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Well done, Adam! Tomorrow at last you'll have your own family at home, all together. Yippee.

Wheeeeee. Gives even more meaning to the title of your blog!

I am truly thrilled for you, all of you.

yeah Tertia!!! I'm so happy for you. It's time that you and your children get to spend time together at home!!! Couldn't be happier for you!

YEAY!!!! Congrats, Girl. I'm so psyched for you and can't wait to see pictures of you holding your son at HOME.

And your daughter, for that matter. ;-)

What a beautiful sight that will be.

Wahoo! So wonderful! Can't wait to see if they will have big blue eyes!
Just don't swig that champagne too quickly, or someone will have to burp you, too!

Those sleepless nights are horrible, I know. Very excited Adam is coming home!! If that champagne isn't any good send someone out to get some more!

Hooray!! Good boy, coming home to his mama. Hell yeah, open that champagne. You deserve it!

Congratulations! The champagne should be fine- it, like us, gets better with age ;-)

heck yeah it's still good... put it in the fridge so it will be good and cold... WooHoo!!!

Waaahooo! I can't wait to see a picture of you holding your 2 sweet angels. Chill that champagne and Enjoy!

Whoooo Hooooo!

Tomorrow? So soon?!? Hooray!

You'd better pick up a fresh bottle of champagne and start chilling it in case the old bottle has gone skunky. One big advantage of bottle-feeding--Mommy can have a nice drink when she has the energy for it.

Delurking here to say how amazing this all is. I have been following your story since the summer and I am just so happy for you. The SMS post you wrote a while back in which you said "Kate slept in mommy's arms all night."...It still brings tears to my eyes and absolutely warms my heart. I wish you, your husband and your two beautiful babies all the best.

Let the fun begin...

Yay! What awesome news! (no hiccups allowed) Hey, try the champagne - if it's gone off, at least you have the occasion to open it!!

Just remember not to get too rotted, so you remember which bottle to give the kids, and which bottle to give to you & Marko! :)

Hell Yeah! Even if that champagne tastes like vinegar, definitely take a sip from that bottle, then use as a marinade or something, and drink a good bottle too. Congratulations! You give me hope.

This news gave me the goosebumps I was so excited. Hooray! Reunited. Between this and the good news about Banana and mom I'm going to be smiling all day.

Yay for Adam! I know you have awaited this moment since you left the hospital with Kate.

Awaiting to see a pic of you holding the TWO beautiful angels together!

Much happiness to you, Marko, and the babes!

What wonderful news. I am so happy for your family. Maybe Kate will be able to rest easier once she's reunited with her brother--I can't help but think she's *got* to be wondering where the heck that other baby is.

Wordeful news Tertia. You are So Close...

Oh Tertia, what GOOD news! The thought that by tomorrow you'll have two healthy babies at home with you is amazing.

HB (at home) IJ!! =)

And YES ... go for that champagne! =)


This is very good news!

And the champagne will be wonderful!

Wonderful news! Congratulations! I'm so happy for you -- finally -- this day has been too long in coming.


That is really amazing that you get to have both your kids with you tomorrow. I can't imagine having twins! Glad you have help. Kiss that baby for the internet too.

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy that champagne, and the time with your son AT HOME!


WOOOOOOOOO Hooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!

*So* happy for you all. Welcome home little boy!

Much love~

WooooHoooooooooooooooooo!!! This is fan-fucking-tastic news!!!

And, that bottle of champagne is DEFINITELY ok to drink!

I am so thrilled both your babies are going to be home.

Woo hoo! That's fantastic news. The whole family will be together soon!

Don't drink the champange!

CHUG IT! From the bottle.

It might take the edge off of the fatigue.
(Okay, probably not, but what the hell.You deserve it.)

Enjoy your sweet boy. Give him a million kisses.

**I have goosebumps, and happy tears streaming down my face right now**

YAHOO!!! What wonderful, surprising news! I'm elated for you, Tertia! Now you can close this chapter, and begin your new life at home, ALL TOGETHER. Your whole beautiful, miraculous family, together finally...



That's wonderful!



Yippee!!! If the champagne's got bubbles when you open it, then it is fine!

If you are anything like me, in addition to holding your son for a long time, you will be putting those twins together, so they can get to know each other a bit. Keep the camera ready! I remember the first night my twins were both home, I had them sleeping together in one bassinet, and they slept so peacefully together. I looked at them, and one was sucking on the other's head quite contentedly. Most beautiful thing I'd ever seen.

So happy Adam is coming home. Now the fun REALLY begins.

Finally........ENJOY! Can't wait to see more pictures :) and enjoy that champagne.

COME HOME, ADAM, COME HOME!!! (I think Kate needs him just as much...)

I will toast you all from Florida. Wonderful news, my friend!

Happy, happy news!! Congrats!

Wahoo!!!! Adam is finally coming home!!! I am so happy for you.


Quaff that champagne. You all deserve it.

So close.

Sending much love and hugs to your new family.

"Tertia, Don't drink the champange! CHUG IT! From the bottle.

Like she said. In fact, after what you have been through you should double up and pound two bottles for good measure.

You did not give up and you won the battle.


Congratulations, my lurve. I can't tell you how much of a smile I have on my face for you and your gorgeous new family.

Wonderful, wonderful news!

Hope that champagne bottle is a fucking Nebuchadnezzar!

And when you have had your fill of private time, can you invite that wonderful nanny into the room to snap a few pics of the 4 of you in your home? All together. Finally!



Tears of happiness for you. I too shall crack a bottle of champagne and drink to your finally having brought your babies home. To stay.

Awesome news. Keep us posted. Squeeze those kids for all of us pulling for you in the US (but not too hard, they sure are tiny!).

Incredibly slow and late, sorry.

Thrilled beyond belief that Adam may be coming home.

Congratulations on this incredible milestone! And yes, I think the champagne should be fine. I had a bottle of Perrier-Jouet that I got as a gift when I turned 21 and saved it for when I got married. Didn't get married until I was 34 (!) and we had it for our toast at our reception. Tasted just fine :).

Here's to many happy moments with your babies at home!

Crying tears of hapiness here. Almost there!

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