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Merry Everything to you too!


yes, it looks quite arid, but also very lovely. i'd like to learn more from you about what south africa and cape town are like.

Tertia, that is just so bizarre to see that *you* see ibex, real ibex, from your front yard! I can't imagine!! Love the tile roofs, by the way, really lovely! happy merry whatsus to ya, and marko, and the HBIJs! :-)

YEAH! you didn't get babies for christmas! i'm thrilled for you and those 34 weeks :)

oh, and the picture, reminds me of baja, mexico.

Yes, I love the dry desertic landscapes, I really do. Lucky cow. Hope you have a lovely, lovely day - and Merry Christmas to those whom it applies to. Try not to disgrace yourself by diving head first into the punch bowl, good thing you can't move very fast. Six days to January. ?????? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And a very Merry Christmas to you too!!! I would give you the 2nd last little toe on my left foot to be where you are right now - Cleveland Ohio is currently busting at -3 degrees....So not warm!!! Have a wonderful day, eat lots of dessert and only a few more days 'til January! Phewww!!

Cool view! Very different from mine, some of which contains a subway (which is not exactly sub at the point where we can see it). I guess you were let off of bedrest for a little while to particicate in said lunch. Hope it was good (at least what would fit).

Know what you are saying, 41 degrees and we still have a hot lunch!

That is the coolest thing I've ever seen. [looks outside at snow snow snow]

I showed the pic to hubby. He said it looks like a scene out of a movie. What a great view, I'm jealous. Well at least this week we made it above double digit Fahrenheit...

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