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Does anybody do macrame anymore? I think not.

I hope bed rest isn't too hard for you. You could get lots of books read. Or TV watched.

Just don't forget to keep us posted!!

Is that "What to expect..." I spotted at your bedside? Never display photos with books in them to a librarian. She WILL try to read the title, however obscure.
Yay for bed/ home rest. Much better than trying to squeeze your ass into work clothes.
And knitting is way under-rated. I taught myself while on bedrest with James and knitted three jerseys.

so stunning... Maybe you will get extra time to act like a naff and order Marko around all day?

1. Get a better reading light at your bedside.

2. Get a fax machine so that you can luxuriate in my rack in a timely and expeditious manner.

3. Learn to knit so you can make all your infertile friends festive little cozies for their sharps containers.

i was on modified bedrest, though not quite as long. i made it to 38 weeks before things got really bad.

i read a lot, didn't learn to knit (though i'd intended to), slept a lot, and counted kicks. and i craved quiche.

at least your home looks lovely and comfortable!

but Tertia, knitting is huge now! and just think of the darling things you could make for the naughty babies. Truly it's not your grandmother's knitting world. if you get too bored, let us know - i'm sure i'm not the only one who'd love to send you needles, patterns, and gorgeous yarn. You would be oh so hip, and we all know that you secretly strive for hipness. :-)

Macrame-no. Knetting-yes. Good, now that's all cleared up!
I atched a lot of REALLY BAD TV while I was on bedrest. I think that I've seen every episode of Law and Order ever made. Not that that's bad TV. But trust me, some of the other things that I watched were bad.

Hello there! I've just returned from a trip to Spain, and was very happy to return and find you and the babes doing well. I've enjoyed perusing your entries on the English vocabulary, and definitely agree that as Americans, we can be pretty daft with regards to our vocabulary. Not sure why that is ... do you have any ideas? Too much T.V. watching and not enough reading is one reason, I would guess.

O.k., I understand that as you get further along, you're going to need to be careful and take it easy and rest and all that, but I mean, really. Do you want to be the cause of nasty blog-entry withdrawals? They can really wreak havoc on a person ... shakes, fevers, crazy thoughts of being unloved and neglected. You wouldn't want to do that to us, would you? C'mon, you can send your DH out to make the windmills go faster, can't you?? Pleease! (LOL)

O.k., fine ... go ahead and take care of yourself. Sheesh. =)

I was on bedrest for 2 months during my pregnancy. My doctor told me I could get up to pee, but only if I absolutley HAD to.

I wish you the best, most spectacular bedrest EVER--I can't WAIT to real ALL about it!--with two precious, healthy little ones at the end of all of this.

And whenever I think of January now, I think of you.

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