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Hang on T. Thinking of you today, and holding you all close in my heart.

Glad to hear all is well w/A & K :). Hang in there...it's almost Nov., so 2 more months until Jan! Tell the kids to simmer down and stay put :)!

Holding on to "babies in Jan." thoughts for you

I can't even imagine how much you're worrying right now. But still, good news! They're fine. They're big, and they're fine. And they're practically 26 weeks! And you don't even have to wait a whole week for your next u/s!

Have read your journal for a while wanted to tell you I'm hoping for babies in january. I know this has to be harder than I could ever imagine but know there is prayers from all over the world for those babies and you!

Hang in there, T! Tell Adam to stop resting on your cervix and go show his sister who is boss for a while.

Every scary, stressful day is one day closer to healthy babies. Thinking of you... hope Monday's appointment is more reassuring.


Just read whole blog. Wow. You hang in there. Babies are hanging tough and doing well. Don't crush hope- she is standing in the corner.

"Fine" AND "big", wonderful news.

Tertia, I'm thinking of you and praying for you and the babies. And whoever else said that they're hoping Adam will get his cute little head off your cervix ... I agree!

I know it's been a really, really rough week for you and so many of your friends. Please do whatever you need to do, including "hiding out", to stay sane, peaceful and healthy. We are all in your corner, praying for you and supporting you as best as we can. Lord knows we all wish we could give you a big (gentle!) hug in person! God be with you and the babes, T. We love you ...

Thinking of you and sending you prayers.


Oy. You probably don't believe in astrology, but along with last night's total lunar eclipse, there was an important astrological quintile that represents thoughts turning into matter, or becoming reality. So positive thoughts people! I am seeing Tertia in the hospital ready to give birth and the calendar on the wall says January.

We're think about you and sending lots of love, prayers and stay-put energy.

I couldn't help but think of you when I read about Cecily. Twin sons lost too early. I worried how you would be taking it and knew you'd be going back to your cave. Cave is quiet and restful so do so if it will help you. I'm glad to hear the babies are doing better but I do worry about your cervix (what a strange person I am). So tell your boy to leave it alone. (Take that for either one, Marko or Adam.)

Keeping you in my thoughts.

Adam get off of mommy's cervix!

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thinking of you and praying for you & fam.
Something you might find both interesting and naive. (or maybe even naff)
When I was about 29 weeks pg I had Incompetent Cervix thoughts and felt a lot of pressure "down there" so I used to lie with my hips higher than my shoulders when the pressure got too great. Not sure if that's medically sound or not, but I ended up delivering at 34 weeks, so maybe there was something to those IC thoughts.
Hang in there sounds so cliche...but...

Thinking of you T, and so glad everything is okay. Lots of lurve and wet smooches.

Squeeze those.....um...um....legs together girl. You can do it. Every day you keep them in there is fantastic.

We are all thinking of you out in the blog world. You ARE going to have TWO beautiful Healthy babies SO THERE.

Thinking of you...

May it rain babies in January...and not a day before.

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