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Hee hee! My BIL is a technophile who lurves television, and he says to avoid plasma screens like the plague. They're just not there yet.

Oi Marko ! Well, the kids will be well balanced and broadly educated.......and by the sounds of things will watch way-too-much-tv.

Maybe the plasma screen T.V. is for you to watch while you are on bed rest. Maybe it really is about the babies.

Tertia- I would have been sorely disappointed to miss that story. Maybe you can blame your now SLooooow internet connection on the fact that you now need him to do some baby research? Perhaps to look for the coolest buggy or some such thing.

That's so funny. Sounds like my husband. Personally, I like men who let their wives run the show. Saves the wife from cleaning up their mistakes. Because, while they mean well, they're kind of lovable buffoons.

I agree with Tracy. My other half thinks they are overpriced crap and he is quite the entertainment system guy..I know nothing about it but he will sit down and talk ANYONE out of it. He basically told me they are a fortune and as soon as something goes on the TV, that's it. It's done. Do not pass go, do not pay $2K to fix the sucker. That's what I got out of that conversation. However, he does love his rear projection flat screen HDTV. He loves that thing. So ya.. Had to comment cause he feels so strongly about it.. and the money. WOW.

A friend of mine lived in Japan until a few weeks ago. She says there's some technology over there that makes plasma TVs look like an 8-track tape player, and will cost less, too. We just have to wait a few months until they hit the English-speaking (or in our case here in the US, American-speaking) market. So don't let him by a plasma TV yet, or he'll be really sorry and really pissed (=angry, not drunk) when that better technology arrives.

"But honey (or whatever you feel like calling him at the moment), my faithful blog readers say buying a plasma screen TV is a bad idea."

I bet *that* would go over really well. ;)

I did all the research on my side too...but as soon as the babies come...you won't be able to touch them. It's amazing how much they change (but he'll always want a new TV).

Haha.. the newest thing that MY husband just had to have... which arrived while he was away on this trip is not a plasma TV.. but an actual projector! it's mounted on the ceiling and projects TV or Computer or whatever right onto a blank wall (in very nice resolution I might add).. but has my husband read the one little book i asked him to read on infertility?? noooo...
I feel for ya, believe me.

Have you checked out daddytypes.com? It's a blog for men, mostly about gear, written by a man's man sort of dad in the same sort of lingo in which those XY types discuss cars and electronics etc.

Maybe that would be a more Marko-friendly introduction to reading up on babies...

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