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Whoohoo. Love those ultrasounds - so reassuring. Where can we buy one for home use?

I'm glad they looked good today. It is all so scary. There is always another hurdle to be cleared. I'd loan you my anti-gravity boots if I hadn't miplaced them!

hey - one day behind for a slow implanter. That sounds pretty good. Its probably two days ahead if you look at it that way.

Woohoo!! So glad they are doing well. And just a little note, J measured 2-3 days behind on early u/s. One more milestone cleared.


Some food for Hope: Couldn't the abdominal u/s be a teensy bit less accurate still at this early stage? Sounds good, right?


I'm so happy about your blurry blobs inside their blurry bubbles! I love them already.

Oh, so happy that the u/s showed both your blurry babes strong and sound. Ah, relief!

I'm all about blurry blobs.
I'm smiling for you:)

Smell that? That's the sweet smell of relief for the weekend. :)

Glad to hear your babies and you are all doing well!

I will try very hard to teach my own honor student not to point at laugh at your two in the slow class. It's really not kind.

Yay for Tertia's babies!!!

I am skipping for you :) One less hurdle...

Whew! Very happy for you, that would be me.

I’ll give your Hope some breathing room and let my Hope out. She currently in the middle of a grassy field on a beautiful sunny day, twirling around in circles, and singing (very off key) “Blurry blobs, blurry, ah blurry blobs.” Hope is quite off her rocker I tell you.

That's just GREAT news, Tertia! So glad that your twins are growing well!! All the best to you!

I have been reading, and am so happy to read this post. I am sending as many strong baby vibes your way as I can! My ultrasound dates were diffferent every time, and twins are usually running on the small side!

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