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Am thinking of you. Cannot imagine NOT being nervous at this point. Hope cave is climate controlled and hope you have enough snacks...

We'll be here.

Very, very happy that you've made it this far. I hope you coast to the finish.

Try to hang in there. I am sure you are so nervous, but things look good for their gestational age. Praying for you and the kids.

Dearest cave dweller,

Thinking of you & knowing that you are hot, tired & uncomfortable. But glad to know that you are simply desiring a bit of cave time & thankful for the reminder about the rescheduled u/s. My adrenaline could have really gotten pumping....


If you get hot and bothered, you know where you can stick your ice lolly.

Can't wait to hear the latest post-boxing-day update.

hi cavewoman....

enjoy your holiday. read a book. try, THE BRIDE STRIPPED BARE. let me know your thoughts.

Forced out of my cave b/c today is not a holiday here. >:-( Agree w/above re: hoping your cave is climate controlled. Please note (and I'm sure that you NEVER thought of this): after today there are onlt FOUR days left in Dec. HBIJ!! Thinking about you.

do we get a po box for tertia and twins? =)

Do we get a shower list for Tertia & twins? ;-)

When I figure out how to use my new CELL PHONE, I'll ask Neen to help me send you an encouraging note. About caves: Don't you hate those pale things with the big eyes? And why do caves always smell like a Great Uncle's socks?
Oh. I see. Neen says it is a 'hypothetical' cave. Got it now. Look farward to more fantastic news!

hope the rest of the time flies -

hang in there.

Wouldn't it be great to have your twins born on Ben and Luke's b'day?

HBIJ (4th that is)


Yay, you are doing so well. All the very best for your doctors appointment today. I also wanted to add that in Australia we text on Christmas day too. We still get the odd card from the oldies, but texting is really big here. Good luck hun

Sorry I have been neglecting you lately but it took FOREVER to carve those holiday greetings into all those slabs of granite this year.

Will check back tomorrow, of course. Stay well.

Greetings from Canada Dahling, will keep an eye on you from here. Kiss.

Hope all is well. Thinking of you and your cranky ute.

I'm the one obsessively hitting refresh looking to see if you've posted for Tuesday's scan.

refresh, refresh, refresh.....


Sandi, my dear, what were you thinking?

S'okay Tertia darling, when you decide to poke that adorable little head of of the cave we will all still be here waiting patiently.

Love headed from Houston.

Just checking in T to see if there was an update and how you are doing. I hope we hear from you soon. We all worry about you.

Uumm...yeah, I have to ditto Kelly on the one post Sandi. ???

Love you T!

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