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Mother, author, blogger, baby-maker. Recovering Infertile. Founder of an egg donor and surrogacy program. Passionate about helping others become parents


My name is Tertia and I am very fond of Chardonnay. I live in Cape Town, South Africa. I love being a South African and I am very proud of my country and its people.

This blog started off as a chronicle of my journey through infertility. Amazingly, nine IVF’s and a few losses later I managed to get knocked up and keep the babies this time. My twins, Adam and Kate, were born January 2005.

So that part of my life (the horrible, soul destroying infertility part) is over. The next chapter talks about finding the balance between mothering, working, wife’ing, all while drinking copious amounts of lovely chilled white wine.

**Edited to add**:

Apparently, contrary to popular belief, it is possible to conceive through S E X!! I know!! I wouldn't have believed it either - and yet, 9 months after some 'marital relations' my third child was born: Baby Max 15 May 2009 Surprise!! Here’s your baby! At age 40! WTF!


Me: – The gorgeous and divine me. Former infertile, current mother to twins (plus one other!). I have an Egg Donor and Surrogacy Program that I am very proud of. Please visit for South Africa's Premier Egg Donor Program

I swear too much and drink too much as well. I’ve thought about giving up both those habits but decided against it. It just seemed stupid and childish to stop either of them.

I am 40-something years old. I am tall, and my body shape closely resembles an olive on a tooth pick. Thin face and shoulders, thin legs. ROUND middle. Luckily the ‘olive’ isn’t too large. Yet.

I have a degree in Social Sciences, an honours degree in Human Resource Management and a MBA.

I’ve written a book, about my infertility journey. Please buy the book, I want to retire and live a life of luxury. Buy it on Amazon here

Marko: – The husband. The long-suffering husband. He is 5 years younger than I am. Yes, my little toy boy. Although he was born mature and responsible, more so than me. He is not big on poetry, talking about feelings, new age stuff, getting in touch with his feminine side. He can be a huge pain in the ass (although apparently, so can I) but I am very fond of him. I think I will keep him.

Rose: – The nanny. Rose is my life and sanity saver. She lives with us and takes care of the babies during the day. She is 30 34 years old. She reminds me a lot of Marko, they have similar stubborn, bossy personalities. Poor me!

Adam: – The big boy. Twin A – my special boy. Sensitive, loving, soft hearted, hard work - he reminds me so much of myself. He is mommy’s special boy.

Kate: – The favourite girl. Twin B – the cheeky one. Clever, funny, cheeky, easy going, strong willed. Mommy’s clever girl.

Max : – My surprise child, the cherry on top. A real sweetheart, proving to me that one baby at a time is how it is meant to be. Motherhood the second time around is soooooo much more enjoyable

Ben: – My son who was born too early. He was born on the 4th January 2004 at 26 weeks. He lived for 10 days and died in my arms. I miss him every single day.

Rules of engagement: :
Please play nicely on my blog, if you don’t agree with what I have to say, disagree respectfully. Otherwise go play elsewhere.


April 2000 – Got married, went off birth control pills
April - Nov - Had lots of fruitless sex
Nov 2000 – had a lap to check that insides were all ok
Jan 2001 – IUI#1 – negative
Feb 2001 – IUI#2 – negative
April 2001 – IUI#3 – negative
May 2001 – IVF#1 – cancelled, due to poor response
Sep 2001 – IVF#2 – 25 eggs, zero fert, rescue ICSI, negative
Jan 2002 – IVF#3 – 35 eggs, 34 embies, positive, but ectopic
Apr 2002 – IVF#4 – FET, negative
May 2002 – IVF#5 – FET, negative
Jun 2002 – IVF#6 – FET, negative
Nov 2002 – IVF#7 – 28 eggs, 24 embies, positive, vanishing twin, miscarriage at 8w3d, D&C
May 2003 – IVF#8 – 8 eggs, 4 embies, positive, quads, S/R to twins, lost one twin, Luke at 21w
Jan 2004 – Ben born prematurely at 26w, 4 Jan 2004, died 14 Jan 2004
Feb 2004 – lap and HSG
April 2004 – IVF#9 – 20 eggs, 18 embies, positive, twins
Jan 2005 - Adam and Kate born 7 Jan 2005
March 2007 - Surprise pregnancy! That would be pregnancy number 5. Not so much of a surprise miscarriage follows.
June 2007 - IVF#10 - FET, negative
April 2008 - Oh look! Another surprise pregnancy! Pregnancy #6! Yet another unsurprising miscarriage follows soon thereafter. I really suck at this whole getting and staying pregnant thing.

Think I might give it up as a bad job.

October 2008 - Oh wait, hold that thought! Yet another surprise pregnancy. Boy am I a slow learner. Let's see if this one sticks around….. and yes it does: see exhibit A: baby Max


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