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How weird is it that I'm actually envying your Friday night?

I think this break needs to be over soon. I need to inject something.

PS Looks like we have the same kitchen countertop.

That's a gorgeous countertop. Very shiny. A perfect backdrop for those meds.

I'm crossing everything over here that things go well.

Yo darl, this is getting really scary. We have the same kitchen! I have black granite as well. Man, how fucking scary is this idiosynchronicity going to get.

About drugs and the use of them. I used to do little comps with hubby holding a stopwatch to see how fast I could do 'it'.

There should be an olympic contest for IVF'ers.

You know what my Friday was like, funny enough the counter top looked similar to yours. Syringes make you bewt cooking utensils.


oooh... thats a scary sight!

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