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DAMN IT, DAMN IT, DAMN IT!! This is so f'ing UNFAIR!!

Shit! I'm so sorry.

I don't have PCO, but I have had the same sort of response to injectable meds on several occasions. Good news is that follicles do start popping up out of nowhere most of the time. Better late than never, I always think.

I hope this will be the case for you during your next scan.

Hang in there.

Tertia, This just sucks big time. I'm sorry. I'm still hoping you get some late starters.

There is no sense in any of this. I think there is an enormous conspiracy afoot in the world of reproductive endocrinology to convince us patients that there's actual SCIENCE at work — because at this point I just don't believe anybody knows ANYTHING for sure.

I am just sick that you're experiencing this uncertainty.

God, I'm sorry. I will hope good things for you on Wednesday.

Tertia, I'm so sorry. That just blows. WTF is wrong with the universe??

I'm really, really, really sorry.

I'll be thinking about you. And hoping like crazy.

The universe was just on a lunch break yesterday, girl.

I hope you get a decent surprise by the next scan, you do not deserve this crap and ye olde IVF ferryman takes you over the river into the Egg Land of plenty.

Be sure to let us know straight away.


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