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Gorgeous, divine, clever, anal and a mom.

Does it get much better?

Yes - because you get to have sex for fun!

Have you seen all of the charting on http://www.trixieupdate.com ?

I don't feel so weird anymore. I was thinking of charting my 2 week old's sleep and wake times, and diaper contents. Now that you have done it, I must now do it, because you are vv cool and I want to be like you!!!!!!
Seriously, anal retents must unite.
Congrats again. I am so very happy for you and babies Kate and Adam.

with my ds, it was clearly obvious that a chart was needed. the first visit from the home nurse and I couldn't tell her how many pee's he had??? i had to take his waste basket from his room and count them. then had to ask dh if any of his changes had been a poop one.

Also more important baby things: you have LONG HAIR. check the babies fingers and toes for any hair wrapped around them. this is VERY important as you could cut off blood circulation with a tight hair. your hair will fall out in massive amounts, so try to check on a regular basis.

Gorgeous and divine, absolutely!

Besides, when you get really really sleep deprived, and the paed asks you a question and you can't for the life of you remember whther it was Kate or Adam who threw up on you, you can just whip out the chart and pretend like you knew all along! perfect!

I kept a chart when I had my twin boys. It was the only way I could keep track of who was eating how much, got fed when, did/did not sleep, was medicated (gas drops, gripe water,)etc. I found I stopped keeping it after the haze and confusion lifted and I was able to recognize patterns. I never tossed it out, but saved it as there is nothing that draws a truer picture of the chaos and stress my husband was under when he scrawled down the margin...."I Feel Like I'm At War!"...alongside my hearts and happyfaces (thank goodness for hormones!).

I can't wait to hear when Adam comes home. Do take the time alone to get to know your little man. I spent so much time with one that the other felt like a stranger to me...that we didn't know each other. By the way, it took no time at all to be re-acquainted - which I didn't know at the time and was afraid I might have lost my opportunity to "bond". Hullaballoo!

You sound so happy, Tertia. And you are doing a fabulous job! I kept a log of feedings (which would also indicate sleep/wake times) and diaper changes in a hardcover notebook. I just found it in dd's bureau during a recent purge and loved looking through it. I know she will one day, too.

So so happy for you, and glad that baby Adam will be home to join his family so soon!

Yey, the old Tertia is back! "Old" here is, BTW, a purely linguistic tool, not at all reflective of your advanced age. I hope your son [*GULP!*], our joy, makes it home soon. And shut up abt the sleep thing already! Showing off is very bad form.

A great idea Tertia, especially if it keeps the joy in the tone of your writing.

One helluva mommy you are, lady! You should be so very proud!

They make you add sugar to your baby's formula in South Africa? Whoa.

I am so glad you've got a nanny to help you. I can't imagine charting *and* having two babies to take care of.


God. It just makes my heart so full of love, relief, and hope when I read your journal. I just wanted to extend [another] v, v, heartfelt Congratulations to you and Marko, for surviving the IF journey (hell, surviving everything!) and finally being able to KNOW that you are parents.

Thank you so much for the touching, open and frank entries.



I have a link for you --
I know you are busy as hell but
you really must go -- if you had not already.

I am also a chart whore. I love charts more than I love the things I chart. So you can just imagine how excited I was to see your organized chart! Gosh, the fact that I could chart a kid's doings may have put me over the edge from TTD to full fledge "Almost Decided." :) Ha ha!

Deducting pocket-money...now why didn't I think of that? :)

Must think about charging Morgan rent too...after all, he's two now. :)

I charted everything, too, for the first month or so. We kept some of those charts and have looked back on them and said, "Remember when 30 cc was a HUGE amount for them to have taken?" and marveled over all the checks next to "dirty diaper" and "wet diaper." Lots of nostalgia.

Glad everything is going well.

I only had a singelton but I charted too. It is so helpful because I can't even remember what I had for breakfast this morning let alone whether my daughter had a poop yesterday. Plu like others have said, it is a wonderful nostalgic piece to look back on. How is God's name did we EVER function on so little sleep?

Many, many good wishes for a wonderful homecoming with your son. May you always be this happy Tertia! oh and v clever too!

Hahahahahaha, you ASSHOLE, I have a similar chart myself! It includes spaces for wet and soiled diapers, checkboxes to assure that Charlie gets his medications at the appropriate time, and a column for stickers — he gets one every time he does a household chore, like make his bed, mow the lawn, or shovel the front walk. He gets a black spot every time he sends a jet of poo arcing into the air as Paul changes his diaper — two spots and counting.

At the one La Leche League meeting I attended, I met a woman from my neighborhood who had 9-month-old triplet boys. She showed us her charts: a 3-inch thick binder with daily charts of when each boy nursed. At 9 months, she was still noting each nursing, because otherwise she couldn't remember which tow-headed boy she'd just nursed. And yes, she looked EXHAUSTED.

So happy that Tertia is now a gorgeous and divine mum.

11 years ago, I had my KATE, at 34 weeks, after a similar long struggle. Reading your experiences has been a wonderful reminder. You might try Karo syrup for the constipation, same idea as the brown sugar, but dissolves more easily in the formula!

Look at that, you're already an old pro. Bravo, Tertia, bravo! :)

Corn syrup can contain botulism spores, so I think that's not recommended. There are some other, more natural laxatives than refined sugar if you're interested, Tertia. Slippery elm and flax oil are two that have been suggested, though I can't find any reliable source on using them with preemies. Let me know if you want more info, and I'll keep searching.
Gold stars for you, Tertia, for being so attentive and responsive. Looking forward to the BIG celebration when A is home!

congrats on a little bit of sleep!

i don't chart, but i have written everything down (usually in essay form but occasionally just in a bulleted list) and i do mean everything--what CX had for his meals, any new foods, weird or normal happenings in his diapers or elsewhere, developmental stuff, and everything else like where we went for our walk. he is just over 8 months old and i have over 100 single-spaced pages to show for it. whee!

Oh, I am so glad that I am not the only one who charts!!!! I did it for all four of my kids, and I LOVE looking back on it now.... I am so anal, that I bought an infant scale and weighed them every night at bath time, and wrote that down as well... Came in handy with my last who was only 5 lbs 2 oz at birth, and would barely eat anything... It was encouraging to see when she gained a ounce!!!

What a great memento to keep in their baby box for them!


I charted as well until DS was about 10 weeks. And then I realised that (for me) the charts were driving me a bit nutty, because I was worrying too much about poos or whether DS had fed enough, etc. They were good at looking back on to see what patterns were emerging, but I was also a bit of a slave to them. I don't chart anymore, and I find it much easier. I never thought I could get rid of them, but I did! (I'm not saying it won't work for you, though, just that there is life after charting!)

I tried to chart, but I just sucked at it. Entirely too many details.
Day care gives me a chart each day for Sydney. They're much more organized.

We charted too! The best part is re-reading the charts when the babies are older.

Hey Tertia,
Just wanted to tell you that my husband and I also joke about how much we're going to charge the babies for our parenting services! The nighttime feedings and crying until 3am are the "big ticket" items. We always joke about how the babies better get a job and start pulling their weight around here!
With twins, you need a sense of humor, that's for sure!

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