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Question is, will you smoke it? No comment? That is OK

I hear its really good for nausea. :)

... and I have no idea what that plant is either

Well if the builders were dropping some wacky weed while they were working, I hope your house came out okay! LOL.

Hmmm I always knew it Tersh, all that denial about being shoowaah and stuff. HAH, now we know. Perhaps it's Marko's little plantation? Dare u to inquisition him 2nite

That is hilarious... but I must say, I see some moisture around the base that indicates somebody's been watering...

LMAO! I don't know where you live, but here just one plant like that is cultivation and that's a felony. LOL!

Tertia = Pothead.


"Will you smoke it?" She will, but she won't inhale! LOL! Actually, my "Herbals for the Childbearing Years" states that this particular 'herb' is good for a stalled labor. So I figure, hey, it's recommended, I'll just bring a big doobie with me to the birthing center. You know, just in case. ;)

Damn, T! Puts a whole new spin on weeding your garden. I'm not coming down there to bail you out of jail, either, you pothead.

My houseplants don't look that good!

BTW, Can I come over?

I'm thinking brownies, easier to get past the hospital staff.

Forget four-leaf clovers! I'll take that as a good luck sign anytime!

Hey! Instead of Puff Daddy you can be Puff Mommy!

SEND IT TO ME!!!!!!!!!

It's indigenous to my country, and the gov keeps going on and on about alien vegetation infestation and how we should plant indigenous plants only etc etc. I am just doing my civil duty.

Tell you what, instead of sending you all pressed flowers and a card for your birthdays, I’ll dry out some of the leaves and send them instead. Green tea is apparently very good for you.

And no, I didn’t water the plant, it just happened to rain only in that spot. Freak weather pattern. Global warming??!!

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