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Interesting how differently we all see bedtime. I was determined not to have to lie with Mitchell when he goes to sleep as I had to do it with Branston till he was 6 or 7. Problem is Mitchell is very insistent and sometimes giving in and sometimes standing firm does not help my cause as he takes about 2 - 3 hours to go to sleep (my child hates sleeping) whether I lie with him or not and if I don't I have to listen to him calling and crying for ages. But I really can't lie with him for 2 hours every single night, it is actually exhausting and I can't get anything done in the evening. Yet a friend of mine has a daughter who refuses to have her mom lie with her at bedtime and goes to sleep without a problem (in my dreams!) yet her mom would just love to be able to cuddle a bit at bedtime.

Best solution? bigger (and accessible) bed for the child!!! you can lie with him/her as much or as little as you want, every night, but YOU are comfortable nonetheless! I also cuddle with my daughter at night and sometimes get asleep before her! Dreamy mattress, full size bed, not a problem... win-win!

I can so relate. My twins are almost 14 now, and my stomach still clenches with anxiety when I think of those early days. My "little one" - she's about to turn 11 - is still very much my baby. I loved every minute of her baby days. My twins are also best friends now and I'm so glad they have each other, but man, I was a mess when they first arrived. Thanks for sharing this!! xx

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