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Alrighty - so you've got your two. You should find some highly-addictive, sedate hobby to take up your time for the next week and a half.

I hope the time flies, and there's great news at the end! Good luck!

Wishing you--everything!

I'm not sure what to say now. Good luck? Best wishes? I know you have heard it all before. Too many times. So I'm gonna say, lets get on with this! It is time for Tertia to have a full term, safe, healthy, puking, pooping, screaming baby of her own to have and to hold forever! Lets do this!

Good luck to you, my friend. Here's hoping the next 10 days are chock full of distractions (of the cheerful sort).

What a special cervix you have! Congratulations on your breeze of a transfer.

I guess if you can't drink or smoke or have sex, you'll just have to write a lot. Which would make us all very, very happy.

Good luck! Implant embies implant!! :)

Yay, you're cervix is very cooperative! Good luck! Implant embies implant!! :) I got bored tremendously after ET as well. Hope you find a good hobby to pass the time.

I'm glad everything went well, and remember that there are so many women out here who are thinking of you every day and hoping for this almost as hard as you are:)

May they hatch, snuggle in to your lush lining, divide, be chromosomally normal, develop normally, hang out for 8ish wonderful, peaceful months, be born without incident, and make you laugh and cry for all of their long and magical lives.

Awesome. awesome. Awesome. I am so happy for you!!

May the miracle of a full-term, healthy pregnancy and baby be what God has decided is now for you, because there is definitely some "magic force" involved in the process. May he protect and nurture both your embies and you. I wish you all the "magic" you could possibly hope for.

Wow. Not being familiar with the process, I can't believe how quickly this has all gone. Ditto to all the above comments. You deserve all the blessings you can get.

Come on, hatching blasts, hatch your asses off and grow!

Knitting. It can become a completely engrossing hobby. You could start today, and by tomorrow you'd be completely obsessed.

I hope the embryos take good hold.

Knitting's good - hobby passes the time and the needles make for excellent weapons.

Just in case.

And you can pee on them safely and they won't freak you out.

No seriously, don't pee on the needles...but do knit.

Thinking fertile thoughts...

Good luck! I hope the 10 day wait goes very quickly.

Well, I'm a "closet follower" of your blog and am quite happy now that you have those excellent embies back on board the mother ship...

I have no real advice on how to pass the time (I was never good about following the "don't do" instructions between ET and testing). I often found myself waking my dogs for hours on end... Hell, whatever works, right??

Prayers being sent for a BFP, healthy pregnancy and delivery.


Super blastocysts;
sticky endometrium --
better learn to knit!

Tertia, I hope this one's all sweet, no bitter.

(And I second the lots-o-writing suggestion.)

I can't think "mothership" without also thinking "Parliament Funkadelic." I can't wait to send you a baby present — every kid deserves the chance to look like Bootsy Collins.

This is just such exciting stuff. Great blog.

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