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Ha! You make me laugh crazy woman!

Hitting refresh will be fun today - unlike crazy refresh panics on Mondays.....


Well, no wonder your arm is tired, if you write all your posts by mashing the buttons on the teeny keypad of your cell phone.

better your writers arm be unblocked than your cervix.

here's to babies in 2005.
it's a whole new year.
it's a whole new world.

Holy shit, you just about gave me a heart attack. As soon as I saw that message was sent from you mobile phone I assumed...

Whew! I lurve you Tertia. I can't wait to read what's on your mind.

Happy New Year!

I thought the same thing as Kelly!!! Will be checking back frequently today.

2005 is on it's way!

It's 2005 here!! They babes will be 2005 babes in my neck of the woods! You made it Tertia!!

I have no idea what time zone you are in - I should use this computer for something besides posting and games! Anyway I do believe you are ahead of me - it's noon here. I'm gonna bet those babies are going to hold out for at least 1 more sleep!

A very Happy New Year to you! I think it will be the best year for you ever!

I'm voting on the 6 th or 7th heheh

Happy New Year, darling.

I will be away until January 10. You are not permitted to have the babies while I'm not able to check up on you. You hear?

I'm with Kelly. I saw the message from mobile phone and immediatly thought "She's on her way to the hospital!!!". OK, so, you're not. Good thing! Here's to babies in 2005. Now go back to bed and sleep some more, OK?

O.k., is it NOT 2005 anywhere now?? I don't think so! Happy New Year, T. You did it! HBIJ!! =) Yaaaay!!!

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