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yeah, its a nervewracking time in pregnancy wondering if everything will turn out okay or not especially when you have been in this situation before and it all went wrong. Hang in there girl and get through it whatever way you can.

Caves are good places. I'll keep slipping my grubby notes under the door...feel free to ignore them.

Take your time. We'll be waiting right outside when you feel you want to talk a little. It's all about your needs right now, Tertia.

I did the same thing this weekend, Tersh. You do whatever you need to to get through this with your sanity.

If you need a blankie or Cheetos, throw out a stone with a message taped to it. We'll get right on it.

As a cave-dweller myself, I completely understand your need for that quiet, dark, safe place. Your sister's new baby, I'm sure, has stirred up a lot of emotional pain, and all the celebration in the air must be so incredibly difficult for you to deal with right now.

Sending you lots of love, T. We're all here, standing guard outside your cave, waiting for you to emerge safely -- when you're ready.

You are in such a hard place right now. I can't imagine how triggering it would be to have my sister give birth to a healthy, full-term baby just 5 months after losing mine. And to have a twin pregnancy again, while it's an amazing blessing, well, it has to feel too incredibly familiar. Grief takes a long time and it's not a linear process--you know that. Your friends will be guarding the door to your cave, to keep the stupid people out and to wait for your rock-note-requests. I don't know you well enough (and you don't know me at all) to call myself a friend, but I'll just take a perimeter patrol. I'd be happy to throw a spear at any idiot who tries to mess with you. Just give a holler.

Hey cave-woman...I say kudos to you for retreating to safety when you need it.
You take care of yourself...whether that mean a cave or the Cheetos...whatever!

What if I threw twinkies and mini-bottles of Vanilla Stoli (filled with pellegrino of course, but you wouldn't know that) at your cave entrance and tried to lure you out? I don't think it would help, but just as long as you know I cared enough to try?

Take all the time you need T. it's not like we're goin' anywheres.

After no less than 12 attempts of writing "Gee, I know what you are feeling" I realize that cannot be possible. For reasons different than yours I also have found a home in my cave lately. All I really wanted to say is hang in there sister...with the hormones, emotions and just life in general you are bound to ebb and flow a bit. I'm affirming all is perfect on your soon to be scans.

No wise words for you...just more support than a Wonderbra.

I'm a cave dweller myself, but mine is internal, and I still go out around people who then get really mad when I insist on acting like a sullen asshole.

Take care of you. This is scary.

Oh--and you were right of course--it's twins for me too.

But you know whats great? You're here telling the world you're a cave dweller! My friends (Real life friends) they just don't get it. I must be mad at them, or going through some more 'infertility stuff' that they just don't understand if I back away for a bit!
You got it right! You know what you need to do, and Gosh, I'm praying for you 12w scan tomorrow!
Keep us updated, after you get out of the cave...

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