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Living in the UK now - i hear your plea about using less tumble dryer power - but how cool is this? I have a tumble dryer that 'collects' the water it's getting out of the clothes, (called a condenser dryer), a little light goes on - and voila - I can remove the water container - and then use it on my potplants etc. Also - we put the clothes horses next to the radiators in the winter - and man, what an invention (central heating!) dries in no time. Back in SA I used to do the same as you - except the other way around - 15 mins in the dryer and then hang out and *pray* that they dry before they get that damp smell.


Must look to see if a similar product is available in the US -- years ago (eons really) when I was in college, our laundromat had a centrifuge; cut our cost of drying in half.


I have to have one of these!


I`ll second that, I already have one and it is awesome!


This Spindle looks amazing. I live in Johannesburg and as you know we get our rain in Summer but since Johannesburg has become a man made rain forest, we have days and days of rain.


I'm in the USA here, but have lusted after something like this ever since I met its cousin in Southeast Asia. Brilliant invention. Glad you're enjoying it.

katie s.

I don't know of anyone who owns one personally in the US, but this seems similar to the thing that my husband swears are at some public pools and community centers, where people can put their swimsuits in to spin dry before packing things up to go home and after putting on their dry clothes.


Yes, these exist at swimming pools in the US, and I want one for my house! Any chance of finding this in the US for home use? If not, Spindle could you help us out? My friend and I swim at a local pool and spin our suits and are constantly talking about how much we want one for home!


In the US, try searching for "Centrifugal Clothes Portable Spin Dryer" by The Laundry Alternative.


I live in Cape Town and it's quite hard to get washing dried if it can't go into a tumble dryer. I saw a Spindel being demonstrated at a home expo on Thursday and was so impressed that I bought one. Gave it a whirl today - it's fantastic. Possibly the best home appliance I have even bought!

Lovely Light

Interesting. I agree, in CT, it's hard to get your washing dried outside! It's like playing "chicken" with the rain clouds every day.


this is funny... I grew up in Argentina and we used something like it called Kohinoor. That was a gazillion years ago!! I did not they still existed...


The Spindel would be a good choice for the homemakers who usually dry the clothes by line drying process. It makes the work fast and efficient. This would be useful to dry the clothes which takes lot of time to dry normally!


Stupid question, does the the Spindel stop after the 3 min cycle or does one have to time it & turn the switch back when the 3 min is up?


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