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I'm day 5 of stims (don't want to talk about it much either...), and had the best of intentions as well. Woke up the other day, though, and said "screw it."
I've done everything "perfectly" on other cycles and still have nothing to show for it. I'm now in a frame of mind that says "relax."
I figure the stress of trying to be perfect far outweighs any benefit that may be there. I'm not a smoker, so I don't have that vice, but I sure can make a list of others!
We've been through hell. We deserve to have a life that is positive and uplifting. If it takes some "forbidden fruits" to get that sense of wellbeing, then screw what it "right."



PS - Love your pups! I have 2 wet weimeraners looking at me from our deck right now. :)

What beautiful dogs, smart and cute!

I had the same intention of making my body my temple during this 3 month break from treatments. So far, I've gained weight, started smoking again, and drink red wine just about every night. I did give up the Pringles and sweets, though. Not that it seems to be helping much.

So much for the "My body is my temple" idea. Although, my body is starting to get as big as a temple. Does that count?

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