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Tertia, you are beautiful!!!! Merry Christmas from Canada.

You look mahvelous, my dear!

You look wonderful! Merry Xmas!

No ridicule... you look BEAUTIFUL woman....

Merry Christmas to you too.

Merry Christmas to all of you! You look beautiful!

That's a lot of baby in there! But you're not pregnant anywhere but in your stomach. How unfair!! Even my toes were pregnant!

Merry Christmas!

You look GORGEOUS! Here's hoping that next Christmas your hair won't be combed because two little monsters are driving you insane!Happy Christmas!

I could care less about the paper card vs. text message debate.... just thrilled to see an updated picture! And may I say WOW! Look at that gorgeous belly! You have some big, healthy babies in there, Tertia. :-)

Thanks for this very special Christmas greeting. I can't imagine receiving anything better than this today!


I printed it out on really heavy, glossy paper and put it in my study. It is collecting dust as we speak, and somewhere, a tree is screaming.

Tertia, you're gorgeous! And that belly, wow! :)

Who needs home decorating magazines for inspiration when you've got Tertia's blog? When my condo grows up it wants to look just like Tertia's home.

We're all jealous. Why? Because you, pregnant, with TWINS, look THIN except for the baby pooch! And you look lovely.

In my final weeks, I was a beached whale through and through. No excuse. I had a 7 pound (roughly 3.5 kg) baby. Normal size. I was also a cranky, bedraggled little shrew to the point where the receptionist at my work told my boss "Will you force her on maternity leave already? She's a bitch!"

What a lovely, pristine belly you have. I can't wait for the announcement, via electronic transmission (I'm with you--I don't know what to do with cards anymore!)

You look great! I'm seeing HBIJ, how about you?

Agreed, agreed, agreed and agreed. Yes, couldn't agree more, txt msg rocks! We do it as well. Then again, we're all mobile-obsessed and have a terrifying per capita amount - must be a 3rd world thingy.

And T dahling, what a gorgeous belly! Your belly kicks ass, in and out. Off to Canada I go now, more or less, will txt msg you before I leave (couldn't get roaming so will not be able to txt while away, am hyperventilating already from deprivation)(help!) [I'll email you w the info also, just want to make sure: should ANYTHING happen you can txt me at (519) 573 54 18, don't know the international code for Canada. ANYTHING AT ALL! Like you sneezing too hard. Please. Don't make me snowboard all the way there, I'll be very pissed off by the time I arrive. And will likely kill myself in the process.]

Loud chuac! (thus our smooches sound)

You look amazing! Wow. I hardly ever meet people who grow as big as me :).

As an American, I love paper Christmas cards. I even like newsy-bragsy letters, and pictures of the kids and/or family pets. I put all photos and my favorite cards in a Christmas scrapbook.

You are wearing clothes!!!

Nice picture.

Well Tertia-

You are my very best blog friend today. Everyone elso in blog land seems to have taken the day off. Not even a quick text message to the loyal multitude. You would think it was Christmas or something.

As for your belly, fantastic. You will cherish these pictures always. You look v v beautiful. 34 weeks. Wahooo!

Amazing that you look better in the photos where you are wearing underpants & t-shirt then fully clothed. J/K...you look great...big, but great.

You look great!!

Text messages are HUGE amoung the teenage crowd, they send messages in class. But, adults here haven't picked it up so much, the keys are so small, how do you do it?

And...you look beautiful!

You're standing in front of a Christmas Tree? What Tree? I can't see a tree!

LOL.. ok so I do see the tree... and it's almost as beautiful as you and your big preggo belly!


That has to be the merriest greeting I've seen - text or card or internet - a PREGNANT Tertia on Christmas in front of her tree.

Bliss this year. Chaotic wonder next.

Effing amazing.


And I just sent this to you in email, but inquiring minds may be wondering as I did -

what you couldn't strip down to underwear & lift up t-shirt for portrait in front of the tree for all of us?


Please explain to me how text messaging is faster than just calling up and talking! I totally don't get it. Especially with the grocercy store list thing--I'd just call and say I need milk, eggs, cherry tomatoes, whatever. It would take way too long to type that out on the teeny buttons of my phone.

$20 for a card? I can't even imagine that. Wow.

You look beautiful. You're almost as big as Kristine from Perpetually Pregnant.

Long time lurker coming out to say: I've been reading your blog for quite some time now and I wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed it. I've learned so much from you and all that info will come very handy when I start my first IVF cycle next february. I'm so happy for you and your family you made it to 34 weeks. You look great.
I'm from Venezuela (South America) and we're very big on text messages too, my husband works for the mobile company so I get unlimited txt msgs! Last month I sent out 438...and it was a slow month :)
Merry Christmas!

I hate you, you're so fucking tiny. AND YOU'RE HAVING TWO BABIES!!


Big beautiful belly means big beautiful babies... Merry Christmas!!

Wow, GORGEOUS bump!!!

And I SOOO hear you on seppos not texting. When we moved there two years ago the first thing I did was go and try to get a phone so I could text my friends.

NUP! They didn't know what it was, and I CERTAINLY couldn't do it to people with other phone companies! The very thought!!

Now I know I'm home in Oz when after the plane lands everyone's phones go mental with beeps of missed messages.

Merry Christmas, T! What a lovely card.

I hope I get one of those for next xmas.

The big belly, I mean, not a text message. :)

Tertia, It is so wonderful to see you standing there so gloriously pregnant. I have followed your challenges and to see you over come all and achieve what you have provides me with hope. I'm 44yo and just saw the heartbeat (4th IVF, 2nd frozen) and like any of us IVFers I'm still worring because I must. But, you give me hope, forget the effing cards, you give hope which is better than christmas cards! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!

Not funny looking...beautiful.



You look great! I'm glad your sister made you get up for a picture.
Merry Christmas wishes and a Very Happy New Year too!


Oh my!! Look at that baby belly!!

And we are into texting here, too. But cards are still pretty popular. I think they're just a more personal touch or something. I don't know, but they sure do make my hand tired!!


Good luck to you in the coming weeks!!

I want to see what you are hiding under that shirt. It must be far more than 2 babes.

Like perhaps santas sleigh and his reindeer?
4 half eaten pygmy goats and a keg of Shlitz?
a shiny new Volvo and 7 canned hams?

Ha ha, I tease. I lurve you and I love getting catrds and sending cards and in us. you can get 24 x-mas cards for $2.49

You look fabulous!

Hey you. Good thing I couldn't figure out the postage to SA and gave up on the card sending. You look lovely and like - um - fucking huge! In the best sense of the word, of course. 34 weeks? I'm laughing at myself for even asking this question but would they induce you at some point? Much love to you deary.

Wowee, Tertia! Look at YOU! Thanks for the best Christmas card EVER ... and looking forward to next year's, with 2 cute little bugs with you! =)

Oh, and by the way, we didn't send out Christmas cards this year either. Is it tacky to send out New Year's cards a couple of weeks after the new year? Hope so, 'cuz that's what we're going to end up doing!

Looking forward to tomorrow's update. I hope it goes well. =)

Nice to see you with PANTS!
But seriously, do you have to type your text messages out on a wee tiny phone? Am I missing something here? -- usually I am v astute.

Nice to see you with PANTS!
But seriously, do you have to type your text messages out on a wee tiny phone? Am I missing something here? -- usually I am v astute.

well...apart from the whole double posting issue I obviously have.

Breathtaking Christmas card if I may say so myself. :)

You look very attractive with your belly.
Merry X-mass and a Joyful New Year.


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