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I think I held my breath all day yesterday waiting for this update. Glad all is well, although that cervix needs to behave a little better.

The babies are looking beautiful. Brings tears to my eyes everytime I see an new pic. Stay put babies. Healthy babies in January!

What beautiful pictures, Tertia.:) BTW, I think all babies in utero look like they have "big noses" - most don't have such a schnoz after birth, though. ;)

As I said many weeks ago, I vote that you stay horizontal until January.*grin*

Stay put, babies! You need to grow a bit more.

T...your babies are just beautiful. I hope everyone behaves and stays put till January!!!

What gorgeous pictures. Hang in there my friend - there's not long to go now.

Stay put lovely babies... repeating mantra 'Healthy babies in January'... 3 months old when Aunty Kirsty & Uncle Adam come and visit.... Thinking of you as always xx

Wow, this is a big week. I hope you get through it without too much anxiety. I'm thinking calm, closed cervix thoughts for you. The babies are lovely, especially their noses.

Beautiful pictures, and great news about the fluid levels, too. Glad to see the babies right on track.

Cervical stuff is just scary. I'm sending prayers your way that it stays right in the range it's at, and Adam behaves himself with his little head.

You have beautiful babies and I am sure that they don't have big noses. :) I look forward to these updates every Monday. Keep up the good work. I say a prayer for you and those babies every day.

Ok cervix, you need to behave for a few more months! Tertia, those are great u/s pics! Beautiful babies in January vibes to you!

You're doing a great job taking care of those babies, sweetheart. Just keep doing what you're doing. And keep breathing.

I have to agree with persephone...

Keep breathing, keep doing what you are doing (except by all means stay in bed more and more and more!).

The babes are beautiful...

Beautiful babies!!!

Behave yourself cervix. You too Tertia.

Lots of love,

you're a true heroine, tertia. this is a very tough week for you. thank you for letting us support you. beautiful shots of the babies. be good, cervix!

did you get approximate weights???

ps - magnificent charles put photos on the blogsite. xo tess

Lie down or I'll come to SA and lay you down.

Wait. That sounds more sexual than I meant. No, wait, I meant to be sexual.

You've got me all in a whirl. It's the US pix. Lovely.


Lovely babies in January!! (and a well behaved cervix too....sending wishes that it stays right where it is)

Lovely, lovely babies. Hope this scary week passes quickly for you. Babies in January.

Take extra good care of yourself this scary week! Not coincidentally, when reading you are 25w3d I kept thinking, "she's so close!" So close to the "safety" of 32 weeks, when odds improve so much. This is your turn, honey- you're gonna do it this time!!

It's been occurring to me a lot that Ben arrived about this time.

I hope Adam and Kate can feel the well-wishers all over the world and that they will heed our message...stay put for a while!

Hang in there. We are all thinking of you.

I had an u/s once a week for the whole time I was pg with Delaney and so far it doesn't seem to have hurt her. My ob would do an internal to check the cervix (and the cerclage) and then the next week I would see the perinatologist for the dildo-cam check of the cervix. What one could feel and what the other could "see" were usually quite different and each thought that his own assessment was correct. Moral- Lay down and give cervix a stern talking to and *try* not to focus on the .4mm shortening. I know this week will be really hard and I'm thinking about you and the babes all the time!

The babies are so beautiful!

Sending lots of prayers your way for a calm cervix and some calming thoughts for you too :)


hey! so glad they looked good and all is well. Tell Adam to get off your cervix so it can stay long and hard. Maybe Kate will yell at him for you.


Sending good thoughts straight to your cervix...


I had a billion scans with Linley. She is 6 now, and appears fine. 'Cept she still can't tie her shoes right and has a really shitty temper on occassion. My guess is she got that from me not ultrasounds.

Good news. Glad the kids are behaving themselves and you are hanging in. Er, lying down. Thinking of you, lots.

I don't usually post bcs I feel you need to hear from women in your shoes but this week is special and every little thing counts so here's mine. I am thinking of all of you so so often. From what I learned in anat/physiol, gravity is not a friend so stay in bed more by all means, especially if it makes you feel a tiny bit less stressed (you know what I mean). Love, J.

Thinking of you, lovely lady.

What absolutely beautiful u/s pics. I had one every single visit with my twins. And that was before being admitted. When I was in the hospital, I had at least one every day. I think we counted up something like 60-80 u/s. No effects here at 22 months.

I can't imagine what you are currently feeling. I spent the entire pg with the twins trying to figure out how to deal with the fact that our angel Bella and they had the same due date. I wasn't sure how I would get through the 31 week mark. Turns out, it was a moot point for me. I really hope next month sees you throught this with two wiggly babies in utero.

Adam and Kate look gorgeous Tertia. I think they look a lot like you!! Hehe. Good luck on everything. Constantly thinking and praying for you, the babies and Lauren and her babies. ((hugs))

Rest rest rest. The pictures look beautiful. Your last post reminded me how fragile this all is, especially for you. You're almost through October, November here we come.

Beautiful ultrasound pictures. :)

And tell your cervix to behave, or I'll kick it's ass. ;)

Happy for another good Mon report. 3.4 sounds damn good to me!
Keep your tush in bed!

been lurking for a while now. your babies are beautiful. you are in my thoughts and prayers, as well as those sweet babes. good luck!

Hey, where's today's update? Don't make us worry, OK?

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