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Yep - nervewracking.

What was your ideal number that you wanted to implant?

Definitely only two this time. I am never doing the four thing again, and even three makes me nervous. So only two. Dr doesn't even want me to have twins, only a singleton. I'll take whatever I can get (one or two).

Tertia, those numbers sound fantastic to me. I know how gut-churning this all gets in the eleventh hour. Hang in there.

Hey there Tertia, am holding thumbs for you for Tuesday!!!

Okay - I'll be thinkin' on two, then.

Count me in as keeping it all crossed that this is going to be succesful- here's hoping your life is filled with poop in the not so far off future as well! :)

Happy first nodrinkingorsmoking Day. I hope it's the first of many!

Here's a lame-ass good luck for you from me and Mark.

You have more eggs than I have had with three IVF's all together so I say this sounds great so far!
Hoping for the best for you!!


Wow. Nervewracking is right. I wish you extreme good luck tomorrow!

Checking back compulsively (as I do most things) for an update. I'm so glad you had such a bevy of embryos to work with -- I know there are winners among them.

k, I don't really understand what you said, but I'm totally with you in hoping it'll be a good - no, brilliant - outcome. Oh how easy this would all be if it wasn't a nosmokingordrinking day.

I wanted to comment on what you said about the friend that had done 9 cycles, all negative.

I posted a couple of weeks ago that I had finally gotten a BFP on IVF #10. It was my first using donor eggs.

On Mother's Day weekend, I miscarried.

I had told people when I first found out I was pregnant and had low beta numbers (60) that I was happy to be pregnant, even if I miscarried, but then when we found out is was a chemical (what the HELL is that term all about ... I was pregnant, da*n it !!!), I was devastated. In the short two weeks I had to enjoy it (I found out at 5w4days, and miscarried at 6w2days), I looked at baby name sites, thought about baby rooms, and even thought about parking in the mom-to-be spot at my grocery store.

I am happy that I have had this, and I have all my pee sticks in a bag with a print-out of an explanation of chemical pregnancy, but the bitter is still far outweighing the sweet.

Tertia, I love this blog and I love your attitude and you help me cope. I don't pity you but I admire the heck out of you. I forwarded your guidelines for being friends with an Infertile to a ton of people who still tell me about the miracle stories that they hear.

Just wanted to add my two cents.


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