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HAHAHAHAH ROTFLMAO now 'cos Paul drives a Porsche. In fact he now owns TWO. Nuff said.

I wish Mark wanted to have sex that often, I'm an every other day kind of girl while he is a twice a MONTH kind of guy (sometimes less). He swears that it has nothing to do with my weight (190#s) but I think it does. So sad.

1. Wank
2. Put stuff in jar
3. Don't spill any you asshole!

I just laughed so hard my embryos fell out. Thanks a lot, you murderer.

Do you and your husband ever actually talk about the lack of sex? Paul and I don't. It is the giant pink elephant crouching in the corner thumbing through a porn magazine, never acknowledged.

You gotta be kidding me! Please tell us what the written instructions on how to produce a sperm sample actually are. We Americans may be demanding, but I've never seen the Wanking Instruction Sheet. Does it include pictures? I'm going to demand one for my husband next cycle. Too funny.

I also laughed so hard at the "giving a sample" instructions that I think I might have peed a little.

The status of our sex life has reached a comfortable detente. My husband knows that for large stretches of time it will be a no go, so he doesn't ask, or pester, or complain. To reward him, I leave my Glamour magazines and Victoria's Secret catalogs well positioned in the bathroom. It's a win-win.

Can't find the damn Wanking instruction sheet. Think my husband threw it away. But it said something about having a pee first, to abstain from sex for 3 days before, to keep the sample warm etc. So sensible things I suppose. Its just kind of funny that they have this now, where as before all you got was the sample jar and a wink.

In fact my new pet name for my husband is "My little wanker". He hates it but I think it has a nice ring to it.

Julie, we do talk about it, thank goodness. We laugh about it, which makes it easier. I've kind of got him to understand that my low libido has nothing to do with him, that I still love him and want him, but how I feel affects my sex drive. So if I feel fat, ugly, tired, worried, stressed, or whatever, then sex is the last thing I feel like. I think he understands. I hope so. Problem is we shagged like rabbits when we first met so I kind of raised his expectations.

The Men's Health Magazines should do a survey on how often men have sex who are also doing IVF. Not counting sex with the specimine cup! It will probably be around once per month.

**Pg Ment**
I can so relate to you and Julie regarding sexual infrequency! My husband and I had been ttc since May of '99, 7 months before we were married. For the first, like, 2 months of unprotected sex (which I had not had in years... since being a slutty college student)it was fun! Wheeee! We're going to be parent soon, and I'll be a pregnant bride! Then months and months and years went by and I still wasn't pregnant. Anyway, the end result of my years of IF has been a definite lack of interest in sex.

Now that I am pg, I actually have an excuse not to have sex. But after the requisite number of weeks have past after the baby is born, I will be expected to start putting out again on a regular basis.

And here's the funny thing (that someone said, above): I actually enjoy the fuck out of sex once I'm doing it! I have orgasms every time and my husband is a wonderully sensitive and skilled lover. It's just the IDEA of having sex that repels me. And it IS like the pink elephant in the living room because we simply don't discuss it. It's too sad, too embarrassing. We're too afraid that such a discussion would lead to, I dunno, the realization that our seemingly good marriage is, in fact, a sham?

I just want to add that I hate hearing about the frequency of other womens' sex lives. Makes me feel damned inadequate, if it's more than once a week.

Great blog/post, Tertia!


Great summary! This is just such an exciting stuff.

im having a problem with my sex life also. i want it but he dosnt. im a 21yr old female, he is a 22yr old male. we have been married for 2 years and at first screwed like rabbits but now we barly have sex. we are not trying for a baby, so we use protection. but in the last 6 weeks we have only had sex 4 times, and of all those times it was initated by him. ive tried to tnitate it but he never responds. ive tried to talk to him, and he says he just dosnt feel like it. he says there is nothing i can do to turn him on. and i am a very attractive woman. what can i do?.... ps when we do have sex it is fablous... wonderful. but i need it more.

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