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Sending lots of stable cervix thoughts your way....One thing it means: Kate and Adam are getting nice and big.

(Time to ask your OBs about Ffn testing? A negative test gives you two weeks of something to hold on to, and a positive gives you reason to demand more intervention. Lots of HOM patients get Ffn tests starting at 26 weeks in the States.)

Take care of yourself in your cave.

We will all be thinking good thoughts for you, Marko, and the darling Kate & Adam.

Will miss you. Take all the cave time you need. Behave babies. Mommy needs a break.

Babies in Jan, Babies in Jan, Babies in Jan, Babies in Jan, Babies in Jan, Babies in Jan, Babies in Jan, Babies in Jan....

Tertia, I think it's GOOD that you're taking some time out. Please rest, recoup and regather ... and take as much time as you need!! We'll be thinking of you and praying for you in the meantime.

Blessings ...

Don't let that cave get too dark dear. At least stick your head out long enough to get some fresh air. Praying for a stable cervix and two healthy babes!

x x x x

De-lurking to say how very much you and your babies and (frankly gorgeous) husband are in my thoughts. Very much love.

Also de-lurking...take the time you need. And I'm also going to agree with Jude - Adam & Kate are going to be BEAUTIFUL!!!

Jesus, woman, you sure know how to stink up a perfectly nice cave.

Thinking of you, as always.

Dear Tertia

Sorry things are going so rough for you, and your friend Lauren. I can only imagine how much that must upset you, on so many different levels. Dunno what to say either, except that i'll rub all my buddhas' tummies for you and clang my bell and send all the love and light i can muster. sterkte my skat!


Sending good wishes into the cave. I remain spelunkingly yours.

Take your time T. I will keep sending my prayers your way.

Healthy babies in January
Healthy babies in January
Healthy babies in January

Much Love,


A little hibernating. A little gestating. Less hyperventilating. Sounds like a plan. Take good care & don't you dare come out till the sun shines!

Take all the time you need. We will all be waiting patiently just outside the entrance. Take care of you and your cervix.

Behave babies, and let mommy rest.

Actually, yesterday I kinda thought to myself "it might do T some good to just hibernate and rest and withdraw from the blogosphere for a little while..." We know it doesn't mean you don't love us anymore (right, it doesn't mean THAT, right?) and we will still love you immensely. We know that you can't help but be involved in the pain and sadness that has occured during this solemn week, but you simply must escape from it for a little while...whoever suggested trashy, mindless novels was on the right track. Have Marko bring you piles of Harlequins with pictures of Fabio on the front ready to ravish the heroine of the day, she of the eternally heaving, perfect bosoms...

Truly, dear, please stay in bed, 'kay? Please let your loving family and friends take care of you, 'kay? We want you off your feet. Whatever it takes...

love love love love you

Thanks for letting us know:)

Thinking of you and adding my voice to the chorus....... Babies in January, Babies in January!

Will be thinking and praying for you and your babies.


thinking of you...hoping you have a really uncomfortable Christmas because you're SO PREGNANT with those two HUGE HEALTHY BABIES!

much love.

Take care of yourself, T. I'm sending good thoughts to Kate and Adam, to your cervix, and of course to you.

Sending you lots of love, T.

Hang in there. This is a tough week, I know. I know your peeps are going to be guarding the cave--I'll take perimeter duty again. I'll be hoping that Kate and Adam keep kicking you and reminding you that all is well. And just so you know, not that my experience matters, but right about this same gestational age, my DS's head dropped onto my cervix and I was suddenly fingertip dilated. I had a few ctx, a positive fFN test, and I spent the night in hospital getting steriods. Turned out it was just the pressure of him dropping, and I remained fingertip dilated until 37 weeks, at which point it took extreme labor induction measures to get those babies out of there. I wouldn't wish a long, difficult induction of twins on anyone...except you, because I know what you've been through. I hope they have to yank those babies out of you at the latest possible moment.

Hugs. Keep breathing.

i'm sorry your cervix is not behaving. on a brighter note, you're past the point of when you had Ben. just two more weeks and you'll be at a great point in your pregnancy. maybe the babies were just pushing hard on it. make them behave!

Spend the weekend lounging in bed, watching DVDs, eating ice cream, and making Marko wait on you hand and foot. You deserve (and need) it!

Don't forget to take your chocolate and magazines with you. We'll be here when you get back.

Tertia - delurking to say that you are one of the strongest and bravest people I have ever encountered. (Although you may not feel like it right now.) Even as you're in your cave, know that you have a world full of people thinking of you and rooting for your cervix to keep those babies in until January.

And while I know everyone's different, when I was pregnant with twins, my cervix went from 2.8 cm at 24 weeks to 2.2 cm at 26 weeks to 1.2 cm(!) at 28 weeks, and I didn't deliver until 34 weeks. It is perfectly normal for your cervix to shorten as the babies get bigger and I am keeping my fingers tightly crossed that's all that is going on with you.

I'm sending all sorts of prayers and happy thoughts and good vibes to you and your beautiful babes. It's been a rough week with lots of dishartening news, enough to freak out anyone. Stay warm and healthy in your cave. We'll all be here anxiously awaiting your witty wonderful posts when you return. Before I started reading your blog I never imagined I'd be praying for a long beautiful stable cervix for anyone, but that's what I'm doing right now. Best of luck Tertia. We're all pulling for you.

Just know: a stranger in California will be thinking about your cervix all weekend long, gently encouraging it to stay loooong and closed.


ps. Stay in yur cave as long as you need -- we're all out here waiting for you.

Take good care of yourself! Thinking of you.


Make sure to light a fire in there so it doesn't get too dark or cold. Oh and bring a nice sniggly blanket. Those two things can make cave dwelling somewhat bearable. Warm, positive thoughts sent your way...

Wishing you a warm regenerative experience in your cave. Know that we're thinking of you and Adam and Kate, and thinking some firm but loving thoughts for your cervix to behave (though it doesn't sound like it's misbehaving too badly, just in the sense that it's frightening you, which is completely understandable).

Just remember as you start each new day that you're that much closer to healthy babies. At this point, each day is a significant point in your babies' favor.

Take all the time you need it that cave T, we’ll all be here waiting for you and the babies to make a grand entrance. Now while I DO want that babies to wait around a bit and not make their grand entrance from the cave until January, I’m selfishly hoping you’ll at least poke your head out form time to time – you know for fresh air and stuff.

We'll miss you, T. But of course, we all understand...

Love to you, Adam and Kate!

Keep tight in there. This means YOU, cervix.

Two Healthy Babies in January!

Take care of the wee ones (and that cervix) in the cave.

Hoping for good news come Monday.

I have a little mantra/prayer type thing for your cervix going on in my head right now, sweet thing.


Don't forget to bring the brownies and ice cream. I'll be wishing you well and hoping Monday is extrememly uneventful.


Never posted here on your site (only IVFC) but wanted to tell you that your writing here is amazing and you are amazing. I really think things are going to turn out OK for you. I really do.
You are strong - your babies are strong.
I'm glad some others have posted you their own stories to help reassure you.
You and Kate and Adam are in my thoughts and prayers.
Hang in there,

I appreciate you letting us know you're hibernating! We tend to worry, you know!

But I agree- good call. Just take some time to relax and TRY to divert your attention....um, yeah...good luck with that! :)

Darn! I just lost a huge message I was about to post.

I know you are scared beyond reason right not. You have the right to be. I am sure nothing I write will help, but I just wanted to give you my rational thinking.

I always believed that knowledge is power. It was so true when I was diagnosed with endometriosis, I knew more than my doctors, thank goodness. You know that those babies are growing nice and big, and every day, every week in your womb counts. You know that bed rest works, it does miracles! If your cervix doesn't behave you can be more agressive and lay down all the time. If it means that your babies will have an even better chance, you can be admitted to the hospital so they can monitor you and be more aggressive treating you. I have read many stories of women whose cervix was able to stop shortening or even closed up once the bedrest started. So keep up the good work, and one thing you should do is talk to your OB and ask for answer and a plan.

Last, I remember reading about a high protein regimen for moms of multiples to make sure the babies are big and strong at birth. The bigger a premature baby is the better chances it has. I would ask your ob about this and do some research.

I hope your cave is not too frightening, and please take care of yourself. Yes you are a mere incubator, but you need to keep good care of youself so you can function well.

I will be thinking of you and your babes.


I am hoping that you dont need to go back to your cave after tomorrows update. Lots of love and hugs,


I hope everything is behaving in your cave and Monday's appointment helps soothe some of your fears... I know it really can't- there are a million sad stories out there that tear at your heart at this point...

I just wanted to point out how amazing you are- you might not believe so, but you are. Even now, carrying those two beautiful twins and scared beyond a doubt, I have seen you EVERYWHERE holding other people's hands, sending them your love, and posting the most eloquent supportive responses I have ever seen. You are an amazing friend online- I can't even imagine what type of friend you would be in real life to everyone!

Kate and Adam- I have told everyone in Las Vegas about you and your Mommy. You two need to behave and STAY where you are until your due date. Life's no fun on this side of the womb until you develop every little muscle, organ, nerve, that you possibly can. So STAY PUT.

Much love!

Here's to a lovely November, darling T.

lots of love darling. Thinking of u, M, Kate and Adam. Always. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx love love love yewwwwww!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Tertia, like everybody else, my fingers are tightly crossed for you. Good luck.

Thinking of you. Take care of yourself.

Thinking of you...


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