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Hang on T. This must be such a difficult time. I wish it was easier for you. Just hang on. You're doing great.

I want a little readout set into my abdomen -- maybe a digital doohickey, maybe something as low-tech as a pop-up turkey thermometer -- that tells me hCG level, sac size, CRL, and, when appropriate, heart rate.

Is that too much to ask?

How annoying that you have no symptoms...oh, and yes, I wish sore boobs & nausea on all my friends. I'm with Julia...a turkey-baster style pop up that keeps you informed. If you can't find one of those (although with all the baby-gear websites someone MUST have one) your doctor should be so kind as to test you whenever you like. Free of charge of course. Good luck with that!

Wait, T... its coming my friend! Soon u will be throwing up daily and loving every minute of it! ('',)

I think we should all begin funding a project to develop at-home ultrasound machines and permanent catheters in our veins for routine "wellness" readouts...

What was I saying about relinquishing control?

After 6 miscarriages (and the doctor telling me that MORNING SICKNESS WAS A GOOD THING) I got pregnant and felt NOTHING. NADA. Then, I had a 12 lb 10 oz 14 inch Cassandra who is now 13 years old.

It *will* work this time!

and stop poking your boobs!

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