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You wanted the strong and silent type.

They are a pain in the ass sometimes. I know first hand.

I know there's some international time / space delay or something, but halfway around the world, my husband is being a sulky asshole, too!

Shoot, I think our husbands might be related...mine does that with our car. You'd think just once he could give me a hint as to what *could* be wrong instead of just being a jerk and ignoring me, right?

I also got a new TV just the other day! (Thursday!)

We are TV twins! YAY!

And, sucky/Sulky husband twins too...*sigh*

Lovelove you

My husband is doing that exact same thing, this exact minute with a stupid, stupid, stupid radio. Same responses. Usually adore the back of his head but am thinking of bashing it in with a chair.

I know everything about tv's, connections, dvd's, video machine set-ups. I wear the pants in my house. OK there is no real man to wear the pants so I guess it doesn't really count. But do you think M would take advice from me? Teehee

Hi Girl,

Sure I undedrstand what you are talking about, I lived most of my life with him. But to his defense, that's the type of person he is(runs in our family) and I don't think he always knows that he is doing it. He just gets so involved when he is trying to fix something and believes that he knows how to fix it, and silently gets all worked up about it, thinking that he will look like a fool if he can not fix it. It's a Albertyn thing. Luckely for me my hubby is the total opposite.

Enjoy girl,

Love always, me

See, the thing is, when you're talking to a man, they only want to hear one or two word answers. After hearing "Darling, I don't know what's wrong with the TV" the rest he hears blah blah blah (or wah wah wah if you're a snoopy fan). I get like that when I'm trying to concentrate on something too. My hubby hates it.

Whew, good thing this isn't a man-bashing post ;-)

I feel for ya girl. If only he knew how frustrating he can be to his darling gorgeous patient (did I mention gorgeous?!!!!!!) wife.

So, SPITA (stupid pain in the ass) is born .... submitted for next year's book of acronyms :-D

Hey, cuntrag. Maybe if you weren't such a fucking nag, he'd be more inclined to talk to you. Maybe you should leave him alone when he's trying to get something done, instead of breathing down his bloody neck. Let him focus on the task at hand, instead of dealing with a chatterbox bitch of a wife. Cooze.

It could be that while you are pestering your husband he is focused on trying not to get electrocuted and/or not taking your head and comically driving it into the tv screen. Because, lord knows that when I am intently concentrating on a task I enjoy being hounded!

Or maybe it is that you just don't like your husband being helpful in the first place since you have already deemed him completely worthless! Instead of being a passive/agressive whore bag maybe you could be honest with him. Well, maybe not. You are a stupid bitch, after all.

Hey gals,

Hope I'm not backstabbing but...

I am a man and here's the clue for you to understand it all:

Men are obsessed with power. The problem is that we look for it in the wrong places. We think we can undo the curse with more power, but we can't. The curse can only be undone by the one with "all power."

If you would like a more detailed response I would be happy to give it.

In the meantime, please refrain from using explitives in referenece to the ones you have vowed to "honor, love, and cherish."


Jeez you're a nag. The guy is trying to solve a problem and has admitted in a few words that he doesn't yet have a solution. You have all the answers to the questions you've asked but what you really crave is his attention, which for the moment is focused on the TV. Grow up.

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