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The fear and the anguish never end. Even when pregnant. Even after the IVF and ET. My first pregnancy ended at 18 weeks and no one knows why. I've been on bedrest for more than 3/4 of this pregnancy for bleeding and PROM. Never thought it would happen. But it did. I did everything in my power to keep it from happening. But, I'm still here. And everything seems to be going okay. Hang in there sweetie. It's hard, but oh so worth it. ((hugs))

I fart in rooms all the time. And since there is incense there.. let it rip... the odors will cancel each other out.

You have every right to be afraid, and no, I don't think your embryos can tell. And as for farting, you're paying your acupuncturist good money to relax you so if you fart he (she?) will know they did a good job.

Of course you're afraid. You're not stupid, after all. But fear never stopped implantation. Just ask the 16 year old kneeling on the floor of the bathroom, begging God, doG, or ANYONE that she not be pregnant.
Those stubborn little bundles of life don't listen to us from day one. May you be blessed with an especially stubborn one.

What Kira said. There would be no need for the morning after pill if just being conflicted about being pregnant would make the embryos not implant.

A healthy pregnancy can grow inside you no matter what is happening in your head. So don't worry about the worrying. It's the job of pregnancy, even when you haven't experienced awful losses like you have.

Yeah, what they said. There's no doubt that you're going to be scared shitless of getting pregnant again. This is scary stuff. But, clearly your courage outweighs your fear and that, my friend, is what will carry you through.

Thinking of you!

How could you not be afraid? But what Kira so wisely says is true. I wish you peace of heart, my friend.

One of the most brutal aspects of this process is that you stop knowing what to hope for. I mean, you hope for a healthy baby, sure, but everything before that is a dark, scary smear of uncertainty.

I was terrified to start another cycle because of what a failure could mean, but also frightened of success, because the very definition of success is shifting and elusive. You know you're messed up when you realize you'd rather have a negative beta than a low one or one that doesn't double...

Kira is smart. Listen to Kira. And know your friends are hoping.

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