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Hi there

Indian Names are all the rage these days - Dancing with Wolves, Shining Star, Smile allot!

My personal favourite - Farting in the wind!

Glad to hear things are going well.
Enjoy choosing a name.

A second name helps if you are going to join the Screen Actors Guild and there's already a member with your name. That, for instance is why Philip Seymour Hoffman added the Seymour. He says he is not that pretentious but there already was a Philip Hoffman in SAG.

See, there is a purpose for the 0.00001 percent of people who join SAG. For the rest of us? I have no idea. Although I do sign my name with the middle initial. I don't know why either, because my name is not common or anything. I'm just weird, I guess.

I'm excited to know your names, but I'm with you on the not wanting to jinx it thing. Also, don't say it until they're born or someone might steal the names!!


V appropriate as I have a red blotch (ok, ok, its a pimple I tried to annihilate) between my eyebrows and I was thinking of changing my faith to Hindu.

You guys are doing great if you are already in agreement about names. Poke and I don’t even come close on names we like. He likes things like Bill, Jennifer, Joe and Scott where you are guaranteed to know at least 8 people with the same name (in the US that is). I on the other hand like names like, Sanorah (not my real name), Avril, Eletha and Drake. Yes I’m a weirdo.. but I think I’ll be a good mom some day anyway!
My own first name is unique and I enjoyed being the only person I knew with that name until I was in college.

I can’t wait to hear what you have chosen!


You know what one of the only good things about suffering from insomnia is? When I get out of bed in the middle of the night and get on the computer, you've often written a new entry. Nothing like being in a different time-zone to keep a girl entertained! LOL

I have no idea where the whole middle name thing started, but in my DH's case, while he actually goes by his middle name, his mom wanted him to have the option of using his first name when he got older in case he didn't like it. Sounds complicated and silly, I know, but he actually likes being able to use both, depending on the situation (ie, his first name at work to avoid confusion and his middle name everywhere else). Ummm, after reading this I think I agree with you, one name is easier. Go with it. =)

We have middle names so that we know the difference between when our parents are annoyed or really pissed at us. Like when they are just calling us for something they use our first name. When they are extremely pissed they call us by both names. That's a definate indicator that we are in BIG TROUBLE MISTER. Also, a middle name is good for parents who aren't imaginative enough to come up with cute nicknames but want to call us something other than our first name.

Thanks for passing by.
How about naming them after the first thing you see when you come out of the anaesthetic? The endless possibilities include: Seaofmasks, Blurr, Star and pain, Man on Floor. They'll probably become famous and change them anyway...
Keep thinking.

I think Placenta is a perfectly lovely name for a girl.

Well, let me add my 5 cents worth to this debate. I might be a little selfish and presumptious in saying you should add something in there in memory of your one best friend KEEPING THE FAITH long distance???

While I don't have any suggestions for you (no, I probably won't ever meet you, but damn it, I intend to use the names I've picked myself, and if I tell you, then I won't. I'm weird like that), I do think I know why we use middle (not second) names.

Middle names are used for a couple of reasons, first, many applications have a place where they REQUIRE your middle initial. Therefore, you should definitely have a middle name. (Though I had a friend who's parents just gave her a middle initial without a name.) The other reason is for distinguishing between two people with the same name. I'm not sure how, but even those with unusual names who never meet anyone with the same name actually have at least one other person who shares their name. I know, I've googled lots of them. Middle names make it statistically less likely to share a name.

Who cares what you name them. Saddle them with embarassing names if you will...what I am more excited about is that you have gotten to the part of the pregnancy where you feel *safe* enough to think about names. First was the shopping trip, now names. It just puts a big cheshire grin on my face. Happy for you, simply happy.

Terko and Markia. Perfect! I love it!

Now which one's which? ;)

I am apparently one of the few Americans who doesn't have a middle name. At least, that's what it feels like when I get asked if I'm sure. No middle name? Really? I get reminded of how rare it is when people seem to think my middle name is NMN, something commonly put in the the middle name space. NO, NMN is not my middle name.

I did find out why my brothers and I were never given middle names. My father, a German by birth, made the firm declaration that your first name should be strong enough so that you don't need a middle name. You don't want him to get started on people who shorten my name to say, Liz. Who's Liz? Didn't have a daughter named Liz. None of my relatives outside of my brothers (who dutifully test his boundaries) will even dare to call me anything but Elizabeth. Did I mention he's German by birth?


I agree with Alana. Middle names are used as an indicator to the child how much trouble he/she is in. I also go by a nickname. Everyone calls me Kay, but my full name is Kathleen Raye. If I ever heard Kathleen Raye coming out of my Mom's mouth - it was time to hide under the bed - b/c I knew I was done for. My little boy will have the same thing. His name is Jacob Michael and he goes by Jake. I actually picked out his middle name by yelling it out loud in my house! No kidding. OK - so I'm a weirdo too.

Congratulations on getting to the names stage. I'm sure whatever you pick will be perfect.

We are a mixed middle-name family. My husband is from London and no one in his family has a middle name. I'm from the US and everyone in my family has a middle name.

We're going to be giving Speck a middle name simply because then he has the choice of whether or not to go by it, use the middle initial, whatever.

Our biggest mistake, however, was giving our parents a list of four or five names we were thinking of. That was an unmitigated disaster. They started taking polls and calling us and telling us what the "best" name was. Drove us apeshit.

Whatever names you choose, they'll be wonderful, I'm sure. And for what it's worth, my husband has never missed his middle name, and I've never felt unduly burdened by mine. It's all good.

I'm glad you're picking names. That's a wonderful thing.

I don't know if it is a tradition in SA, but we Americans are also commonly known to name our children after a member of our family. Example My father's middle name is John and I will likely use Jonathan as a middle name if my baby is a boy. If baby is a girl, I will use my mother's first name, Karen, as the middle name. Also, like a previous commentor, we know are parents are pissed off at us when they use our middle name. That usually means to get the F**K over here now.

They're right about the middle names....quite often an indicator of the depth and severity of the trouble you're in. Oh, and if mom uses your last name? Move to a different zip code, change your name and dye your hair because you're done for.

A quick thought on twin names, specifically. Here's some reasons to NOT give twins similar names, even though one is a boy and one is a girl. Here we have social security numbers and I'm guessing you might have something similar? Anyway, often hey are one digit apart. So if you have Bostonia P. Smith and Boston D. Smith, the names are similar enough and the ID numbers close enough that the beautiful government offices are likely to mix them up at some point. Items from the credit report for one can appear on the report for the other and god help them if someone makes a typo.

My brother and sister are twins, James and Jami and they can tell ya all of the above is true, even though they have very different middle names.

Finally, so glad to hear you're picking names. Lovely.

Ah yes, names. I'm with you on the weird spellings. I don't think they're unique, or cool, just strange and if your parents happen to be illiterate, you're screwed. I knew a girl named 'Shelia' (not misspelled) who pronounced it as 'Sheila', whose parents I suspect were slightly inbred, and she would pitch a fit, and I mean a literal fit when people would misspell her name, as if that's how Sheila is spelled. It wasn't unique, it wasn't cool, it was incorrect and 'Shelia' is NOT pronounced 'Sheila', no matter how much you want it so. I'm for plain and simple names. I have no idea why for second names because my second name is as crappy as the first one my parents chose.

De-lurking to say that middle names can sometimes be convenient. My husband and his brother both married women named Tina. That happens to be our full name: Tina-Not-Christina-Or-Anything-Else. For a while we were Tina One and Tina Two, then we were known by our serial numbers (but that was just too cumbersome to keep reciting at holidays), but now we are just identified by our second names. So... for the freak chance that your children will end up with spouses who already have one of that name in the family, a second name can come in handy. Then again, what are the chances?

My middle name is my grandfather's surname for the purpose of continuing the name. His son decided not to reproduce so my mother and my aunt gave the name to all their children. I kind of like that reason for a middle name, personally.

Still, I am just so happy that you are in this place right now. It feels so good to know that you are thinking about these things. Happy happy.

As you can see, I always use my middle name with my first in the blog world because I've come across another Carrie and another Jo but how many people do you know with both names together? But in America that's necessary because there are so many people wo have the same first and last name. Only the middle name is different.

On a tangent, I wanted to name a boy Cameron if we had one but there are already 2 Camerons in DH's family, so there goes that idea...

And then we have my family of oddballs. We all have middle names, all different middle names. However, for some reason, we appropriated the middle name of one of the sisters for when you're really in trouble. All pets have the obligatory middle name "marie". Thus, "kitty marie whoopsis, did you puke on the carpet?" "Rover marie dogbreath, did you kill this bird?" We're incomprehensible, even to each other.

I agree, congratulations on getting to the "name-choosing" point in your pregnancy.

I was named "Martha" but called "Mollie." Confusion ensued. When I married and took George's last name, I went to court and had my first name legally changed to "Mollie" finally. Don't name your kid one thing and call them something else!!

My husband wanted to name the baby girl "Jet." Imagine a pink-clad, fairy-obsessed girl in ringlet curls named "Jet." It's just too... specific. But he chose it because he wanted something strong for her, not too wispy and girly. I just wanted something short, easy to spell, and uncomplicated since our last name is a fright. And I chose a three-letter, simple middle name for her which she can use as a suffix later, if she wants more frill. But my main thing is short and simple. Why have two names, a long and a short? A nickname and a "real" name?

People still manage to misspell Dana, assuming that we want it to be "unique" like the rest of kooky parents these days, so my plan has been foiled: we already have gotten "Dayna," "Daena," and "Danae." Oh well.

Our son Nico's Vietnamese name was Thanh Tam, And we considered keeping it, but no one can pronounce "Thanh" correctly so we call him Nico, but "Tam" means "heart" (or "essence') and we wanted to keep a part of his Vietnamese name as a sign of respect and love for the people who cared for him before we could.

Tertia, you *must* read the Utah Baby Name site. It's as naff as naff can be.


"Cumulonimbus"- LMAO.

Markotert. Tertiamar. Markia.

Mmm, yes, I see the problem. Simple is nice. Simple is good.

As a former pediatrician, I just have to say "Thank you" over and over for chosing normal names. My poor nurses walk to that waiting room door huddled together trying to guess how to pronounce at least 33% of all the patients in the practice and when they get it wrong (Who knew that Saria wasn't pronounced like Maria?), the parents sit, staring straight ahead, refusing to respond out of a sense of indignition that someone would DARE to mispronounce their child's name. I feel most sorry for the poor teachers who have to guess how to pronounce and then proceed to teach the kids how to spell these new names.

And I'm quite surprised nobody has commented on the new middle name trend sweeping America - TWO middles!!! Yes, a huge percentage of children are now born with two middle names, because... well, I haven't figure it out yet. My take on the middle name is that it makes my naming rule work: You pick one, I pick one and we agree on one. DH got to pick the last name (I hyphenated for work, so whenever we got to fighting about names, I'd always offer to take the last name as my choice and just use my maiden name), I pick the middle and we agree together on the first. Makes life so simple!

I've been lurking for quite a while and I"m so glad to see you've made it to the name stage. This is where I pulled out all the IF stops - DH is a fourth, and wanted a fifth - and his middle name would get a child beat up on the playground should it ever get out. So, we discussed things and had rational conversations about poor Fifth (chose to find out gender specifically to avoid this discussion if possible) and then I did what any self-respecting woman would do... I cried and sobbed and pointed out that this my be my only chance to pick a name out. It was shameful, but I won, so I'm happy.

Good luck. Enjoy the name game. Love the word naff. I fully intend to work on incorporating it into my regular rotation of words!


Tracy may well be on to something. I just visited the Utah name site. They suggest: Abdce for a girl. Which leads to, logically enough, Fghij for the boy (interestingly enough, they do not list this name).
Or you could go for straight out Alpha and Omega, if simplicity is what you're after (always loved the sound of Omicron and Beta, though beta might bring back painful memories. Omicron and Gamma?)

De-lurking just to add that in my family middle names tend to be used to honour relatives or really close friends. So if you really want to name a baby daughter Jane, but beloved great-aunt Margaret just passed away, the baby would be Jane Margaret Lastname. It's a nice way to add something of your own and keep the tie to older family names going at the same time. (Especially when the older generation have name that might sound a little odd on a kindergartner - Mabel, Wilfrid, Rosalie. Not bad names, just not exactly playground material).

Oh, but no weird names, ever ever. In some ways it's worse when combined with an old family name: "Nevaeh Mykynzi" is awful but "Nevaeh Magdalena" is just plain spooky.

Incidentally, my husband and I are moving to Utah soon, and should we by some freak chance manage to produce living offspring, they will have normal names - so rest assured there are some sane potential baby-namers in that state :).

You must take a look at http://www.notwithoutmyhandbag.com/babynames/

Scatman anyone?

If we ever manage to reproduce I'm naming it either Enema (girl) or Colon (boy).

On the subject of two or more middle names, I think this is an upper class British tradition, with at least one of the names being in honour of a relative. Probably the relative with the most money. :p

A friend and her hubby just adopted a little girl from Gutamela...they combined names.... Gabriella + Carlos = Cariella. Very pretty. Cant wait to hear yours.

Xavier Robert was the only boy name we even thought of, Xavier is Mark's middle name and Robert was my grandfather's name, it wasn't untill later that I realized that it's whats written on the ass of all Cabbage Patch Kids, but what can you do?

No fair to leave such a cliff-hanger! Can't wait to hear your choices. I agree - middle names are overrated. Sam is Samantha Mackenzie, but for some reason my whole family calls her Samantha Jane. My Mom started it and now it has stuck. Poor girl will have some serious issues and a big loop-hole should I call out her full name when she's in big trouble. Zackary Charles is named after my father, Charles William.

Counting down the days w/you :)

Matt and I decided we'd throw a box of crayons in the air and whichever one landed nearst us was the child's name. So far we've got Seafoam Silver and Violet Orange-Yellow. Beautiful.

I know one couple who gave their son the name of their favourite football team as his middle name. That is just freaky. Personally I think you should use Buffy or Xena as a girls name and Spike or Hercules :-)

My family has adhered to the oh so wonderful New England/WASP (white anglo-saxon protestant) tradition of not only recycling family first names but using family surnames as middle names. Don’t know why or how this tradition started but is really handy when you are doing your family tree, I’ve the got the first AND last name (as a middle name) of a great-great aunt. As a result of all the recycling my family has an over abundance of people with the same first names so middle names are frequently used and somewhat of a necessity and full names are always used when you are in big trouble.

Looks like I’ll be joining the 4 name club, the current plan is that someday my children will not only have a first name from some long dead ancestor, but will also have a middle name consisting of some ancestor’s surname, AND to make my hubby happy a very very long Hawaiian + our last name. Should make filling out official forms quite a headache! I do have to admit having family names helped me to be interested in my genealogy and as a result turned me into a history buff/history major so it was kinda cool. Having just two names seems sort of liberating in a way (so simple) but I’m such a sucker for tradition so I don’t think I be able to go that route myself in naming children, I’m sure they’ll resent me for it one day.

I actually think the most important thing to consider when naming kids is how the name will sound. My best friend’s son is Rees Paul, a nice short and to the point name but then she realized it could easily be turned into grease ball. She is currently putting money aside for therapy if he needs it later on.

Whenever I ask my husband what names he likes for kids he says "We're naming them fucknuts and nonuts"

Can't wait to see how Taylyr and Tylyr do at the next appointment.

Can't wait to see how Taylyr and Tylyr do at the next appointment.

I agree about the middle names being used for when the kid's in trouble. In my family, they're also the equivalent of raised eyebrows if I've said sometime dirty, as in "Tracy LYNNE, I can't BELIEVE you said that!"

My great grandparents gave my great uncle 2 middle names and it apparently taxed them so much that they were all out of ideas for his younger brother who didn't get one. He later chose his own.

My husband is a Junior and has no middle name. Many companies insist upon giving him a middle initial for their junk mail though, sometimes it's A, sometimes its H. If we ever have a son, he will not be GB III for many reasons, including the fact that G hates his father, but we won't go into all the psychological stuff here. And I will probably force a first and middle name upon our children as I am very indecisive, and I will still have options of what to call them.

Hmmmmm..... Martertia and Martertio? *wink*

I have not one, but two middle names, plus a confirmation name. Parents couldn't decide what to name me, so finally they gave me one name from each grandmother and then stuck on a third name (one that could be found on both sides) to use as a source for the nickname they wanted.

What can I say, we're Southern.

But I do like having lots of names; having 'em makes it easy to come up with pseudonyms, and I liked the idea of having several real names to choose from when I went off to college and decided to ditch the nickname. I'm not so crazy about my first middle name, but hey, it's only a middle initial!

However...the only time I think middle names are essential is when you want to give the kid a really weird, crazy, could-never-be-chief-justice name. Such as Arwen or Glenhenna or something. As long as the child has one ordinary name to use if he/she wishes, you won't rack up crushingly bad karma. Mary Arwen is permissable -- you can get away with a lot in a middle name. But you can avoid this just by giving the kid an unexceptional (in the Jane Austen sense) first name and skipping the middle name.

Sidenote: for those of you with husbands wanting a Fourth or a Fifth....Miss Manners says that only royalty get to keep numbers fixed for all time. Everyone else gets bumped up a notch when someone dies -- Juniors become Seniors, Thirds become Juniors, etc. So unless your husband has a great-grandfather in his naming line still around when you have a son, said son avoids being a Fifth. Not that I harass random strangers with this "edict," of course, but you never know when it might come in handy...

Why stop at two names?? You should give your kids at least 4 names, 5 if you want to be a really good parent. Rasputin Marmalade Trigger Mango Smith Doesn’t that just roll off the tongue?

Then on the forms that require a middle name they can either pick or use the first letters from all of their names, Rasputin MTM Smith.

These are my 4 name combo picks for twins:
Rasputin Marmalade Trigger Mango
Constentine Bayou Tristate Fuzzy

Aren’t those beautiful?!?
(wicked grin)

My husband told people we were naming the baby "Flinstone Boomerang", boy or girl.

Not only does my son have a second name, he has a third name plus his last name whihch makes for a grand total of four names. Second (& third) names are a good way to carry on family names. My son's middle names are the first names of both of his grandfathers. The names are all short and I think it works out well.

Can't wait to hear how Andy and Brandy are doing!

Okay Julie-- I have news for you! Someone here in li'l ole Grand Rapids, Michigan DID think Placenta was a lovely name for a girl. My husband is a police officer here and gets to see all kinds of strange names- but when he met dear Placenta, well, he just didn't know what to say. (maybe she has a sister named Afterbirth).

I just finished teaching a class with students named Persephone and Ovita. True.

I always resented the fact that my madien name and my middle name started with the same initial. Unil I got married and now my middle initial stands for whatever name I feel like using at the moment.

My brother has two middle names because he was going to be my parents last child and only boy. His first name is the same as my mom's deceased brother, his middle name is an adaptation of a close (female) friend's name and his second middle name is the same as my father's middle name. I think mom enjoys using all four of his names when she is REALLY mad.

My friend is pregnant and has asked me to come up with a middle name. Thefirst name she picked is Tes. Does anyone have any ideas.

i think that middle names where used back in the day to acknowlage important family members, like grandma marie or daddy david. first grandsons or daughter, etc.... also i used a middle name for my girl because it sounded cute and less boring. skylar chanelle connally sounds better than skylar connally. wouldnt you agree? so even if there isnt any real or lodgical reason on why you use a middle name, some people just dont care! you either like them or you dont. i LOVE them because there are just so many names that i like and i cant have that many kids so why not make use of them?

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