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I wholeheartedly agree! Absolutely no touching is tolerated while I'm sleeping! My husband rolls over and turns his back to me while we sleep and I'm just fine with that. He is an oven, so I couldn't sleep cuddled up to him without risking burns.

I have a "wall" of pillows between us so he can't touch me while I'm sleeping.

I am so glad that we are not the only people that do this!

Yes, yes, yes, yes, YES!!!!!

Exactly. And we're nuts about each other. But for fuck's sake, I need my rest. I also wear earplugs.

Best thing that ever happened to our marriage: King-sized bed.

My husband has threatened to install "zappers" on our bed that send an electrical current sure to send the offender off to the proper side.

I do not like to roll over and have a collision with my husband in the middle of the night. GOD FORBID! I need my space dammit.

We have quadrants. He is not allowed in mine. DH likes to sleep with his hand resting on me. His hand which is attached to his twenty pound arm resting on me. His hand and twenty pound arm that twitches while he sleeps resting on me! no. way.

We have quadrants. He is not allowed in mine. DH likes to sleep with his hand resting on me. His hand which is attached to his twenty pound arm resting on me. His hand and twenty pound arm that twitches while he sleeps resting on me! no. way.

Right now my husband and I are arguing this topic ;) It started last night. With us it's not so much a "half" of the bed as it is a "stop laying where *I* want to lay" he doesn't like where my elbow ends up when I curl it around/under my pillow (apparently, it's poking him in HIS elbow, which is slightly beneath his own pillow). I don't like where his legs (below the knee) end up. Of course, my husband is 6'4 and in order to stay on the bed has to move his legs across the bed further...never used to be a problem, because my 5'0 self generally sleeps in the fetal position, but I have threatened to amputate his legs when it's time to stretch. And his legs are now covered in angry heel marks from the times I've tried to "move" them.

Yes! Not only do my husband and I have our halves of the bed, we sleep under different comforters. I remember back to freshman year of college when I would go visit him for the weekend. We would actually sleep in the same twin bed in his dorm room. Oh, how in the world did we manage that? No way that would happen these days.

Me too! Except that I married a cuddler and I cannot stand it when it is time for sleep.
We have a king-sized bed, too!

Ha! Yes! Us too!
And say I roll over and face him and his arm is over his head, I always pull his arm down because I don't want my face right by his stinky pits! haha! He gets SO mad!
And I agree with Amanda which made me laugh so hard. we TOO used to sleep in a tiny dorm room bed. NEVER would we be able to do that now!


I will "cuddle" for approximately 30 seconds (me hugging his back) which DH loves. Then I'll give him a squeeze and roll over - because I am about to die of heat stroke. King size beds rock!

I couldn't agree more. I'd get bunk beds if he'd let me. No touching!

Dh and I can only sleep in a king size bed. Its us and about 10 pillows. I can not stand to snuggle when I sleep. I want my room to toss and turn. Plus, I go to bed early, like 9:00 every night. Where as Dh stays up until 2 or 3 am on weekends and sleeps till noon. I am aready in a deep sleep by the time he comes in and death would be a reprive from the torture, pain, and grief he would get for waking me up. BTW, we have been married for over 11 years! it may be dysfunctional but it works!

We don't have halves. I have 1/10 and he has the middle plus most of his side. (King size) and the dog has the rest of his side. But, once we fall asleep, she goes downstairs to patrol the house & keep us safe.
It's cute, though...to see his pillow half covering mine when I get out of bed in the morning. I've given up the "no touching" rule, but for Pete's sake...no laying on top of me anymore! He is only allowed to have a hand on my bottom now. (This is his preference...not mine.)

My dh & I have the best solution of all. I sleep in another room. My first dh worked nights and I just got used to having the bed to myself. Plus, he snores, really loud. So, I cuddle then get up and go to MY room. Ah, it's so peacefully snore free in there.

We have our dog between us down by our legs at night. Thank God my hubby's not cuddler too. When I was in highschool, my little sister would want to share my bed and she would insist on having a body part touching me as she fell asleep. It drove me crazy! DH just likes to have his back rubbed once inwhile until my arm gets too tired and then I roll over and that's that. He argues that in the middle of the night I sometimes lay too close to him. So I tell him that's his get-back for snoring. Besides, he could probably push me over without me even knowing it.

We divide our halves with a body pillow that way a stray limb can't make it's way over to the other's territory. We need a king size bed dammit!

King sized beds are the best!! The only cuddling allowed is when the cat gets in the middle. The only drawback is that sometimes he is too far away to kick when the snoring gets out of control!

Not only do we have our own sides, but we have our own sheets/comforters!! We only enter the other comforter unless we want a little bit o' something-something.

Hubby and I sleep in an over-sized king bed, so that we may sleep in our own zip codes, if we'd like. It's fabulous.

Needless to say, I can relate.

it looks like my husband and i are the weird ones! i sleep much better when we are in the same bed (a double, though we shared a twin futon for years). when i am away, he will sleep on the couch because he doesn't like to sleep in our bed alone. we don't cuddle while we sleep--in the past i had the wonderful PCOS night sweats, followed by pregnancy and postpartum night sweats. great for wintertime, but we don't get much of that in texas! i think our closeness while sleeping is helped by the fact that we're the same height and roughly the same size.

nary the limb shall ever cross over into "my" side of the bed for if it shall, off with it!!


I always thought I was a bad wife because I don't want to fall asleep in his arms. If I do, I wake up hot and sweaty with a creak in my neck, and he can't feel his hand.

The worst are the feet. For his own safety, he knows to keep his feet on his side. I hate feet so much, if I feel his toes brush against mine I will immediately kick his leg over to his side.

Yep, I love him dearly, but he must stay on his side or I'll move to the couch. After almost 12 years of marriage, he knows I'm not kidding.

Oh, just wait until you have two snoring kids who snuck into bed with you while you were sleeping. If you put them back, you will wake them up. Signed, Cranky Anti-Family Bed Person Who Wants To Erect Electric Fence Around Personal Sleeping Space.

Thank you for the reminder of one big positive of being single!

Now, if I could just grow an extra arm out of my back to help with the injections...

OMG! It's the same way at my house. Our headboard, thank goodness, has a center marker board, so we can quickly solve disputes over whether someone is on the other's side.
I just wish now that I could get Sadie and Fanny (the dogs) to listen to reason and stay on the floor. Sigh.

Very funny! So glad I am not alone.

Sam and I don't sleep in the same room, either.

See, Sam walks, talks, flails around, snores like a freight train, and *stops breathing* in his sleep, so if I sleep anywhere near him, I wake up 15 times a night and hate him in the morning.

People always look at me like we're big freaks when I tell them we have separate rooms, to which I say "Look, just because I sleep with him doesn't mean I have to sleep with him, okay?"

ha ha! I have this same arguement with my husband every single night. "You're on my side!" "No, you're on MY side." "Get off my side!"

*sigh*, what are we to do? Who ever thought this is what marriage was like?

LOL Akeeyu! I thought I was the only one who could jerk out of a sound sleep in the middle of the night because my husband is NOT. BREATHING. Me, crying: "Chris, wake up!! Oh God, are you dead?" Him, annoyed: "Wha?? Why did you wake me up? Why are you on my side?" LOL.

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