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More people in the world should be a bit like Tess. Willing to give others a leg up when it would be easier to simply focus on her own tasks at hand.

On IVFC she's always there for her friends that started out cycling together, those that conceived have stayed on to support those that are still trying, or have moved on, but stayed friends. Those "hens" they are fabulously funny to read about.

Tess, though, with a wicked sense of humor, also has the sweetest, most tender side that you can imagine. That and a dose of honesty that is quite refreshing. (Read about feeding time at her home....)

Yeah Tertia, for encouraging Tess to blog!

PS - anyone who hasn't read the lovely site that she & Charles wrote while nursing their little ones to finally come home, really has missed a beautiful story about faith, patience, and certainly great medical care (that started with her life being saved from OHSS!)

I noticed your link to her a few days ago and went there. I'm already addicted. Yes, she must do an 'about me' - I had no idea when her babies were born, etc, and would love to hear more.

Thank you so much for the link T. I was another Terrific Trio follower, so when the updates stopped, I felt a bit lost.

Off to see how everyone is doing. :)

Thanks for telling us about her...now I really must update my list of links.

*** tears tend to make my grammar/spelling worse than normal ***

dilemma! how to be pithy when faced with such sweetness??

firstly - tess does not have email right now but prays for tertia daily, even if the prayers aren't coming via email. A BRUISED REED HE SHALL NOT BREAK. i found you because i had read your IVF connections post the day you learned you were carrying quads "typical tertia!!" and have been intrigued and loved by you since then. and then wanted to find you and start praying for you. so i did.

secondly - when i was admitted to hospital was shortly after you lost luke and baby ben had died. i wondered as i lay there holding my tummy if i could be as brave, loving and strong as you over the next weeks.

thirdly - you are no pipsqueak in the gorg. stakes yourself. look at you all dreamy and determined in your posted pic. in my mind's eye you look like that all the time, floating around in a variety of form fitting, frothy white chiffon/shantung/satin (depending on the event of course) frocks.

fourthly - i have done an about me page...it is in the form of a job ad.

fifthly - you inspire me. i love you, i thank you.


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