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Yes, special class, oops, I mean 'weekly visits' sound brilliant. Definitely what you (and all your avid followers) need. Remember that you'll be having Braxton Hicks contractions, so your ute is going to start acting up often now.

Yay! Weekly checks for all of us worrywarts!

I'm right there with ya on changing worries. Now that I can tell she's alive and kicking, I gravitate toward the gestational diabetes, PTL, birth defect thoughts continually. This weeks ultrasound comforted me for about 12 hours.

If it weren't such a long drive, I'd adopt Dr. New

Bless you and your cooperating cervix.

are you not "JUST.... STOKED!!!!!" ?

Dr New just went up 3 points in my eyes. So happy things are well. Everytime I visit I get butterflies!

{{smooches to A&K}}

Great that you have such an understanding doc - anything that gives some peace of mind is a wonderful thing. I am thinking lots of live, kicking and bawling at the top of their lungs baby thoughts for you:)(And Julie too)

I didn't realize that a hardening uterus at this point in pregnancy is bad. I seem to remember that somewhere in the middle of my second trimester I started noticing that my tummy would get rock hard (little did I know that post-pregnancy, I would never, ever know that feeling again) for a few minutes at a time. The doctor said that as long as I wasn't having "full body experience contractions" that it was perfectly normal (just the body revving up for labor).

Thank GOD for your doctor. He sounds wonderful. And remember, even though you're going to see him once a week, you can still pop in anytime you're freaked out. Just file the mantra "Don't be an asshole, just go..." and pull it out when you're worried about being a pain. Feel free to ask another human to repeat it to you.

I guess you could make a "flowchart" for your co-workers.


If I had been through what you've been through, I'd have paid the doctor a retainer fee by now so I could just drop in whenever I damn well felt like it and I could care less if they would roll their eyes at the sight of me. I tell all my doctors the same thing when it's obvious I've become an overwrought pain -- just give me a healthy baby and you'll never have to see me again. Sending prayers your way.

I like Dr. New too...

As for Julie's idea...I work with Techy Geeks....they'll definitely be able to help - remember who does all the "internet research" :)

Weekly checks.......ahhhhh......love it!

Hey there, Tertia. Just wanted to send you a big 'ol hug full of support tonight. I don't know if there's anything else worth saying when PTL thoughts and other stuff is weighing on a persons heart and mind, so I'll leave it at that, I think. Oh, how 'bout I'm thinking of you and the babies and praying for you guys? =) Much love to you, my friend ...

So glad everything was okay yesterday. Dr. New sounds like an awesome guy and I am so glad that they are going to be seeing you every week. You need that reassurance. Glad the DBT's are gone .. I am over alot of mine .. but my loss was much earlier than yours .. and I am not quite to the PTLT's yet. Odds are if this kiddo is anything like my son I may never get those .. with him I never even had a contraction .. the dr. was convinced he was going to be 2 weeks overdue and 11lbs. I had a c-section 3 days before D-day because of preeclampsia (fun stuff I tell ya) and he was 9lbs 1oz. Sending you lots of cupcake keep on baking vibes and lots of prayers that every thing will be different this time!!!

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