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Well I think her fasting has paid off to bring you into her life! Our government hospitals are just ridiculous. My nanny was having a miscarriage and they gave her Panado and sent her home. I'll see what boys clothes I have and can courier them to you. I'll send you a mail for your address.

Ps you are a wonderful caring human being.

What a beautiful child. I have no advice but I'm sure your lives crossed paths for a reason. Sending good thoughts to Happiness & her baby boy.

I am sitting here with a lump in my throat. I, like you have a son with speech delays, and in my son's case, either Aspergers or some form of ASD. I feel sorry for us sometimes, struggling to pay for therapy (we chose to do speech first, because I didnt think he would cope with OT without his speech being much better)and knowing he will struggle through school, always have people judging and misunderstanding him. But then I read stories like this, and I realise how lucky we are that our children's problems are relatively minor in comparison to poor Lwando. I will see if there is anyone in Cape Town that I know who may be able to help, maybe donate clothes and gently used baby items to Happiness.

Thank you for sharing this story Tertia today I had to take my son to the Ophthalmologist to have his eye looked at as he has Congenital Facial Paralysis and cannot rapidly blink his eye, some time when I look at him I am devastated that he might get picked on or overlooked for things because his smile is crooked and he looks slightly differently from the other children. But you just reminded me that perspective is everything, I can afford private medical care and my son will get the best care that I can manage. So I've just had a reality check Happiness will struggle with the healthcare in the public hospital it is what it is, but she will have the support of many people including myself who remember even to this day how it feels to sit in those hospital benches shuffling on the whole day .. hoping they will tell you something. I am grateful for my son he is healthy and happy baby and I just got a dose of reality and reminded me to be thankful.

Hi there.

I'm grateful you took some time and effort to help Happiness. I used to work in the govt health sector and patients had no idea what was happening half the time. The gratitude for even attempting to explain was heartbreaking.

I used to work with kids like Lwando in Johannesburg, but I'm not familiar with places in the Cape. I can advise you to contact the kirsty watts foundation or the madiba buggy company.

Thanks for sharing Tertia, even though it makes me very heartsore to read yet another sad story about the lack of help and services here in SA - I am sending love and thoughts out to Happiness and Lwando. Im facing a kind of similar situation with my new domestic worker, Fikile, too - she's been with us since June and I absolutely love her. She is amazing with my baby Julia and I just love having her around which is something I never thought I would say after previous experiences with domestic workers gone wrong! Fikile and her husband have been trying to conceive since they were married six years ago. She desperately wants a child especially now that she has a permanent full time job with me (her hubby works too, he's a security guard at the local Dept of Education) and she would make an amazing mother from what I can tell. I found a gynae for her to see (Zulu speaking - the first time she had ever been to one) and tests etc are underway - unfortunately said gynae charges private fees but am trying to help as much as I can financially and am also happy for her to take as much time off as she needs for her appointments etc. If I could pay for everything I would but unfortunately I'm not in a position to do so. Your post puts so much into perspective after what I thought was a 'bad day' for me too... We all have so much to be grateful for, thanks for the reminder!

How do we get in touch with this family?

Could you set up a Paypal fund or some sort of crowd funding for her? I'd like to donate but I live in Australia and the cost of spending clothes to SA would be far more than the clothes are worth. I'd rather help lift the burden of appointment or medication fee's if I could.

Hi Tertia,

I'm a long-time reader from Canada with no advice or items to donate.

However, if you could set up some form of EFT (PayPal?) I would be honoured to contribute.

Thank you!

Hi Tertia
I have had associations with Vista Nova as I am part of a charity committee (Rabie, I met you - big fan :)). Could she not go for treatment there? I know they are government subsidized so I think she could probably join a class/classes? Worth looking into! The Chaili Campaign in Plumstead is also awesome with supplying wheelchairs.

Good Luck!

I would also be happy to pp some funds to help out. Good luck, Happiness and Lawando.

Tertia, I am a longtime reader from Canada. I am also a paediatric physiotherapist. I work primarily with children who have CP, gross motor delays, etc. At this precise moment, my baby girl is playing on the may in front of me, but when I have a moment later, I will send you more info with suggestions, resources, etc. I'll look around your website to see if I can find your email, of you can message me with it. (I'm the one that sent the person to you looking for a many in the Toronto area, which sadly did not work out.)

Looking for a **nanny**. Stupid autocorrect.

hi. please contact the baragwanath hospital cp clinic. they will give as much advice and help as possible. there are numerous schools in joburg and surrounds equipped to cope with cerebral palsy, namely forest town school (near the zoo), west rand cp school, Muriel brand in benoni and frances vorweg school in the south. there are also schools similar in the cape.

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