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Stupid f'ing cycles. Just when you think you are a professional, life goes and slips a new twist.....

Day 11 here. Just got canceled. Husband in another city now. Told him - don't bother coming back, no point. Coming anyway. Sure my one tube might work.... NOT. At least he still wants to spend time with me. At least there is that.

Enjoy your wine, etc. I'm going to go looking for a suitable bottle myself.....


Oh, tertia. I'm so sorry.

I know where you are right now, being cancelled last IVF. It sucked donkey balls. The worst time were the days before I was cancelled, because I just felt like the doctors were totally dicking me around.

I really really hope the follicles kick in. If not, please take good care of yourself. And buy some good wine.

Um, yeah, I don't think your spell check is working.

Oh, Tertia, I'm so sorry that your having such a crap cycle.

Nothing more that I can say, except that I'm thinking of you.

hey Tersh - not worried? When do these people learn we could do our own cycles blindfolded? We know too much to be lulled into surrender to the RE's knowledge.

Soit - it sucks mate. No words. It fecking sucks.

I'm just sorry, because that just sucks.

IVF - sucks. Wine - good. Late night room service - very good.

I hope today treats you better.

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