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You're all in my prayers. As many prayers as I have.


You and your babies (and cervix) are in my prayers right along with Lauren and her babies.

Prayers going up for all, including your cervix is NO problem.

What Mandy said. Every cervix needs a couple prayers once and awhile anyway.

I hope everything looks ok tomorrow Tertia.

Thinking hopeful thoughts for all of you(cervix included).

Really hope everything is good tomorrow - time for some happy news.


I am praying for you, Adam, Kate, Marko and your cervix. Thank you so much for your support for Cecily. She admires you so very much, and knows you understand...without question you understand.

I am going nuts over here...not heard a fucking word yet about the surgery...leaving here in 30 minutes to go straight to the hospital to find out what is going on. When I called there an hour ago they said she was still 'in there', but couldn't tell me how long she SHOULD be in there. I wil post whatever I know tonight on Cec's blog.

The support has been outstanding. I am going to print out all the comments before I leave and bring them for her to read.


Praying so very hard for all of you, T's cervix included. Such a sad, emotionally draining week.

I'm so glad you posted - I'm praying for everyone (and your cervix), this is all just too sad.

What kind of friend calls to tell *you* about someone else's premature twin dying? Jesus H. Christ. Anyway, 28 weeks is good. 30 is better, but 28 is good. And you can do this.

It’s not something I do very often but I find myself praying a lot these past few days. Actually it’s a bit more like sending out A LOT of really positive vibes, I can only hope they have the desired effect.

Many prayers for everyone and everything on your prayer list!

Praying for everyone (and thing) on your prayer list.

I just don't know what to say, other than, I love you, I'm praying for all of you...my new family...and hoping.

Hi. I am another friend of Cecily's. I have followed your blog for a while now daily and I wanted to know that I am rooting for you, Adam and Kate.

I heard from Sarah. The procedure is done and Cecily is ok. We have all been so worried.

Take care and I am praying for you daily!


Honey, your cervix is always in my prayers. No need to apologize.

It's hard to be hopeful when so many people around you are experiencing tragedy. Even if you can see all the things that you have in your favor and take comfort from them, it's hard to do so in the face of so much sadness.

I'll be thinking about you tomorrow as you have your cervix checked. It sounds like you have a very thorough doctor.

Reading your stories (‘your’ being collective- from your story to Cecily’s story to everyone else in this blogging world) makes me wish I could put my arms around all of you and just form a little protective bubble, surrounding you and Kate and Adam and Cecily and her little twins and everyone else I’ve read about and cried about… I just wish life would stop being so cruel sometimes… That life would just give all of you a DAMN BREAK from the heartache, from the terror, from the tears…

You may have felt this before- but it’s like, sometimes I wish that my pain would be enough to fill the pain vouchers of everyone else out there. That no one else should have to say good-bye to a child, that no one else should have to bury a baby they love… I’m not sure how to word this, but it’s how I feel.

SIGH. I know that’s being unrealistic. But a girl can wish, can’t she?

You got it, babe.


Your cervix and your babies are in my prayers. I've been praying for poor Cecily for 2 days straight. Sending you positive vibes.


I'm praying for everybody. I've followed Cecily's story and yours for awhile and the unfairness of the universe makes me want to scream. Wishing and hoping my hardest that all goes well for you tomorrow.

Tertia sending you love, prayers and good thoughts for you and your cervix.

"flamed_into_oblivion" just move on and go somewhere else. Obviously you are just a troll and not a christian as no Christian would dismiss Cecily's pain with a comment that basically says "Serves you right for going against God's will". Why don't you go and tell some other parent that it is God's will that they child died!!!

Sorry Teria I would delete my comment and the trolls and just move on.

Please delete flamed into oblivion's comment. I am a Christian and I am blown away at the cruelty of that remark.

Flamed into oblivion...back off girl...don't screw with my friend....

T...All the positive thoughts I can muster have been headed your way as well as Lauren's way. Your cervix is now added....

You are doing so well. Hang in there. You can do this. You and your cervix can do this!

Love you T...love Adam and Kate and Marko. And if it helps...I will love your cervix too.

And I am so very sorry for your friend Cecily.


Anyway, I'm praying for everyone you've mentioned, and putting in extra for everyone (including me) who's trying to get/stay pregnant.

T- I'm sorry the wacko nut job posted on here. Just wanted to let you know I am still praying for you and your friends, your dh, your beautiful Kate and Adam and your cervix.

I'm with Jen, flamed...Back off. Seriously. Don't mess with Tertia or any of her friends.

Bad things happen to good people. Its a fact of life. Its not Gods will that innocent lives are lost.

Tertia, I'd just go ahead and delete Flaming's comment. From the name he signed on with I suspect he gets some enjoyment out of reaction, and he so doesn't deserve the satisfaction.

Tertia, you are forever in my thoughts and prayers as are all of these dear women. Praying for moms and babies is pretty much as involuntary an action as breathing these days.

BRAVO to all you awesome chicks for ignoring the troll bait! You guys KICK ASS!

Must...bite..tongue...do...not...play...with...trolls!!!! ARGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!


Sorry the asshole posted...please know that I am sending prayers, good vibes, and positve mantras your way. I never knew about Cecily before today, but my heart breaks for her. Still thinking of healthy babies in Jan for you...

Much love,

Guys please send all your sympathy to Cecily's site. Her husband just posted they had to make the really awful choice to terminate the pregnancy or lose Cecily as well.

I know there is nothing we can say to make it better but it helps to know you are not alone.

In my prayers as always. As well as Lauren and Cecily. Rememeber....LBT.

"flamed" can just go fuck him/herself.

I believe that God inspired whoever invented IVF. He works in mysterious ways... IVF is just one of those ways. I believe that He guides the hand of our REs and our OB/GYNs and their nurses and so forth.

I believe in my heart that God is watching over Cecily (whom I am keeping in my prayers. and may He help her find comfort in her grief), Tess, you, your cervix, Kate, and Adam.

And for that matter, I believe He is watching over us all. Even the stupid ignorant flamers.

I hope your exam tomorrow goes well. I will keep you in my thoughts.

Rhonda, exactly. A tech can inject a sperm into an egg, but only God can make it keep growing.

I usually just ignore trolls like Flamed, I suppose every is entitled to their opinion, even one as warped and stupid as Flamed. But I will remove the post because it is highly disrespectful and insensitive to Cecily.

One would think that a so called Christian would have compassion, but I see it is easier to point fingers at someone than to lift them up and hold them close.

One does wonder (using Flamed's logic) why God chose to make someone like Flamed? But I suppose insects likes flies and ticks do serve some purpose. If only to say 'thank God I am not like that'.

I can imagine it must be so hard for you with so many things to trigger off your fears, memories etc. I am someone else routing for you, praying it all works out, that Adam and Kate will be born healthy and that this nightmare period will be over.

Sweetie, I'm thinking about you. Lots of lurve to you and all your parts.

T., "cervix" is my new mantra. A very worthy thing to pray for.

Sending over lots 'n lots of good vibes!


You know you are always in my prayers, even your cervix! :) ((hugs)) Try to stay strong in spite of all the sadness and any ignorant posts (I missed it but glad I did obviously just someone that wanted a lot of attention and reaction). Love you my friend.

I am a first time poster here, and just wanted you to know that I have already been thinking, wishing, hoping and praying for you Kate and Adam. And now I'll add your cervix too. :) Please keep us updated.

Tertia, you are holding up so well in light of all that is surrounding you. Be at peace with yourself so those babies can grow. All my prayers are with you, as always.

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