmommy..well, not even worth my time to comment. If she doesn't like what she reads, she's more than welcome to leave. In fact, encouraged.

Sheets of gold stars to you for a job well done!

What an asshat - she'll be hearing from me.

Meanwhile - and way more important - HUZZAH on the weight gain!

I'm early on with a twin pregnancy and reading all of your posts gives me SO much hope!!


bella's mommy dearest seems to be into cages, as per this listing that comes up on google:

*Nov15-fullerton ca indoor/outdoor animal enclosure, best for cats, big enough for 8 of them comfortably, meaures 6' high, 5' wide and 3 feet deep with shelves. very light weight. only about 6 months old. $500 obo, we live in orange county, ca easy to assemble. 714-680-4387 brenda bellasmommie@adelphia.net*

T., you are wonderful, and a wonderful mother, and much beloved by good, smart, funny people everywhere (because you are all those things yourself). so there.

Of course you don't need me to tell you how wonderful you are. That email was soooooo off the mark, I hope you were able to laugh at it like the ridiculous drivel it was. Your babies are precious and I think any baby would be lucky to have a mother and father like you and M.

You don't deserve a mail like that. You are simply being honest and open. You deserve your children and you are a great mum.

Thank you for taking the time to post everyday with two newborns. Thank you for including us in your experiences. It helps prepare us for what is to come, and makes better able to empathise.

Don't waste your time even thinking of that bellamother, it's not worth it. What really matters, you already have: your family, your friends, yourself.

First weeks are difficult but it gets better every day. go for it!


That is so great about the wieght gain. WTG Tertia!

As for the email, what a lunatic.

great news about the weight gain. :) Am rapt you've gotten such a good report from your dr, he's just reaffirming what we've known all along, that you are a great mother and Adam and Kate as so very lucky to have you.

What a sad woman this 'Bella' person must be. I'm thinking her inbox will be slightly full of insightful comments in the next few days. What an idiot.
I am very excited and pleased to hear how well Kate and Adam are growing!! Good job MOM!! And keep writing in your 'anal book'. I had one for the first three months with my twins. It offered much peace of mind, knowing that I wouldn't totally screw things up due to lack of sleep. It's hard enough tracking ONE baby's feedings, pees, and poops.
Keep up the good work!

Tertia this is only my 2nd/3rd post as I don't usually do that thing - I just read your bits and share your ups and downs.

I am really glad to see the little wombats doing so well - It will keep getting better and better.

I will own up and say that I sent Poor Bella's mother a not so nice e-mail which probably makes me no better than she is, but I had a really shitty day today and that is my excuse for being petty. I guess I was weak when I should have been stronger and know better. Sorry, but it sure did feel good at the time!

Poor little Bella - what sort of life will she have with such a judgemental and pittiful mother?

ooops - sorry - I think I need to give myself a good slapping and head off to bed before I do anymore damage.

Naughty me!

Hi Nerd, I think that Bella's mommy is hilarious. NOT! What a dork. Hell? I mean who the hell says hell now days? Stupid dumb ass loser! If she cant tell what whit, good humour and brilliant sarcasm is then she must be SERIOUSLY thick. Oh hell, I must dash as my pot roast is on the oven and it'll burn...as in..burn in hell. As if either of that will ever happen! But on a happier note. Congrats on the little critters gaining weight. They are bloody genius's, obviously take after there gorgeous clever stunning and incredibly fabulous Aunty. Did I mention glamerous?!

*laughing at the cherry stamp* :)

As for bellasmommie - some people are sick idiots. I guess she's one of them. Perhaps her email address should be helpfully posted in some binary newsgroups...welcome to spam city!

Bella's Mommie is a fucking cunt.

...OMG that word is so much fun.

That email is so asinine it's almost gone full circle into irony. Are you sure she wasn't joking? If she wasn't, then she is clearly mentally ill, and we should feel sorry for her, I guess.

One really wonders what got Bella's mummy's goat so badly. I mean - burn in hell???? What does she take offence to so much?

Anyway, she's obviously not the sharpest knife in the drawer or she would not have sent her email address. I would just love to peek into her in box. Can people who sent her emails please post them here? The busy-body in me would love to see them!

Also we know that her name is Brenda, and that she lives in Fullerton, Orange County, CA- all from the online advert. And she probably already gets a fair but of spam just from that.

Congrats on the weight gain - that is great news. Just keep plugging away - ask for help, ask for help, ask for help - that was mantra in the beginning. It is so much easier with another person helping.

As for the loser email - I feel bad that Bella has such a shithead for a mom.

Where, exactly, does she think you are *now* with two 3-week old babies? "A place in hell" kind of sounds like a spa vacation for a new mom of twins, no?

Congratulations on the weight gain. Excellent work.

Oh T!!! What wonderful news that the sweet Divine Babes are doing so wonderfully in the gaining dept. Keep growing, Sweet Ones.

I have a little something for your anal book: TAE = Total Ass Explosion. Blatantly stolen from Metrodad, whom I love. See this for a full definition: http://metrodad.typepad.com/index/2005/01/if_the_foo_shit.html

As to Bellasmommie: I won't even bother to respond to her outrageous assholiness, other than to say I pity poor Bella.

Keep up the good work, Mommy.

Ha!! TAE -- we used to call those Krakatoas (as in the volcano, excuse my spelling ignorance, but I am too lazy to google it and spell it correctly). Anyway, TAEs are definitely something to look forward to. As a new mom, I thought that having about 7 outfits for any age range would be plenty. Little did I know that with pee and poop explosions, I was likely to go through 7 in a single day. Consider yourself blessed, Tertia, if the nanny helps with the laundry.

As for our new friend Brenda...well, it's all been said already. Mostly I just feel really sorry for Bella. I wonder if she is going to get some late night inquiries on her cage?


Sorry someone wasted your time with that email, garbage....don't give it another thought! Part of what makes a wonderful mother is being able to talk about the hard parts, ask questions when she's not sure of things. A good mother wants the best for her babies and if she isn't sure on something she seeks help on what's right, a good mother admits her fears with two new precious lives in her hands. Seems to me you are not just an incredible mother but a great comfort to all the moms out there who wondered does anyone else feel this way? Congrats on the weight gain, Kate and Adam seem to be doing great!

WTG on the babies! SEe you are a awesome mom.. :) Hate to say it but I am emailing bitchface myself.

Thought Iwould share the email I just sent Bellasmommie

Hello bellasmommie,

First off I'm supposing you wanted all the attention that you are surely getting now. Maybe not or you would of been brave enough to post in the comments and not email.

Let me tell you my dear wicked bitch.. There most definitely is a place in hell for people like YOU! How dare you email a new and overwhelmed mother with your snide hateful comments. You definitely owe Tertia a apology. Motherhood isn't a walk in the park with one new baby let alone two. I want to say mean spiteful hateful things to you, but I will refrain because two wrongs do not make a right. I hope you are pleased with the outcome of your email to Tertia. God will deal with you in the end..

Best regards,

bellasmommie@adelphia.net is an EVIL WHORE!

Excellent news Tertia. See? I told you that you were doing a great job. Happy, healthy babies. Now if they would just sleep more. LOL!

I can't believe Bellasmommie. She needs to get a life.

Hooray on the weight gain! Oh Tertia... you are doing a FABULOUS job! And here you were worried that they wouldn't be thriving, and you'd get a bad First Report. Tsk tsk tsk... don't you know that you are DEVINE? ;-)

I'm sure you are still exhausted. That will likely continue for a while yet. Hopefully you found some peace in knowing how well they are both growing. It sounds like you are doing a fab job with the immense learning curve, times two!

Not even going to comment about that email, since we all know her remarks are simply not true. {{{hug}}}

Wow Tertia, congratulations on Adam and Kate's weight gain! You're an awesome Mommie!

If there's a special place in hell for people like you, my dear, I can only imagine that it is like an eternal spa for the gorgeous and divine, with fountains of champagne and rivers of chocolate, and hunky hovering angels always ready to deliver a pedicure or massage. And all the cool chicks would be there, and everyone else in hell would be SO JEALOUS.

I was chatting with Julia des Hippogriffs the day before yesterday, and she asked me how you were doing, since she hasn't been able to check the blogs. "Tertia's doing great," I told her, "she's totally sleep-deprived and overwhelmed, exactly as she should be." We both agreed that we were happy that you are having the normal experience of mothering newborns. (Of course, we've only tried it with one baby apiece, but we remember those first weeks as utterly physically and emotionally exhausting.) Wait a minute, I hope that didn't come out wrong... it's not as if we're wickedly delighted that you're tired, just happy that you're tired because it means you have two healthy newborns at home. It means that you've joined the global club of motherhood, and anyone who thinks that motherhood is always easy and fun probably only has cats.

Wow, that email makes me laugh (sorry) but they had to be joking....right?? That's too funny. I'm going to assume it was a joke since to email something like that intentionally is just evil, especially since it is so far from the truth.

But WOW! Great weights on the babies. You're doing wonderfully!!!!


Great job, Tertia!! See what an awesome mommy you are? Those babies are doing so well, and it's because you ROCK.

That e-mail...well, there are really no words.
Oh wait. CUNT. Yeah, that works. I love that word.

Oh T. dahling, see??? Nothing like force-feeding for little ones to pick up weight!
I am so very happy that they are doing fabulously, which was genetically forseeable, and that you'll rest [HA!] a bit easier now.

And trolls, this is the thing: can you picture Tertia's axillary hair? (Yes dahlings, go look it up, a-xi-lla-ry, I'll wait) Well, every single one of them is BETTER than your entire genome (look this one up as well, it's alright to be ignorant). Envy is not a pretty feeling, trolls, it will give you wrinkles and make your boobs sag all the way down to your knees. Handy for lassoing but in the bedroom... Tssk-tssk. And the best part? Tertia will only find you boring and laugh at you. So sorry.

a ha ha That email made me laugh. She should know about hell since she seems to permanently reside there.

Psycho people are just so darned funny.

Tertia: BRAVO! You're doing just fab. Keep up the great work. :)

Congratualtions on big healthy babies! Sounds like you are indeed doing it right :-). Although...will you smack me if I tell you how good a full night's sleep feels? ;-)

Go Tertia!! And go babies!! You are doing a fabulous job mommy.

Some people need to shut thier pie holes if they don't have something helpful or constructive to offer. Some people should not judge others. The last I knew, that was Gods job, not Bellasmommies.

Summer's post above makes me wonder if "Bella" is a cat instead of a child. ROFLMAO I sure hope so.

Tertia, I sent you an email about bellasmommie's email to you. Hope you, Adam, & Kate have gotten some rest. How is Marko feeling?

Okay we need to feel sorry for Bella's mommy. She is either stupid or foolish- at least she isn't a coward- she used her real email address and my guess is that someone who is fairly clever could now actually find her in person with the information that she lives in Orange, CA. Maybe she was typing drunk. Or maybe she is a judgemental bitch who deserves all the crap she is getting now.

Tertia you are a wonderful mom. It's not anyone's right to tell you what a horrible human being you are,with the exception of Kate and Adam - who will say that to you a couple of times about 14 years from now. Probably in conjuction with you saying no about piercing or dating or something. Then you get the lovely pleasure of hearing you are the worst mom, EVER. Give them a kiss, and say "that's what I was aiming for darling." My kids hate that.

Okay we need to feel sorry for Bella's mommy. She is either stupid or foolish- at least she isn't a coward- she used her real email address and my guess is that someone who is fairly clever could now actually find her in person with the information that she lives in Orange, CA. Maybe she was typing drunk. Or maybe she is a judgemental bitch who deserves all the crap she is getting now.

Tertia you are a wonderful mom. It's not anyone's right to tell you what a horrible human being you are,with the exception of Kate and Adam - who will say that to you a couple of times about 14 years from now. Probably in conjuction with you saying no about piercing or dating or something. Then you get the lovely pleasure of hearing you are the worst mom, EVER. Give them a kiss, and say "that's what I was aiming for darling." My kids hate that.

haha, i'm looking forward to dropping bella's mommie a line. i hope she knows how to spell mommy? so glad the babes are gaining weight! :) they're precious! (though i'm not the one that has to hear them scream at 3 in the moring ;) )


Copy of email sent back to lady:

Hey bitch, mess with the bull, you'll get the horns.

Tertia Blog Reader & Major Disliker of Asshats

Keep on rockin Tertia, and keeping us posted!

Opps, should have added to my email to her:

"Expect tons of email in support of Tertia in your inbox, but hey bitch, mess with the bull, you'll get the horns."

I just couldn't help myself. Why would anyone think that was helpful?

I cannot believe someone was cold enough to send that email. And what's worse..they're somebody's mother? Poor kid.

Tertia- you're doing fabulous!! One baby is difficult- I can't imagine two. Hang in there, sweetie!!

Some wicked bitch actually had the nerve to send you that email? People are unbelievable some times. Really and truly unbelievable.

That's wonderful news about the good weight gain! Hang in there, sweets, you're doing a great job. I think you're a fantastic mom.

Howzit Tersh........Am thrilled to hear both babes are doing so well, and gaining weight!! As for that hate e-mail, guess some people just cant help themselves, jealousy is an ugly monster!! Your'e Gorgecous and Divine.... like you need us to remind you!!!

Hahahahahahahahah, Bella's Mommy (she can't spell apparently) is a fucking asshat.

I'm still trying to figure out the whole troll classification and was wondering... does that put Bella's Mom in the Troll category? I'm assuming the answer is YES!
What a freak!


Hoo boy, it's so funny? But I posted all rash this morning (way too early - should have still been asleep) and then later felt bad about calling that woman a cunt, even thought I adore the word. And now I come back tail between legs to say sorry for being so brash and WELL LOOKIT THAT! I'm not that bad after all! Excellent.

And I'm clearly not defending the cunt, but I really think that people like that are just stupid. Like, do not score well on life. She's an idiot. Not worth the effort, because she will never get it.

Anyway. Glad to hear the babies are doing so well and can't wait for more photos.

Glad to hear that the babes are thriving so nicely. It must put your fears at ease! As for the emailer, she can't possibly be serious, can she? All I can think of is that she's been reading your recent posts about feeling like a horrible mother and that this is her DARK idea of a joke. But it sounds like this troll's shit bomb has fallen at your feet with an impotent THUD. Whacky bitch.

I actually laughed at that email. Could that person possibly be serious?????

It really helps to get objective data that the feeding is going well, and that they are thriving. Maybe you can worry a bit less about the feeding stuff, knowing they are doing so great. I always love well-baby pedatrician visits. It is nice to get validation that you are doing a good job. For the world's worst mother, anyway.

I am THRILLED beyond words to hear how quickly they're gaining weight! Awesome!! You rock, you awesome mama you.

Tertia - I would just like to clarify that, while I am also Bella's mommy, I am not THAT Bella's mommy.

I also don't spell mommy with an "ie", nor do I send cruel and innacurate email to poor unsuspecting moms with little or no sleep.

Thanks or letting me clarify. What a bitch.

Yeah. Bellasmommie - BITE ME!

Hmm - a cherry? Didn't know you could get those back.

well, you know I think you are just the most wonderful, brave, hilarious, REAL woman on the planet.

fuck the insane emailers, ok?

Tertia, wow I'm commenting 3 times in one day on one pot, your gonna think I am some psycho, but I just wanted to say that freak bitch emailed me back, I guess she liked what I had to say the first time, and wanted more.. She got it both barrels..

I just want to tell you again what a awesome person you are, and what a great mommy you are..

Really, the nerve of some people.

I don't have kids (yet) but I thank God for people like you who tell it like it is. One day, when we get round to having a little one of our own I'll be far more prepared then if I had just read a pregnancy book (and I already own two).

Glad to hear the babies are doing well.

Sheesh...I can't believe that someone could read your blog and still post what bellasmommie did.

You rock, girl! Congrats on the killer weight gain for the twins.

Dr's gonna have to get more stickers...

Is Bellasmommie high?

I'd say snorting crack everyday is a bad habit to pass onto her daughter.

WTG on the weight gains!

Wow, fantastic weight gain! At this point, that is the absolute best thing and it also shows that, despite your exhaustion, you are doing this mommy thing right!! Too bad Bella doesn't have a classy mum like you.

I'm one of many who is appalled by hate mail and I think you have every right to post the details. I think that particular e-mail was assinine, and serves as a lesson to would be haters to knock it off.

By the sounds of it, you really are learning to swim, and I think it will only be a matter of days before you take your water wings off. So big old props to you!

I just have to add that as bothered as I am by the nasty e-mail you received, I am also bothered by the mob mentatlity of some of the commenters. There's nothing instructive in jumping into the fray and trashing someone else by sending her nasty e-mails. It only flames the fire. Responding to hate with hate doesn't work. I for one would rather leave her to her troubled life and save my energy for something more worthwhile.

Yeah I emailed her too - I couldn't resist - and she responded.

Wow - she's a CHARMER, huh?

Poor little Bella...

Um, er, ya'll...that there link to bellasmommie is um, CLICKABLE so feel free to click on it and vent away. Add my guffaws, too...

Huh? I'm too befuddled to even work myself up over that email. I can't figure out what you have said that would make even the worst troll think you were a bad mother, much less one deserving of hell. ??? Wow -- I'm sorry you had to be on the receiving end of an insane person's email blast.

I'm so glad things are going well -- I hope soon you can even start getting a little sleep. Congratulations on your gold, er, cherry, you wonderful mom!



Tertia, the babies weights are terrific. You are doing a great job! Aunty Nina, hope you live close enough to give those babes a snuggle every now and again!

It sounds like your doing pretty good at this Mommy thing! Congratulations on the weight gain - what better way to show your doing it right?

And regarding that awful email Bella's mom sent you - I feel horrible for Bella. What type of mom is that?

I can't wait to see more picture of your babies!

Maybe she was joking? Very strange.

Congrats on how well the kids are doing--good news! Also, thanks for being honest that it's hard. I for one appreciate that you aren't sugarcoating everything. Keep it real.

You know that place in hell that's reserved for you? Well, I'll be there, and Julie will probably be there, and most of the moms I know will probably be there.

Personally, I'm quite looking forward to it - it'll be a "hell" of a lot more interesting than wherever all the "good" mothers are going to end up.

Glad K and A are gaining well and that the water is getting a bit warmer for you. Sleep is highly overrated.

My first reflex was to send "Bellasmommie" a rip-her-a-new-one email. How profoundly insensitive, how cruel, and how utterly RUDE! But then I thought about it for a while and decided not to bother, for several reasons: 1) I don't want to give her the satisfaction of getting a response, since she's so obviously hoping to provoke one; 2) Tertia's got such overwhelming support that my two cents worth to the idiot wouldn't matter much anyway; 3) I've decided I feel sorry for her. She needs some serious help if the only way she can make herself feel better is by sending ridiculous and mean-spirited emails to someone she's never met.

Bellasmommie: I'm sure you're lurking around here to see what kind of response you've provoked, so do yourself a favor and go renew your Zoloft or Prozac or lithium or Thorazine or whatever medication you're supposed to be taking. You need help.

Tertia: that's terrific news about the babies and about you! Keep treading water -- you'll be doing the backstroke any day now (well, maybe in a couple of months). Don't let pathetic attention seekers like Bellasmommie get to you. You're doing just fine, even if it doesn't feel like it some days. My "baby" is almost four and I still have days when I think I'm barely keeping my head above water. That feeling? It's called "parenthood."

I'm not sure I agree with the "responding with hate to hate DOESN'T work" plan. I think that people like BellasMommie need to know that it isn't just OK to send horrible, mean emails like that and that if you do -- that person's friends are going to respond. She wants to be a shitdisturber, then shit she has disturbed!

Excellent work with the babies, Tertia -- you've got them eating, now just get them sleeping and you'll be swimmping laps instead of just treading water!!!! :)
Gorgeous babies!!

Congrats on the babies!! They're a gift you have to work for, but if I were ever to tell you you didn't deserve them, I'd have to send myself to hell. You've gone through so much and I can tell you treasure them so I think you deserve them very much. I don't know what it is that got Brenda so frizzy. Motherhood must be a territorial and exclusive sport according to some people. It activates the lymbic system in us I think for fathers too, although it's expressed differently. I remember that Antonio Banderass said that when he had his first daughter he knew what it was like to be willing to kill for her, which is extreme, but I think is an example of how charged emotions can be around the issue of parenting. Well, keep it up. Take it a day at a time. Welcome to your new lives.


I'm so happy to hear Adam and Kate are gaining weight and that you're getting the hang of things with them. I'm sure you're doing an amazing job.

I'm terribly sorry that Bitch Brenda sent you that disgusting email. I had to email her my 2 cents on and aside from a few choice words, I told her I only hoped Bella was an animal for fear a little girl would be raised by such a despicable human being. This was the email response I got from her...

"Bella is a beautiful 14 month old girl! And I am pregnant with TRIPLETS, MINE GET TO LIVE."

That woman is pure evil!

Forgot to say that your pediatrician sounds very, very cool!


You are WMWM* to me.

*World's Most Wonderful Mother

And I bet Kate and Adam would agree if only they would stop working on gaining weight and start logging into the computer more...

That person who sent you the email - what an assclown.

I'm glad to hear from you and that the doctor's visit went well and they're gaining weight and you're feeling a bit better about things.

Okay, so, people have warned you about the terrible twos? And don't get me started on the teenage years!

That is one helluva rate of weight gain! You'd like to see 1 to 2 pounds a month--these kids are aiming at 3 to 4 pounds a month! I trust the pediatrician said it's OK to let them sleep a bit and not fret about the force-feeding now?

Bellasasshat must lead a pathetic life...

I hope that email didn't cause you an iota of self-doubt. What ridiculousness. And what great, great strides for you and the babes!

Bellasmommie Asshat is pregnant with triplets, huh. And has a 14 month old daughter. Well, I hope her triplets all do well. I would never wish ill on the innocent. I hope she goes 2 weeks past her due date. I hope they each weigh 7 or 8 pounds at birth and get to go home from the hospital with her after 4 or 5 days so she can be 4 or 5 days postpartum after a c-section and have 3 newborns plus a child under the age of 2 to take care of all on her own. And I hope that each of her triplets has his or her VERY OWN SLEEPING SCHEDULE which does not coincide with the others and that those schedules involve serial nighttime waking and crying. Because, bless her, Bellasmommie won't feel any stress or anything.

I suppose the pregnancy might explain why she's off the psychotropic meds that she clearly needs to be taking.


Worth a look.

I got a reply too!

Bella-PSYCHO-Mommie reply: who cares (if my inbox is full), I am glad I ruffled your feathers, if what I said didn't "hit home" then why so many e-mails, I love it.

My reply to that: Wow, you're clearly insane.

What a nutbag!

Two babies living well are your best revenge. And you're getting it! Congratulations on the weight gains. Don't waste an ounce of your precious energy on toxic people (I wouldn't give them (her)(it) more publicity, either).

Another gem from her:
"Better to be insane than a murderer."

Apparently she is not reading the actual content on here.

She spewed the same crap at me.

Amazing that with a two year old and triplets on the way she doesn't have anything better to do than pass her nasty judgement on someone who couldn't give a shit.

I just wonder what the hell she is talking about with the murder stuff? I'll just assume she's in a weird cult that sends people that give birth to twins to hell.

I'd love to see her inbox though. I bet it's full.

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