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You're wonderful!
I think...
I only glanced at this entry.

Oh, quit your damn whining.


  • You are a whiner.
  • You can't read.
  • I love you ferociously.

Telling those things to your husband isn't really considered whining is it? More like nagging I would think.

whining is more like, "Do I have to go grocery shopping all by myself again?" or "Why does it always rain when I want to go do something fun?"

But anyway it doesn't matter, you're not really reading this are you?

What? Did you say something?

Ah, we still think you're cool. Whiny and all. Hope you're feeling all right today.

Huh? You mean you *don't* read me all the way through?

Harumph. *slinking off in corner to weep*

It's called "selective reading" and it's a trait that all good Mom's MUST have. It goes hand in hand with selective hearing, also.

I can send you some bullet points on it if you like!

I frequently get told by my darling husband (not) that he's got some wonderful cheese to go with that wine I've got. Hardy-har-har is all I have to say to that.

Ah, such minor flaws could not detract from otherwise perfection, Tertia!

Very very good! I asked for that.

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