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Egad, look what you get up to when you're not IM'ing me calling me an anus.

Brava. What a brilliant manifesto.

Wow. So true.

think of it this way. Once you have switched on that maternal switch, the one that says “yes, I want a baby, and I am ready now”, its is impossible to switch it off. It is not a desire for a chocolate, or a want for a back rub. It is an instinct, a primal drive, an alarm that screams so loudly it drowns out every thing else (an no, not the clichéd biological clock). How do you switch that off? How do you not think about it?

this really jumped out at me. my partner and i just decided to stop ttc for a few years(mental health, time, etc), but i still can't get it out of me head.

Great post.

Simply...Thank you!

That was brilliant! I especially related to the paragraph about living like a pg woman in the hope of maintaining what small shred of fertility you may still have. I recently conceived after 2 years of 'trying', inlcluding 1 ectopic, 1 miscarriage, a diagnosis of adhesions and MF infertility, and lots of fertility treatments (IUI's and the IVF/ICSI which eventually did the trick). When the midwife asked me at my first appointment if I drink, I said, "Well, I haven't in the past two years." Not surprisingly, giving up alcohol (and blue-vein cheese etc.) has not been in the slightest bit difficult for me to do...I did it ages ago! I just never thought about it in the way that have so eloquently expressed in this post.
Wishing all the best at today's scan.

Wow Tersh - that was truly well written and clearly heart-felt. Thanks for sharing so that we can understand more about how u are feeling. Good luck today and love you lots!

Just read it in Feb 2005. :) I am going through all the things you mentioned here, and girl you really nailed it. Well put! You placed all my emotions down so neatly in black and white. Most of my friends have no clue of what I go through for months and almost 2 years now. The first thing that usually comes out from those who least knows me is "why don't you adopt?" as if that's an easier alternative of the daily IUI/IVF rituals we go through. At least I am lucky to have supportive close friends who are genuinely concern for each step we've gone through so far....now I am going in for possible ectopic pregnancy surgery...oh well, praying that's not the case...continue on...but keep all our chins up...one day might be our turn...despite the monthly tortures and disappointments, there are worst things, and I consider myself already very blessed for many other things.

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