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You are married to my partner, Tertia. Mine is the same - stubborn, rational, undemonstrative, reserved, can seem quite unemotional. A List Man, a Planning Man, not a Touchy Feely Man.

And then he goes and surprises me by coming out with these wonderful things and statements.

Like saying that he is warming up to adoption.

Not perfect, but perfect for me. And I hope he feels the same way about me.

But then again, everybody knows that I am perfect.

Tell him he is een liefje en een schatje met een goet hart.

Tertia, I'm bawling. How can he know exactly what you need to hear at exactly the right time? He IS perfect, perfect for you — but as lucky to have you as you are to have him.

[stiffled sobbing sounds]

Oh, man - I know exactly what you mean. My husband sounds too similar. But he always seems to do the right thing at the right time, once push comes to shove.

Thank you for sharing his beautiful words.

Marko is a wonderful man T. I am so glad you 2 have found your perfect person.

I'm glad you've got such a great man!

He sounds like a treasure - just like you.

Oh wow. That got me really teary. I'm glad that you found each other, because you are obviously perfect for each other!

He sounds perfect fr me too! :)

I am just reading through your archives until present day, but I can only read so much in one sitting because you keep on breaking my heart. Okay, back to May.

Okay, I'm more than a year late reading this. I'm late for everything.

I have to tell you that I am balling my eyes out reading this.

I know you know this already but.....

You are. So. Lucky. He's wonderful.

U r seriously lucky that u got such a caring and loving husband

U r seriously lucky that u got such a caring and loving husband

U r seriously lucky that u got such a caring and loving husband

Love him to glory...Ihave a similar one with me.He is a real person like yours.May God make some more like them to make this world a better place!cheers..

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