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i think that's a common stance for husbands to take. mine read the book on labor and delivery, but it's been difficult for me to convince him that he needs to spend quality time with the developmental sections of 'the baby book' to know what to expect from month to month.

in his defense, my husband did take care of his two much-younger sisters when he was in high school, so he DID know just about everything before our son was born. almost everything i know about routine care i learned from him. but if your husband doesn't have any infant care experience under his belt, well, he'll learn quickly!

so glad to hear things are going well to date.

I swear all newborn white kids look alike. That kid on the cover of "Baby Sense" looks just like Dana.

Anyway. Geo was great, he even read "The Birth Partner" to prepare for hanging around with me during and after. He read "The Happiest Baby on the Block" too, a book I recommend, the tricks are good to know just in case your kid is colicky. Thoreau (sp?), not Car and Driver, is usually on his bedstand. But, see, I married a "malewife." I require too much care myself; I could never have taken care of a husband.

Oh no, the guys DO NOT read the stuff that we read. I also have "What to expect when you're expecting". I said to hubby, that he must at least read the part on labour. Even opened up for him on the right page. But alas, he has still not read it!

Hah! My husband would've said the exact same thing.


If you really want to push the issue, sign him up for a Daddy Bootcamp class or go to a parenting class together.

Now if they would just do a magazine that had cars along with babycare articles/pictures, we wouldn't be having this conversation.


You'll own the safest-steel-belted-radial-having-our-kids-float-on-a-cushion-of-air-and-it-only-cost-us-a-song, vehicle when all is said and done.

My husband is currently reading a current & updated version of Dante's "Inferno" to the baby (in utero, of course), but I can't really complain because it's not any worse than "Animal Farm" or "1984" which he read to our other children. I guess he ran out of George Orwell books. Of course for us Catholics, there's nothing like instilling the fear of Hell in you before you even enter the world. (And I mean that in the nicest way).

My husband did read "What to Expect When You Are Expecting" when I was pg with our first so I think he's gotten it down by now. He also couldn't possibly be a better father so I probably shouldn't care what he reads, huh?

Don't worry, they all figure it out at some point. Women like to be prepared for these kinds of things. Men like to learn from mistakes that come back to bite them in the ass.

So happy about your scans...still praying for you, of course.

I bought my husband a book called "Be Prepared" a practical handbook for dads. Good info and some humour (not use of u, for your benefit) thrown in too. I know he 'means to read it.' but hasn't gotten around to it. SO, while he's playing video games, I read it to him. Serves as entertainment,and I know whether he's paying attention by whether he laughs at the right places (so he can't just space out).

I've also been reading to him what happens week by week, and soon I'm sure there will be another book added to the list. I have to admit, I've sort of taken the 'not giving you a choice' approach, in a 'assuming that of COURSE you want me to read this to you, you just didn't ask' kind of way.

This approach works well for us...and seems to be in my nature. I've found that the grumpy underwriters that most of my coworkers complain about are never an issue for me because I take the 'I'm assuming your happy to hear from me and glad to answer my questions approach.' Works every time.

Yes, its flipping maddening. But I say trick him. Say, "I want to read this to you" and then do it. Then do it the next night and the next. Kinda cool to share it too.

Meant to say "note" use of 'u' for your benefit/in your honour.

Well, if he already knows everything... HAHA!!

I know there's nothing we can so to bring you out of that cave, but please know that there are a whole bunch of us outside here, waiting for you.


If your husband knows going in that he's going to have to see weird-looking meconium poo, that sleep will be rare and spotty, and that he's going to have to have a defensive towel over his should for at least the first six months after their birth, then he's at least mentally prepared.

I say let him get in as much macho boy reading time as possible now. There won't be much time for it when the bambinos come out.

My husband always teased me about my library of books on pregnancy and babies. I do overdo my reading but I had waited so long to read on this subject.

Once our daughter was born, he knew I was the one to ask for all his questions. Is this normal? How do we ___? The first time he had to pull an undershirt over her huge newborn head he was petrified, whereas I knew to grab the undershirts with snaps so they didn't have to be pulled down.

Learning by doing will work out for him, as long as you're around to guide him.

Hey, I didn't see any twin books at your bedside! ;)

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