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Not to mention the quilts and kitties, plus Paul sounds like a nice guy;)

Sorry, Paul is sold separately.

You know what I want in a lover? Someone who will go downstairs after we have done the deed and get me a freakin' glass of water. KITCHEN water, too -- not any of that substandard bathroom kind. There I lie, peaceful and sated, and I say, offhandedly, "You know, I'm kind of thirsty."

And Paul just says, "Yeah. Me, too," and LIES THERE!

So if you will fetch me water, my dear, you are the woman for me. Oh, and do that trick with with your pinky. Yeah. There. That's niiiice.

Yeah...this is just what we need. A torrid love affair between two pregnant women. Surely there is a website for this.....

Do I have to be pregnant to join?

Gah! No fair making bfs without me. *Bullying my way in between you two*

Besides, I can do kinky things with TWO q-tips. Er, I didn't just say that.

Hey, me too! Shove over, you! ::bellyflops on the pile::

And anybody with any damn sense knows you get a big glass of ice water *before* the proceedings, so it's perfectly melty and sweaty, right about the time you are.

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