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Effaced means that your cervix is "thin." It starts out thick and long, now it is shorter (which causes it to thin... think of a Lifesaver candy, that you have sucked on for a while). The only thing left is for you to dilate - or NOT! Best to not think "dilation" thoughts, at least until January 17th. ;-)

Hooray for the huge baby growth! 5.7 lbs is HUGE! Samantha was full term, and only weighed 6 lbs 1 oz (sorry for lack of metric conversion). Adam and Kate are doing splendidly. :-)

Thanks for the reassuring update! I was seriously beginning to panic.

{{{hug}}} Stay lying down until after the New Year, k?


Note the thin legs. The beautiful thin legs. I have a friend who gained 75 pounds with one baby -- so I'd say you are doing fine.

Tertia, you look ADORABLE in that sundress.. almost comically so... whereas the simple sundress has now poofed out into a cinderella ball gown.. but adorable just the same...

Almost there! Go lie down (before you tip over!)

As for the 55 lbs.. SCOFF! I've already put on 22 lbs with ONE baby, at 22 weeks... you're doing great!

Am at home reading your blog, so happy things are going so well! HBIJ... we're nearly there!! Can't wait to see you 4 in March - you, DH (on good days), Adam (x2!) and Kate.. yay! Even keeping up to date on my home computer... logging on everyday to keep up to date... and all good news, yay! love you xx

Congratulations! I am so happy that they are doing so well.

You look adorable - miserable, but adorable!

Take care of yourself!

Love the dress. Love the good news. Love the HBIJ. Only 4 more days until January! Fantastic.

Sending lots of good wishes from Canada (where I am most definitely NOT wearing a sundress! I must go find my toque....)

Dearest, Sweetest Tertia Dah-ling, your belly is PERFECT! Beautiful pictures. *sob*

I am so fucking happy for you! The end is in sight... what did that little train say? He said "I think I can, I think I can". Well my dear, "I know you can, I know you can".

Adam and Kate, you just stay put for a few more days. We can't wait to meet you... in JANUARY!

Waaaaaahooooooo! Four more days until your goal!

Wow, 20 days (or less) to go! This is so exciting!

Um, I had twins and I gained like over a hundred pounds (granted I lost it, but when you gain a whole other person, let's face it- things just don't go back to normal). You look amazing!

Your babies sound like they are doing great. Here's to a happy,healthy delivery!


Babies in January. Babies in January. Babies in January. It IS almost here!

You do look very out there. However, you are covering 2 fairly large twins. Adam and Kate are on their way.

As for the dbts, this is less movement because there is no room. I know it does not help much in the crazy mind thoughts, but they are okay today and will be here soon.

This was great news today.

No DMT's okay, only HBT's!

You are an amazing wonderful woman. You, at THIRTY FOUR WEEKS (!!!) preggo are the most beautiful thing I've seen in a long time!! God Bless and Good Luck!!!

You look beautiful! V v important & positive update. Relax and rest.


I love the second shot, by what I presume to be your front door, with the shadow of your twin stroller, just waiting for the month of January...So Close takes on a whole new meaning.
You may be beeeg, but you're GORGEOUSLY beeeg!

I, also, was beginning to worry b/c you hadn't posted. Big sigh. OK, get the heck back into bed!
My Kate was a singleton, and was 2.5 kgs. I'm guessing that both of yours will be bigger than that! As for the weight gain...55 lbs (what happened to the kg??) is fine for a twin pregnancy.
Wow, only 3 more days left in December. Stay horizontal, please.

There have been points in my life when I have gained 55 pounds, but never had two precious little babies to show for it! HA! You look great. You seem to be doing everything right and I cannot wait for you to meet your babies!

I am a LONG time lurker, first time commenter. January 17 sounds like a WONDERFUL day as it is also my birthday (1-17-71). You are doing a wonderful job!!

BTW~~you look GREAT!! Keep up the good work!!

Oh my gosh you are gorgeous!! Your arms and legs 35 weeks PG are so much more graceful than mine at NO weeks PG. Your babies are big and bouncy and you have made it so far.

I am going to be anxiously checking your blog every day now. Something tells me you aren't going to make it until the 17th. However, here's hoping you do make it to 2005.

You look great for being almost 35 weeks with twins! And they're so BIG! How awesome.

I remember how hard it was to move around then. Turning over in bed required much effort.

Here's to TWO 2005 birthdays!

I LOVE pictures, and I REALLY LOVE pictures of you! WOW look at that belly. :D And over 5 lbs each, double WOW!!! January babies!

Other than your protruding baby belly, you look thin and gawwwgeous! Seriously - you look fantastic.

you look really great! I have friends who gained 50/60 lbs w/ one baby and it wasnt water or baby!

hang in there -

I am so excited for you.

I do think you should have the C-section on the 5th though. 'cause then the B-day would be 05/01/05, cool eh?

You are rocking through this pg!

I delivered my twin boys last Feb at 35w3days. I gained about 38lbs, but I was, ahem... fluffy... to start. I swear I carried one of those babes in my ass, but my doc pormises not. Whatever. Anyway, they were both 6.5 lbs and came home with me 4 days later.

I know that after your struggles (an understatement, to say the least, but you know what I mean)this year, I'm sure you could not have let yourself imagine GOING HOME FROM THE HOSPITAL WITH TWO BABIES!

Wildly clapping my hands in AZ,
Bravo, Tertia, Bravo!

Umm......I think it is wrong that you are cuter than me and you are super pregnant with twins. And I am just fat.

What awesome weights for those babes!!!! You go girl!

I finally stopped lurking, and now I can't stop posting comments ;) Yay for the good news, yay for your big babies, yay for your beautiful belly, yay for Marko and a big fat yay for those babies to stay put for another few days!


Look at you! It's no wonder you're feeling heavy with ten pounds of baby and several more pounds of boob and placenta and whatever else is in there being used or prepared for the babies. I am so so happy for you. You really are going to have HBIJ! Continue to rest like a good girl ;o) and we will all be praying for you and cheering for you.

Um... am I the only one who is totally turned on?

I predict that you will be having those babies within 7 days. That puts their birthdays on or before January 4th, 2005.

Anyone else care to wager?

You look absolutely gorgeous. Including the belly. *Especially* the belly. When I was vastly pregnant with my daughter, NASA called to say the space shuttle spotted me from orbit. I didn't care. I felt like the Queen of the May. And you should too. Gorgeous!

Sounds, and looks, like you're doing great. But remember that it's really not in your hands anymore. It's in theirs. When they're ready, they're damned well good and ready and you can only keep them in the oven so long. (Having walked my wife through a twin pregnancy that ended in spontaneous labor we couldn't stop at 31 weeks, and everyone turning out okay, I speak with a little experience here.)

My first thought of what to say was something witty like, "You're really beautiful, Tertia. Will you marry me? Oh, wait, we're both already married. Harrumph."

Doin' good. If you don't come back between now and THEN ... much love, good luck, send us text messages. :)

You and your belly and your babies are all beautiful. I am so so glad to hear a positive report!

Everyone keeps telling me to hang in there...but I am soooooooooooooo ready to have this baby. I can't imagine if I were carrying two of them in here!

Most excellent gestating, Madame Tertia! HBIJ!!!

Way to go. Jan 17th is not too far away. I am so excited for you. I love the pictures. When I was pg with my triplets, I gained 40 pounds @ 20 weeks. You look wonderful. Keep off your feet. I know you are sick of hearing that but I want you to make it until 1/17/05.

Hmmmm, that 'if I am still pregnant on Monday' sounds suspicious... but the scan results sound simply marvelous, and we'll keep up the chant of HBIJ.

You look great. Big yes but still great. Also I gained 45 pounds when I was pregnant with just one kid so I think you're doing pretty well with your weight gain. Take it easy!

I just want to say, that i am SO proud of you. I mean it. You've done so good Momma. Keep it up. HBIJ.

and my guess is January 2nd.

1/17 is my birthday too, and it's a fine day to start a life on. :-)

Tertia- I think you should have them on January 15 - that's my great grandma's birthday. She lived til she was 95 and never got sick.
Fab way to go I reckon! :-)


My birthday is Jan 7. *g*

Hang in there, lie down lots, and only 2-3 days left until January. A few weeks early is not unusual for twins. Home stretch, here you come!

You look wonderful Tertia.

Have you dropped? Your belly looks lower.

You are so skinny yet healthily fat with babies...you are very blessed...still saying prayers for you and your little ones.

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