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Why weren't you allowed to answer anymore questions? Clearly they don't like over-achievers in their classes.
Yay for Treehouse. Love that place. Very nice choice of design. Scary ordering baby stuff, yet fun - you deserve the fun.
Been thinking of you non-stop in the last few days.


What a lovely brother you have. "Baby brothers" are wonderful for big sisters like us. Mine too is way too far away, but that is youth. I enjoy his travails vicariously, as you must too.

Your nursery furniture is gorgeous! And to think that it will arrive early enough to make itself welcome long before babies next year!

I think I might hire you to become my decorator - I've admired your lovely floors, wall, and the bed you have as well - that I've seen in your blog pics. You have excellent taste, and it is wonderful to think that you will be enjoying such a soothing, serene and sweet place that you'll no doubt create for your lovely Kate and Adam!

I really like the colors you picked, very soothing for the babies

Your brother rocks!

Your brother is super cool.

Well done on purchasing baby furniture, I know how hard it must be for you.

I hope you ordered the elephant pillow. I'm a big fan.

Oh Tertia, I'm so happy for you!

What a wonderful family you have!

Love the nursery furniture...too cute!

Of course you knew the answers. I'm sure they were all jealous.

The nursery set is too cute, and I am so glad to hear you will be ordering soon. You know we are going to insist that you post when ordering is complete. Can't have those beautiful babies doing without a lovely nursery, now can we?

Your brother is the sweetest and the nursery is going to be beautiful!!! Lovely colours.

*sniffle* Little brothers are the best.
Love your nursery theme!

I don't know which is more adorable, the bedding or your brother.

Okay, okay, your brother. But that doesn't stop me from coveting the bunnies for myself.

Good heavens, I just read your brother's comment and actually started weeping. Mouth open, wet face, snotty - how embarrassing. I love good brothers. You two deserve each other in the best possible way.

Prenatal classes ARE boring and more than a little stupid, but... it helps makes things feel a bit more normal.

Speaking of normal, I was afraid Adam and Kate were going to be sleeping in cardboard boxes for the first year or so. Hurray for swanky furniture; Hurray for bunnies.

hooray for you ordering furniture! glad that the order dates pushed you into it. You are gestating and nesting nicely! Love your brother as well - too bad he is too young for me - oh, wait, I'm married - damn shame for him!
love to you and the babes,

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