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Whooohooooo! Yay for your special school babes. Clearly, they're more laid back than we are about these things. Picture them saying: Like chill, ma.

Way to grow babies! I'm so happy to hear both are doing well. Great news!

Enjoy this time with your Hope Addict. I hope she stays for a good long time.

Such good news - a hopeful T, 2 beating hearts, good measurements. Hurry home Julie. (so...are you gonna tell the prayer lady?)

Yeah!!!!! YEAH!!!! I''ve been lurking here for a bit and I am so happy that you got good news!!!

Oh, thank God.

That's wonderful news, Tertia! So glad to see this update - have been checking here every now and then today. I hope & pray that all goes well for the next 30+ weeks. Look after yourself. Best wishes. M

Woo hoo Tertia!

Two beautiful heartbeats! What a wonderful sound & sight. Give your Hope Addict a nice big lollipop and whatever else she wants for the next two weeks. If you can keep her happy, maybe the time will go faster.

Yay Tertia!! Fantastic news!!

Your babies are beautiful just like their mamma. Now get yourself a hobby so the time will pass quickly. I can't believe you have to wait two weeks for your next scan! Crap. Can't you call and plead for every-other-day ultrasounds?

IM me if you get bored while Julie's away.


Yay! (Clapping of hands)

great news!

Double trouble - love it & fat congrats!

I'll let my Hope Addict do all the cheering for me. Just to give you the full visual here
my dear girl Hope is a cross between a demented cheerleader, Pippy Longstocking, and Rubric (Dirty Rotten Scoundrels). Soooooo..... she's currently running around for you in a cheer leading outfit, with pigtails, banging two pots together shouting, "Lovely Heartbeats! Lovely Heartbeats! Lovely Heartbeats!" I'm very happy for you so I'll let Hope run around until she's exhausted herself before I put her back in
the padded & soundproof room.

Holy shit! Two of them!

Congrats you. :)Once you hit 10 weeks, grab a doppler, it eased my mind many many times.

delurking to say v beautiful embies! I hope these next 14 days go at light speed so you can see them again!

Whoot! Whoot!

yay!! yayayay!

You can do it.

I feel like a cheerleader.

Only 32 weeks to go... My friend, only 32! Better than 40 anyway.

Love you lots and hoping...

Congratulations Tertia!

You should definitely buy youself an U/S machine.

Better go and get a hobby for that bed rest!


Happy and scared at the same time. Could possibly suggest investing in 10 000 trillion piece puzzles and a board large enough to accommodate them but light enough to balance on your knees. Only discovered this fascinating past time around about week 7 or 8 in the good ol NSC. Sad as it was / is until then the highlight of my day was Parliament Live - never did get into Pokemon, WWE wrestling or Days so that was it for me - reality TV at it's best.

Congrats on the lovely portraits of your children!
I found you via "a little pregnant" via "uncommon misconception".
I think.

*Doing happy dance*

Yay yay, Tertia! Two yays for two babies. I am so happy for you!

Wowie zowie. Fantastico!!!!

Congratulations on your "late implanters." What is that like, hearing two heartbeats? Quadrophonic, man.

Best of everything to you..

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