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Hmmmm.... the mere fact that you have 20 entries, but haven't posted them... combined with you sounding rather, um, distracted...

Methinks you are about to have these babies, Tertia. I had a serious inability to focus the day before Samantha was born. But I was also terribly exhausted (fell asleep sitting up!).

Will keep everything crossed that A&K stay put for Two More Sleeps.

Argh - you have to keep those babies in until at least the 2nd - if you have them on the 31st, nobody will ever celebrate their bday, they'll all be too busy getting bladdered for NYE, and if you have them on the 1st, everyone will be too hungover to care about celebrating. (This is advice from my cousin, born on the 1st of Jan, who never had a birthday party on the day itself.) Keep your legs crossed and your tights on! (Do you call them tights in SA? Please tell me you don't call 'em pantyhose. Pantyhose just makes me pmsl.)

Seriously though - hope all goes well when they do arrive.

Okay JL, you have been first THREE times in a row. I am JEALOUS!

Two sleeps till BIJ! Waaaaahooooooo! Methinks you are about to bring those little miracle babies into the world very soon too.

You ONLY got 186 comments? I predicted a good 250 and thought that was a very conservative estimate. I know you will read every single one and not skim through them. *wink* Right? lol

Seriously Tertia, you are in the home stretch. Rest, Sleep, Eat, and do whatever you can to make yourself comfortable. Women all over the world are snuggled up to their computers chanting "BIJ" and sending you all the prayers and good thoughts we can muster.

We'll miss you, but it's worth it for HBIJ.

I am so damn happy for you!

Oh man, Tertia, I am just SO DARN HAPPY for you! We've all been rooting and cheering (and praying and fretting and crying!) for you to make it to January, and here it almost is! I know what you mean about "frivolous" ... monumental things are going to be happening soon! V v wonderful, sweet, beautiful things. =)

Now, you hide out in your cave as long as you like! You deserve it! =)

Blessings ...

Oh man, Tertia, I am just SO DARN HAPPY for you! We've all been rooting and cheering (and praying and fretting and crying!) for you to make it to January, and here it almost is! I know what you mean about "frivolous" ... monumental things are going to be happening soon! V v wonderful, sweet, beautiful things. =)

Now, you hide out in your cave as long as you like! You deserve it! =)

Blessings ...

Hey, let Neen know, maybe she can guest-author your site?
2005: Who'd thought we'd get here, eventually.

Wow Tertia, you made it. All of you, together. What a fabulous New Year 2005 will be for you!

Sleep now, mama, it's likely to be your last good sleep for a year or so...

Congrats on making it this long. 2 more sleeps till HBIJ!

The accountant in me would hope those babies come at 11:45pm on December 31st to get the extra tax deductions! But, since this is YOU and I don't even know what the tax rules in SA are - I will cross everything that can be crossed that you'll make it at LEAST two more sleeps!

You are amazing and have done so well! Congratulations!

Thinking of you, mama, I know how important it is to ya' that these babies come in a NEW year - in so many ways. Hugs and keep your legs crossed - TIGHT! :)

Despite the fact that my own baby turns 1 tomorrow (Dec. 31st), and I think it would be a very lucky day to have your Adam and Kate join us all, I will stick to your original plan and continue the worldwide chant of "Healthy Babies in January!!"

Fantastic job, Tertia. You are about to embark on the biggest adventure of your life (cliche, but true). Best wishes from a continent away,

Yahoo for you! Today is my twin girls' first birthday, and December 30 is a lousy birthday, right smack in the middle of the all the holidays. My mother's birthday is January 2, and she has always hated that birthday, so you should try and keep them in a tad longer. And you were worried about keeping them in until they could be healthy. Did you ever think you would ever even THINK of something so trivial as giving them a better birthday? Any birthday they have will be wonderful, of course. Congrats on making it this far.

I think Tertia is more concerned with making it to 35 weeks (as you will be 35 weeks pg in 2 days, correct?) rather than birthdays on a holiday. Of course, they will come when they decide they are ready! I would gladly take one for the team if I could (38 weeks today for me, singleton) and have mine now, so yours could stay in longer, but I don't think it works that way!

What am I going to do after these babies are born and you no longer have time to blog? Where are your priorities?

Actually, I'm looking forward to the day when you're up to your elbows in diapers. Almost January... I'm very excited about your New Year.

It is a good thing you are taking a few days with the amount of reading you 'll be doing! 200+ posts! I'm so pleased you've made it this far. I hope you get the extra week or so you'd like and make it well into January.

Do hospitals there give gifts to the parents of the first babies born there in the new year?

Most hospitals here do. In fact, here in my town, there are 2 hospitals, so you hear it twice. It's usually a nice gift basket full of stuff donated from different places around town. The parents and baby get interviewed on TV, and it's a big deal.

It wouldn't suprise me if these babies decided to try to be the first babies of the new year. However, let's try to keep them in as long as possible, eh?

Enjoy your sleeps, there's only 2 more till HBIJ!!


I was thinking the same thing as Nicole. Maybe you will actually win the lottery with HBIJ. I mean, you will anyway, but a big cash award would be fitting, too.

I am compulsively refreshing and waiting to see

Vodocom SMS to Email
BIJ! Babies are here! Everyone OK!

I am seriously addicted to your blog Tertia, in a friendly "non-stalker" kinda way.

Prayers headed all the way down to SA! Two. more. days!

Kelly, girl... you just gave me a heart attack! I had to re-read your post 4 times to figure out that the babies have NOT yet been born. Sheesh. Talk about panic! :-P

(another one obsessively refreshing today. LOL)

Hey, Deanna, I think any comments on what birthday Adam and Kate may have are meant to be in fun, and in recognition of the fact that even if Tertia's babies were born in the next few days, they would be big and healthy, and would probably go home with Tertia. My girls were born at 31 weeks on December 30 last year, so I certainly understand wanting to keep babies in as long as possible. Tertia, if you thought that my comment was inappropriate, I apologize.

Dear Tertia,

I've been lurking long enough and I just really want to tell you, how happy I am for you! I've been following your blog for quite some time now (found it after I miscarried), and I've been hoping, praying, laughing and crying with you! I'm chanting away as I type: HBIJ!!

All the best to you, Marko, Adam and Kate

Okay, so where is YOUR registry now? Or did you post that, too and I managed to miss it as well?

I agree with Chasmyn!

I wish you had written "2 more days & then my registry will be available to all my followers"

LMAO! Wishing you the best!!


Hi Dahling, just a quick kiss from Canuckia, glad to see you haven't pupped yet, it will all be good. Kiss, J.

Where is your registry and where is the info you promised those of us who emailed? Huh? I gotta know where to send the presents!!!

In addition to the pressing present issue, I am so thrilled you have made it this far and those two little ones are still safely baking. Can't wait for them to make their appearance though.

I have came here 100 times today to see if there is any news!
I will honor you and your new family with a toast tomorrow night - you deserve it.


PS.....I'm a long time stalker from IVFC!

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