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This was a truly hilarious description of your visit to the chakra cleaner.

I also have problems with meditation. Prayer, I can do, but meditation is harder. What I've learned is that I can meditate better when I'm doing something physical at the same time. So maybe it would be easier for you to meditate *while* you load/unload the dishwasher, take a walk around the neighborhood, fold laundry, etc. For me I do my best meditation while knitting. Otherwise, my mind wanders too much. But focusing on a task that keeps that undercurrent of commentary occupied helps me free up the other levels of my mind to just relax. Maybe it'll help you? Or maybe not. But at least you'll have folded laundry at the end of it.

Are you taking flax seed oil supplements? They *really* help with constipation, and are good for you.

Does giving yourself a manicure count as meditation? It sure helped me out a lot yesterday.

I can't clear my mind either, and I like to think of that as a good thing. How great is your mind, really, when you can shut it up with a wave of your mental hand?

Congratulations on your squeaky clean chakras. I'm so glad you decided to go with the healer instead of the standing on your head, naked, in the middle of the highway idea. Or the creepy coworker. Very wise choice. And you got to keep your pants on.

I would definitely advise track pants over further aura-cleansings. I mean, I don't know how dirty my aura is, but I figure ignorance is bliss. And also, I can't button up any of my pants. So look out lady...'cause I'm only a a few weeks ahead of you in the waist-expansion game.

Warm wishes for the continual expanding of your waist...

I, too, am seeing a healer in my quest for a baby. Being skeptical, it took me two visits for me to hop up on the table, but it had such a calming effect and I too will go back. Not sure when, but I will. Can't hurt to have squeaky clean, aligned shakras, can it?

Good luck!

I'm like you when I try to clear my brain. I just. can't. Whatever I'm not supposed to think of, I suddenly think of: I'll start chanting Satan's name over and over, for instance. I call it my Inner Turette's.

I hope your chakra cleansing helped you and your tiny tot(s) deal with that evil stress. I'm sure my chakras are a nice dark, sooty, tarnished grey.

Tersh who ARE you - I'm the one who's s'posed to be chakra cleaning, meditating on world peace and burning incense dammit. Now you've stolen my identity. Cross now. Wanna join me at the Obs Festival at month-end? They've got some great tarot card readers there and I hear they do a cool aura reading (all while wearing ethnic prints and turban! - hehehehhe. Rolling now.

You should just get a back massage from a professional. That'll get you relaxed. Maybe a nice foot rub too...Hell I could use a good back massage!


I liked your story and thought I would add a bit.

Quite by chance and just before Christmas, I picked up this wand-looking thing in an Indian shop in Hout Bay and thinking it looked quite nice in a new-age sort of way, I bought it for my wife, who likes that sort of thing.

The other night, I was lying down and wondering what the wand thing with crystals might be used for, so I decided I would play with it and see whether I could get any effect going.

I held it with the round crystal at the top in one hand and the pointy crystal facing down towards my chest. I held the middle bit of the wand with my other hand. I then closed my eyes and tried to “feel” something.

Imagine my surprise when the next moment I had a clear, vivid image of this flower-like thing opening up in my chest to reveal this weird sort of glowing light, almost like a camera iris opening, except with these kind of weird petals around the edge! I can tell you, I was gobsmacked! I found I could reproduce this effect quite easily on other locations and played around to discover five of these things in my torso and another in the "third eye" location. They seem to have different colours.

I have since being trying to find out more about this effect - especially what these weird coloured energy vortexes are – then found some references to “chakras” and hence landed on your page. I am convinced this must be a normal phenomenon because they are selling these wands all over the place and yet I can’t find any information on them. To be honest, the whole thing is freaking me out a bit because this weird “etheric” body I have discovered doesn’t really fit my model of reality and I am wondering whether I am having a bad dream in which I suddenly find myself in The Matrix or something equally nasty. My training is in the sciences, you know. They never mentioned this crazy stuff in engineering school.

Anyway, it seems that this simple device has the ability to open these bizarre energy centers and I have the impression that they somehow get charged in this way. I have tried various things to see if there is any effect and so far I have the impression I can enhance the effect by breathing in thru my nose and then when breathing out visualise energy pouring down the wand. It gives me a feeling similar to electricity flowing and the vortexes seem to start spinning faster and brighter and the colour becomes clearer or more pure. Difficult to describe, really.

Anyway, instead of going to one of these people that want to charge you money, I thought you might simply find one of these wands and try it yourself. If you point the wand at these centres, say, once a day, if there is anything to the chakra cleaning it might do something positive. On the other hand, maybe it doesn’t. But its cheaper to find out for yourself rather than having someone else charge you 150 bucks a pop and I have to admit it is quite fun.

Good luck,

Meditation is simple..

Just lay down on your bed, close your eyes, and focus on your breathing. Everytime you end up getting caught in thoughts or thinking, bring your attention back to the breath. After awhile, your mind goes blank.. and then also you forget about breathing.

You sound quite anal as you put it.. try a psychedelic or something.. your ego sounds like it needs a good shattering :P

Well it soundes to me that u have a lot of bad karma that should be cleaned out of your system. and to quit the mind just command it to and it will after all it is your mind no one elses.if u cant controle your self like that then sumthings wrong.but i send love. andd i can do it and im only 18 been doing since 13. and chakra clearing does work i know first hand..

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