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One of these days you are just going to force me to send you cyberhugs, you really are...

Anyway, before I make us both ill, I will also ignore your extreme terror (but, but...)

1. My big pussy could kick your little pussy's ass.

2. I just threw away the last round of positive HPTs ($20! Good Lord!) and I am now regretting it 'cause I could be comparing line-for-line (although Julie says that is actually a waste of time.)

3. Your niece! The dress! The panties! Your garden!

4. Your husband is hot with 3 x's.

Chin up. Keep fighting. Kisses (aw, damn it...)

Yay! Pictures of real life!

Wow, your pussy is HUGE!
(Did you know I have 3 pussies? One momma pussy (now 13), who is the queen of the roost, and 2 baby pussies (now 7) who are part of 4 from a litter that I did foster care for since they were 4 weeks old. I was supposed to return them to the animal shelter, but could not. Instead I divided them up - 2 short hair to my brother, and I kept the 2 long haired pussies for us. The upkeep of three pussies is a MAJOR undertaking, what with the grooming and all.....)
Now I know what I should have done with my BFN test, put them on ebay as rulers, you clever one. PS - I may come visit and do IVF at your prices!
How divine to see your mother, and to put a face with your sentiments.
And Rebeka looks as if she's ready for afternoon tea! Does she know that she's got darling Kate and Adam to look forward to playing dress up with?
I think perhaps my bedroom is getting as much "rest time" as yours is, but simply because I'm a lazy slob at the moment, and as I've said, yours is so much more refined. Mine is not, it is simply my cave....
Ah, your Marko, the one of the MUST HAVE plasma TV and car magazines. He does look the strong, silent type, even in the photo!
Thank you so very much for sharing!!!!

Your niece is absolutely gorgeous. I wonder which parent she gets her looks from!

Yay, pictures!

Your neice is adorable. You are so lucky to have a sane family.

My pussy is also large. She will not eat Iam's light; she will eat the smaller cat instead. So, no light cat food for her.

And yes, we call it a ruler as well.

Marko is a hunk!!

I will take a picture of my big(gest),fat(test) pussy and email it to you. Your pussy is anorexic compared to mine. I have 6 pussies, 2 of whom are biiiig.

Your mom sounds like my mom in the grandmother dept. "Oh, you set the couch on fire? That's okay, sweetie, want a cookie?" I actually love it and so does my kid.

Your wedding picture is great. You are very beautiful and Marko. . . I almost fell off my chair, he's so good-looking!

I love the wedding picture, you guys are a lovely couple! Your babies will be so adoreable, I can't wait to see them too. :o)

Mum = gorgeous
Niece = gorgeous
Husband = gorgeous
and of course
Tertia = gorgeous.

Your babies are going to be beautiful. There is just no escaping it - even their cat is adorable:)

I LOVE this little glimpse into your life. And these babies are gonna be beautiful! Just look at all the beautiful people in their gene pool. :)

Holy crap Tertia, that is one BIG pussy!
Your neice is a doll, your "ruler" is hillarious, and your husband... WOW! Looks like he walked right off the cover of a magazine. You are beautiful!!!

Porky? You think you looked porky in your dress? You were the bride everyone else wants to look like. You both are gorgeous!

What fun! I've got a pretty big pussy too, but when I saw the arm band near yours, I had to concede defeat. I thought it was one of those bread twist-ties at first.

Lovely photos of your darling neice and mum.

Love the wedding photo. What a gorgeous couple! My favorite wedding portrait of me and DH is black and white too. It's so romantic!

Loved the pictures. Have to admit my favorite was the back view of your niece's outfit. Too cute.

As for the porky bride.....give me a break. You look like every other bride wants to look...diets, starves, works out until she faints.....and still doesn't look that good. Unfair, really.*GRIN*

You're both gorgeous. Marko has a beautifully shaped head. What lovely babies they will be... :-)

! is everyone in s. africa as hot as you and marko???

Marko hot.
But my favorite pictures were of your niece and the outfit.
It was good to see what your wonderful mom looks like :)

Hi, I've never posted before, I've been lurking here because I like your writing. I'm not infertile (that I know of -- I've never tried to get pregnant). I just found your blog thru hashai.com. Anyway, I feel as though I know you and like you from your writing and your pics. Thank you for the lovely pics and for this blog in general. Rebekah is a doll, your folks are fabulous, Marko is super hot and so are you, and that cat needs gastric bypass surgery. You're going to be a great mom. good luck with the bed rest.

Yup, that's a mighty big pussy...cat. We just recently found a stray and got him neutered (he hasn't thanked us for it either, imagine, that!) and we're trying to introduce him to our little family of very big dog and adorable rat. He might have to remain an outdoor cat unless we're home or we're going to have to get him another home because when the rat is on the couch playing, he just follows her back and forth with his eyes. I don't think that it bodes well -- LOL.

Your family is gorgeous and your hubby is quite the hotty!


Puh-lease! Porky?! You look fantastic and your husband, well, he's very, very handsome. A beautiful infertility free couple - although you still look fantastic.

I got a miscarriage kitten this summer (can't have a baby, might as well get a kitten.) And he is fast on his way to becoming one enormous pussy. Now he has something to aspire to.

Yay for pictures! Your niece is such a little cutie. And a hunk for a hubby, you go girl! I really liked that peacock drawing, though. Made me crack up!

Aw, hell. I thought I was really going to see your pussy.

Such a big tease.

But you made up for it with the wedding photo. I'm fanning myself. Expect a stalker on your doorstep soon.

I loved them all!

P.S. Is Marko into polygamy?

You could "stud" out Marko to pay those horrendous medical bills! You know a solicitation to the effect of: Sassy South African adores wife and pussy...I don't know where I'm going with this... STOP. SURVEY SAYS...HOT HUSBAND and GORGEOUS BRIDE and some damn fine looking babies and one "cutily" pudgy pussy! Thanks for sharing; you're a real inspiration.

Is it wrong to admit I made slurping noises when I saw Marko?

1. My pussy is small. I wish my pussy was as big as your pussy. Thanks so much for giving me an excuse to say "pussy" today.

2. Oh, how I wish I took a HPT when I was preggo. Now it's too late. :(

3. Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.

4. Very cute!! And your hubba ain't bad either.


I have 3 pussies...one of which is huge. And a bitch to boot. LOL

You don't look fat girl. My left boob wouldn't fit into that dress.

And yes, you are hot, your hubby is hot, even your pussy is hot....your babies have no choice but to be hot!!!

It must be something in the name Tequila. I stayed in a carvan park in Bellingen, Australia and spent heaps of time with this HUGE bat-stalking cat called Tequila....

Wow! I thought my pussy was big, but I think yours takes the cake!!

Your neice is precious and you are beautiful! Marko ain't hard on the eyes either! ;)

I know it's been said over and over, but your husband is H. O. T. What an adorable couple you two are!! I can't wait to see these kids!!

Great to see the pictures. Your openness is rivaled only by your personal strength.
Hope we haven't heard from you again today simply because you're so cozily camped out in bed, tired out from yesterday's work chasing after the cat with a camera. But. I can't help worrying just a bit. I know tomorrow will be one of the hardest days ever for you. And in my experience, sometimes the anticipation you feel the day before a painful infertility anniversary is almost worse than the day itself.
So. Please know we're thinking of you this week. Be kind to yourself. Kepp your sights focused on next Monday. (And do a better job of sticking to a lighter note than I have!)

Eye candy and pussy galore!

Are you OK, Tertia?

News from other parts of the blogosphere must affect you so much, I'm thinking of you, and thinking strong gestationy growing thoughts to Kate and Adam.

Oops. Posted to the wrong day. To repeat: Where is today's update? With all the scary stuff going around the IF blog world right now, silence is worrisome :-(

Excuse me, but how hot is your husband. He is scorching, baby, scorching hot. The pair of you of together- yow-za! Smokin'.

In other news, I hope you are doing OK. I know how terrifying this time is for you, but we're all here if you want to talk about anything. Anything at all.

You don't know me at all ... but I'm thinking about you & your babies even more than usual today.


What can I say that everyone else hasn't already? Ok, so I'll just repeat it...

Niece is adoreable...wanna hook her up w/my equally cute 3yo nephew?

Mom and Dad are awesome!

Marko...OMG, honey, you scored on the hottie lottery w/that one!! He looks like a male model, and your wedding photo looks like something out of a magazine.

Adam and Kate are destined be v.v. adorable babies!!

Hope all is well w/you today...

Much love,

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