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Yay for eggs. And yay for PGD too - very useful, given all you've been through. I've been following this cycle like it was my own.

Dammit my post was gonna beee hurrah for eggs - hmmph but i c NBF beat me to it.
Love u

Man, Dr. Handsome knows his stuff!

I am concentrating my awesome powers directly your ovaries. You might want to stand very still so I can focus. I would hate to get a brain full of intestine instead.

Now was it the wine or the drugs that did the trick? Tough one to answer but very happy that they have arrived in numbers.


Whew! Happy things are cooking now.

Woo hoo! My next cycle I'm trying Tertia's patented wine and room service protocol!


Congratulations on the multiple egg production! Am happy to hear that this latest cycle is going well for you.



Jeez, girl. Whata ova partay you is having over there. I hope for nice mature eggies, good pgd, and beautiful embryos. And ow on the cracked ribs, should I get you one of those white t-shirts???

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